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Louis Vuitton Marked Sex and the City Movie

Luxury French Fashion designer Louis Vuitton, a legendary fashion brand has hit out at the ‘Sex and the City’ movie, branding the movie more impressive. Always take the lead in vanguard of fashion without compromising any traditional craftsmanship of luxury leather goods in the fashion industry.

Louis Vuitton products particularly handbags made their appearances in a few scenes of the movie.

“Louis Vuitton Motard Firebird Bag”

This bag appeared in Sex and the City given by Sarah Jessica Parker to Jennifer Hudson, who plays her assistant as a holiday present.

“Damier Azur Boite Falcons Travel Case”

This Damier Azur Boite Falcons travel case carried by Kristin Davis on their trip to Mexico.

“Limelight Clutch Bag”

This Clutch Bag appeared throughout the film carried by Sarah Jessica Parker.

“Denim Patchwork Bowling Bag”

Jennifer Hudson used this bag during her interview by Sarah Jessica Parker to be her personal asistant.

Sex and the City also featured some designer handbags from different designer labels including Birkin, Chanel, Fendi, Nancy Gonzalez and other vintage fashion handbags.

Functional and Fashionable Men’s HandBags

Functional and Fashionable… two things that best describe the type of bags that I am looking for. Well-designed for shopping and having some indoor activities.
Genuine and Authentic…two things that best describe the quality of bags that I am seeking for that can withstand for a long time.
I want to fulfill my fashion desire this year, collecting stylish handbags is my obsession. I will grab the opportunity to have it all.

List of TOP HANDBAGS that I WISH for:

Dolce & Gabanna Men’s Handbags

Gucci Men’s Handbags

Jean Paul Gaultier Men’s Handbag

Different bags come in multi-purpose form. These are my favorite men’s handbags provider.
Those are really fantastic bags. Its sharper enough for work and edgy enough for the younger ones. Multi-purpose bag that can be use as either handbag or shoulder bag. Comes in variety of sizes and colors and beautifully designed for every walk of life.

These fashion stuffs are highly addictive. I am very much obsessed when I saw new trend of designer bags especially when it comes to simplicity of colors and styles. There’s something indescribably beautiful about these bags, something infinitely graceful yet sturdy to its shape. This is definitely a perfect bag I’ve ever seen before. For a leather bag, they’re really light, plus you could fit all your loads of stuff. Absolutely FUNCTIONAL and FASHIONABLE!!! These came along with the new trend to show that fashion are always changing from time to time. All these designer functional bags are proudly stood behind the authenticity and quality of all there products.
It is indeed a great bag innovation this season…

My Prada Obsession

Fashion is not just only dressing up yourself but adding some colorful accessories to look more elegant and glamorous throughout the day. My desire to have everything latest from accessories to the most elegant dress is never ending. Fashion trend are changing from time to time, so I keep myself updated in the fashion market of today.
Just like me, People are becoming more conscious about fashion and obsessed with designer brands especially Prada collections.

Prada has successfully developed another authentic new lines of fashion handbags. They bring something new to the people in terms of style and designs that are perfectly wonderful.
Prada handbag collections are totally amazing. It is really fashionable and functional as well. There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from. I’m sure most of the stores out there are never runs out of Prada’s original collection.
I am totally crazy and obsessed with this designer handbag. So fabulous!!! So Gorgeous…all in one…nothing more in my life.
I love designer everything, especially handbags & designer purses! And we all must have it in our closet!!!

Leather Handbags for My Mother’s Birthday

It’s my mother’s incoming birthday!!! I am very excited to this most special day of her life. I am thinking what must be the “BEST” gift for her birthday. My mother is what so-called a fashionista. She really loves fashion and most especially crazy about designer handbags. I am planning to give her a designer leather handbag that she often wishes. Just like my mother, I am fond of leather handbags too. I like the style and its classic look. I need to have it too. Its multi-purpose accessories attract me most. I surf over the net and I found these great handbags:

Christian Dior

Dior Leather Handbags


Dior Leather Handbags

Louis Vuitton

Dior Leather Handbags


Valentino Leather Handbags


Gucci Leather Handbags

These are my options. So, what will be the best leather handbags you can recommend that could be the best gift for my mother on her birthday? Thanks a lot!!!

My Exotic Handbag Collections

Its time to keep our eyes peeled for pretty stylistic exotic handbags in our closet. I started looking for a handbag with exotic skins as my handbag collections this year. This is totally horrific exotic elements makes this bag standout on its one of a kind characteristic. Made of authentic materials plumped with variety of reptilian skins, it looks creepy but really gorgeous!!! I was amazed with these designs and I often found these handbags mostly on famous celebrities that made them unique to everyone and as a sign of royalty and power. Its supreme beauty makes everybody proud of it.

Exotic handbags are still a driving force in the handbag world of today. Designers are looking some possible ways to add its uniqueness and more stylistic looks.

Dolce and Gabanna

Carlos Falchi engaged the use of exotics to make his name more valuable showing an eye catching bag in many ways such as python, ostrich and crocodile etc.

Dolce & Gabbana also offers this exotic style in a fashion runway. I am totally 100% obsessed with the handbags. I will find more designer exotic handbags sooner or later depending on my fashion budget.

Cool Summer Designer Handbags

As my first contribution on this blog, I would like to welcome you all to this fashionable summer 2008. Jump-start your summer wardrobe with these new collections of different authentic handbags brought about by some famous top designers all over the world.

Designer handbags are one of the most obsessed fashion accessories a woman can ever have in her entire life. No matter how much the price is, as long as they own at least one. Handbags are my favorite especially designer handbags with different styles and glamorous look. It is essential in every woman’s closet that makes overall feminine identity.

Gucci handbags are the most popular and anticipated brand of handbags nowadays. The perfect bag that fulfills my fashion taste. One of the most notable and prestigious brand in fashion history. The leading products when it comes to handbags and other fashion accessories. Having a Gucci handbag became a sign of wealthy and royalty, a status symbol that attract attention and praise by everybody.

Your fashion world will not be totally completed if you don’t have these other designer handbags from Prada, Tods, and Hogan to name a few.

These handbags are also very fashionable and absolutely fantastic in the world of fashion. It is stylistic and absolutely gorgeous in all aspect.These are the perfect bag that fulfills my fashion taste towards lovely fashion accessories

So, why don’t you treat yourself with this luxury brands if you want people admire you as being stylish and wealthy?

We start with the list of suggestions with Celine handbags opinions and Prada handbags opinions, then continmue with Gucci handbags opinions and Miu Miu handbags opinions. other interesting pages are Dolce & Gabbana handbags opinions and Tods handbags opinions, but if you like Hogan you must read Hogan handbags opinions. Finally, the last pages are Ferragamo handbags opinions, Galliano handbags opinions and our Vivienne Westwood handbags opinions.