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Prada Confessions…

One of the most cherished possessions of woman’s closet and one of the famous brand in the whole fashion industry. Celebrities and people belong to the upper class consider Prada designer handbags to be a must have fashion stuff that will define the individuality of their fashion style.

Prada handbags come with great selection of choices and prices to fit your taste and budget. Splendid design, unmatched quality and admirable craftsmanship are the distinguishing features of Prada designer handbags. Crafted in finest quality leather come with variety in colors and sizes.

Prada designer handbags with their exceptional designs set the trends in women’s fashion that will make you go mad with admiration.

The high demand and admiration for Prada designer handbags all over the world creating the designer fake industry. This is the most common dilemma that we fellow fashionistas are facing nowadays. If you are not careful and observant, chances are more for you to get duped. Be careful when buying designers! This usually happens when you are very excited to the offer for a comparatively low price of the designer without knowing that it is not an original one. With exception, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get Prada designer bag in a low prices. There are lots of seasonal discounts, online purchases, vintage sales and promos and a compromise on the latest trend in designer fashion can get you a Prada designer handbag for a reasonable price.

Prada designer handbags come with a unique fashion style. Excellent statement for us fellow bagistas. So, if you are serious about uniqueness in your style, then you cannot go away with Prada designer handbags.

Buying a Replica Handbags

Everybody wish to own a designer handbag and carry on their arm but it may find difficult to a common person because of its pricey characteristics. An option to fulfill your need for luxury handbag is by having replica handbags. It is quiet cheap but you should be careful while buying such replica handbags. There’s a small difference between an original bag and its replica so you should check the designated label.

If you wish to buy replica of the famous brand like Louis Vuitton online, you have to read carefully the disclaimer portion indicating the product information. Likewise, you can do more research in the web while having an intense evaluation for your favorite replica handbag and understand very carefully its disclaimers to know about quality. The online resources will enlighten you about the method and materials used during the manufacture as well as the cost of the product that you wish to buy.

You can compare the quality and craftsmanship between a replica and its original version and after being satisfied with the comparison, its time to decide about the purchase. The thing is, when you buy a replica handbag you pay for its stitching.

The designer handbag that you buy online will make you proud as it represents your identity and style. This is the best and wise option when spending your money and fulfills your handbag obsession. Start investing a replica handbag and feel the same pleasure of a real one.

Pick One for your Lifestyle and Wardrobe

Are you spending lot of money for your handbags itself?

Designer handbags can absolutely change your total appearance which works in many different situations.

You need to set a budget and decide what type of handbag you want whether expensive or not before you go spending your money. If possible, write down some things on what clothes you are going to wear and where to wear your handbags.

Designer labels have different ideas or essence when you wear each of them. Like for example, if you want to be sophisticated and classy, a brand like Prada will be perfect for you. Check the different collections each label has released in the market and look for some items which seem perfect for you.

Be updated in almost designer clothing that offers via online. Browse the internet of different label’s website and see the different fashion of the moment before you make any definitive choices. It could help you a lot in deciding what type of handbags you wish to buy to see if you can match up any of your own outfits to those shown in the collection. In this way, you can experience much easier and comfortable on your whole shopping.

The right handbag will complete your outfit, so it is very important to pick the right one which fits your lifestyle and wardrobe.

Hogan’s Property

Obviously, carrying Hogan handbags has a certain status-shouting appeal about it. Discover some of the Hogan handbag property with hot and pricy styles more than $1000.

Hogan Woody Maxi ($1270)

Hogan Women Bag ($999)

Hogan Soft Tennis Bag ($999)

Hogan Tennis Shopping Bag ($990)

Hogan Cherry Hobo ($1279)

Hogan New Woody Bag ($1090)

Timeless Chanel Classic Bag

Started as humble beginnings but today has become one of the largest fashion houses in the world bringing recognizable products in the fashion market. As a renowned fashion icon, Chanel have been making handbags for many years and consistently produce beautiful bags compose of many different styles symbolizing class and originality with many of the world’s top celebrities wearing them including the Queen of Pop, Madonna . Chanel bags are costly but many still believe the price well worth it for the quality of the bags available.

Of all Chanel bags, the Chanel Classic Flap Bag is one of the most iconic in the history of fashion and many years after its initial release is still one of the most hotly demanded handbags in the world today. Very sophisticated and instantly recognizable vintage evening bag. This is the must have classic handbag from Channel. Beautiful soft quilted leather featuring the Channel logo on the front with a very in at the moment long adjustable chain link strap, this is a very chic bag which every woman should carry at least once in their lives. Grab one today!

Handbag Fetishism

I want to make a new fashion statement this season. I will add a wow factor to my wardrobe with patent leather handbags hanging on it. This year’s handbag lines are totally stylish and very futuristic with great and innovative designs. Stunningly magnificent, simple yet sophisticated because of its fashionable styles and blended colors. Looks fun and colorful with great artistic touch.

After looking some fabulous designer handbags at, I am really touched with the true essence of its trendy style characterized of by sexy and feminine looks. Awesome! Most handbags are inspired by Italian taste with Italian leathers of exquisite quality and its distinct contemporary approach to classical European fashion.

I am totally crazy of this stuff. This is my fetish. Choose the hottest designer handbag and your appeal will catapult to a new level. Yes, that is the power of designer handbags. You need to try it in order to believe. How true it is to say that simple things have subtle and more profound impact!

Candy Colors of Gucci

Yes, so true that sense of fashion is in the air. Candy colors are on top trend this season. Apparently these colors are hot for summer. Pink is almost popular and leading the way in all colors and can be found in most clutches, totes, handbags, and wallets as well. These handbags are totally amazing because of its boldness and refreshing subdued colors.

Summer fashion runways are dedicated to variety of colors and style accessories for the season, and the designer handbags for summer 2008 are no exception. I am a Gucci lover for years. Ranging from Gucci clothing down to timeless apparels and of course, Gucci handbags to complete the house of Gucci. Simple yet very stylish that comes on its candy colors. Having these beautiful handbags will truly outshine everybody.

These are all Prada’s excellent contribution to handbag industry. Its candy-color combinations take center stage in handbag lines this season.

Gossip for Burberry?

Are you familiar with this beautiful bag? If not, this bag was last seen in the hottest show on television, Gossip Girl. I really like this show not only because it is full of young, hot girls but features rich New York City girls that turn a normal school girl outfit into a runway hit wearing some of the famous fashion designers like Chanel, Dior and Burberry .

Apparently speaking, this Burberry Warrior Bag was spotted in the arms of Blake Lively, who plays the role of Serena van der Woodsen that  perfectly matched with her chic outfit. This leather shoulder bag features a dark silver hardware design. It is one of the hottest handbags of the season proved by Serena while walking down the street of New York City. Amazingly, this bag cost $3,195.00. Perfect!

Fergie’s Line”Fergalicious”

Stacy Ann Ferguson or simply known as Fergie is definitely one of the stylish stars in music industry. Her look is unique, classy, distinct, funky, fun, and never gets boring in the eyes of the crowd. She has come to proved herself over the years despite of some embarrassing moments she made on her career. A true fashion designer who has launched for Kipling, carrying around two successful lines of hot handbags for autumn 2007 and the latest for spring 2008.

The latest spring ‘08 line of handbags really represent Fergie’s taste of fashion that made her true fashion statement. The loud, colorful and funky handbags are really stood out in the runway. Fergie’s type objects features bright colors, different shapes and dominoe-like appearance.

As a fashion model, she also worked for numerous campaign including Candies, Peach John in Japan and recently she is the new face Calvin Klein.

Cheers to you Fergie!

Handbag of the Day

The bag of choice is the understated Tod’s Took Handbag in ivory color, which is designed with calf skin leather and metal with an adjustable shoulder strap. The handbag worked perfectly as bagistas were out in the fashion runway.
Offering ample room with spacious dimension of 12 ½ ″W X 10 1/2″H X 5. Its shoulder-belt/handle measures 9 ½ in length and with affordable price of $1519 you can now have the designer handbag brought about by Tod’s handbags collection.

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