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The Allure of Tod’s Rounded D-Bag

Tod’s handbags have the power to entice everybody without any hesitation. They are known for its understated elegance and brilliant craftsmanship that can speaks for itself without further explanation. Indeed, the worked of a creative mind that shows timeless beauty with dramatic essence.

As I was scouring styledrops for a new great handbag this coming Winter season, I ran into the Tod’s section and found this Rounded D-Bag, and while the flashy purses and metallic skins caught my attention, so too this handbag as well. You see this handbag exactly shows the designer Tod’s has become known for.

What incisively catches my attention was its classic shape, the slightly textured calfskin and the topstitching gives the perfect finishing touch. The silver-tipped tassels located on its side give off slight glimmer look when you walk into the street gracefully.

As my assessment to this handbag, the overall appearance is simple yet attractive. It was the craftsmanship and beauty surpasses over the online web but I will let you know that this bag is another shot from an Italian inspired collection, Tod’s. There’s nothing to place on your wish list at this moment but this handbag will tempt you to add at an earlier time without wasting your investment and worth every penny.

If you are looking for a handbag that will transcend throughout the years to come, turning to Tod’s is one of the best answers. Overall measurements are 14 1/2″W X 15 1/2″H X 5 1/2″D in ivory color. Buy through styledrops at the price of $1349.

Knot Clutch Retrospect

With understated sophistication and elegant, Tomas Maier distinguished himself as a designer and Bottega Veneta as his label from an era of renowned artists, the appearance of the overflowing logo status and handbags including the famous knot as the namesake of one of the Bottega Veneta’s most iconic and legendary handbags collection.

When Tomas Maier took the reign as a Creative Director in 2001, he acknowledge the unique quality of the company’s small rounded box clutch in a leather form that gave birth to this fashion stuff. He is truly a genius, he knows how to reinvent and update Bottega bags without losing its signature flavor. Since then, Knot edition have been featured in every Bottega Veneta handbag collection. Its perfect shape and functionality having clean lines have proved an irresistible canvas for Maier and the Bottega Veneta craftsmen.

There were incredible Knot bags from the Bottega archives on display along with current pieces for sale including this pochette. An exquisite style that is something about Eastern influence on a very Western style bag that is extraordinary. Not a tad of difference between Bottega Veneta Knot extravagant clutches but a stunning timeless piece that has been spotted in the hands of famous beauties all over the world.

See Image for more details:

Main color: black
Materials: leather
Dimensions: 9 1/2″W X 4″H
Hardware color: black

Bottega Veneta is truly an icon of luxury and elegance with a typically fine, conservative Italian quality that you would pay anything for the privilege of owning. They offer an array of other materials, designs and colors in the Knot Clutch. Drool worthy at in the price of $1694.

As far as the fashion house is concerned, the company had celebrated its anniversary with a traveling retrospective exhibition, different handbag styles and trends are being culled all over the world to reminisce its refined workmanship.

The Ten Timeless “IT” Designer Handbags

The existence of overflowing designer handbags in the market nowadays, tend people to confuse what designers are “must haves” for the season. A plethora of fashion houses rivals to put up their names to the list of the so- called “IT” handbags royalty.

Fashion critics and analysts consider designer handbags as an “It-Bag” due to its “must-have” item as a result of a combination of celebrity usage, unequaled marketing techniques, superior quality and the ability to withstand the mood of the season. Generally these items produced in a limited edition only.

Below is the list of the Top 10 “IT” Designer Handbags that firmly stand out for the past and present seasons. It is indeed, Timeless!

Hermes Birkin

Named after the the iconic actress Jane Birkin, this Hermes Birkin bag is the symbol of ultimate luxury, due in part to its exposure on popular television shows such as ‘Sex and the City’ and the like. The original “Birkin” can break your wallet and bank accounts costing $6,000 up and approximately 2 years of waiting time.

Chanel 2.55

Classy, elegant and refined timeless, this little Chanel 2.55 classic is always “in”. It was named 2.55 because it was made in 1955 after the creator, Coco Chanel decided to have a shoulder bag to free up her hands against the tiring muscles. This bag is inspired by the quilting on Jockey coats.

Chloe Paddington

The quintessential ‘Boho-Chic’ bag designed by the creative designer, Phoebe Philo in 2005. This Chloe Paddington is famous for its slouchy, unstructured shape most preferred by famous celebrities like Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. These celebrities allocate their money for about $1,500 up to this authentic bag.

Balenciaga ‘City’ Motorcycle

Made out from the distressed goat leather, the house of Balenciaga created this newest style and belongs to the list of an “IT” bag, the Balenciaga ‘City’ Motorcycle bag. This is seemed to be the official handbag of choice of some celebrities due to its unique and relaxed shape that caused a quite stir. A price of $1,200 seems to be affordable to fellow fashionistas.

Alexander McQueen Novak

Inspired by Kim Novak, a vintage-era starlet who appeared in Alfred Hitchcock films, this bag from Alexander McQueen represents the structured shapes of the past Fall 2005. Being produced in small quantity, this bag caused mass hysteria among bagistas that made this bag into permanent “IT” status.

Marc Jacobs Stam

Named after the Canadian supermodel, Jessica Stam, this Marc Jacobs ‘Stam’ distinguished itself with its relaxed look, gusseted frame and a kiss-lock closure. The bag features quilting and gold hardware similar to that of classic quilted Chanel bags with the retail price of around $1,300. Surely, most but not all Hollywood stars own this bag.

Fendi Spy

The all time favorite bag of Hilary Duff and Linda Evangelista, this Fendi Spy marked its name to the group of “IT” bags. Its notorious status is caused partly by its enormous waiting list, which can last up to 3 years.

YSL Muse

The Yves Saint Laurent muse is a status bag of the highest quality. Crafted out of the finest embossed leather, this oversize structured tote features expertly minimalist gold hardware. Katie Holmes, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss and Jessica Alba are among the famous celebrities spotted carrying this “IT” bag. The bag sold at the priced starting around $1,200.

Prada Gauffre

One of the latest “It-bags” to hit the market is the Prada Gauffre. Made out of Nappa leather which Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry, Beyonce and Madonna to name a few photographed their bags to the red carpet moments. The bag sold with the price ranging to $1,800-2,650.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30

The last but not the list top picks of the “IT” designer handbags, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy 30, this bag is more of a mainstay classic than a trend. This designer doesn’t stop maintaining its renowned name to the “must-have” status all year round. The idea urban bag with a roomy interior with natural cowhide exterior and golden hardware. Don’t forget to include on your list and prepare $620 for this bag.

The Balenciaga “City” Bags

Balenciaga handbags are still hot and remain the handbag choice of celebrities and the like. They are still popular in the handbag industry and consider as one of the “IT” bags of the millennium.

Featuring the latest Balenciaga’s line of City-inspired handbags in variety of colors makes my crayola box look skimpy that able to satisfy every woman’s taste. The City is one of the famous designs from the house of Balenciaga and all handbags are created out from distressed goat leather that offers an appealing, slightly shiny, and a uniquely-relaxed shape appearance.

Swing down the runway with these Balenciaga “City” bags for Fall/Winter 2008-2009 and pay attention to details like its zip pockets and hardwares that gave birth to beautiful and endless styles of handbags.

Balenciaga “CITY” Handbags

Main color: bordeaux
Materials: leather, metal
Dimensions: 15″W X 9″H X 5 1/2″D
Shoulder-belt / handle: 4 1/2″
Hardware color: brass
Price: $1602

Main color: green
Materials: leather, metal
Dimensions: 15″W X 9″H X 5 1/2″D
Shoulder-belt / handle: 4 1/2″
Hardware color: brass
Price: $1602

Main color: violet
Materials: leather, metal
Dimensions: 15″W X 9″H X 5 1/2″D
Shoulder-belt / handle: 4 1/2″
Hardware color: brass
Price: $1602

Main color: grey
Materials: leather, metal
Dimensions: 15″W X 9″H X 5 1/2″D
Shoulder-belt / handle: 4 1/2″
Hardware color: brass
Price: $1602

Main color: blue
Materials: leather, metal
Dimensions: 15″W X 9″H X 5 1/2″D
Shoulder-belt / handle: 4 1/2″
Price: $1446

Simply Chloe Paddington

Travel to Paris where fashion houses meets the world that treats a flock of trendy men and women worldwide. The existence of different fashion houses creates rivalry to the produced quality but one of the high-class fashion design headquarters stands still, simply the house of Chloe.

Being one of the famous handbags manufacturers all over the world, Chloe proudly introduced its princess with confidence to the public holding the Paddington series. This bag has been a target of many notable personalities and other crazy bagistas because of its sexiness, slouchy yet strong appearance. The perfect bag for modern woman on the go! Let the Chloe Paddington take care of yourself and the rest.

Chloe Paddington Handbag

Bag Details

Take a stride down to the busy streets of Paris with your Chloe Paddington, knowing that the outer appearance could attract lots of attention. The Paddington has a slits on both side which are great for putting items you need, in addition, numerous number of medium and small sized pockets in a strong canvas lining can be found inside.
Resembling the bronze components of Chloe Paddington bag has the Chloe logo brocaded the hardware. These bronze components are heavy-duty yet stylish added with a half-pound lock for security of the handbag’s contents.

Chloe has been stylish enough to provide the fashion crowd with a very chic look in a variety of colors that the Paddington comes in. This includes the fav chocolate, the kissable red and the classic camel Paddington. It is the Blue which stands out as the “Queen of Chloe Paddington” and a gem of gems because with a design that was such a hit to most celebrities and easily out in the market. Price range of $1,900-$1,990.

It was the Chloe Paddington that superseded all those other “it” bags in the industry. Without any doubts, it is the perfect bag for the urban girls who like the worn-in, slouchy look.

Designer Handbags in 2009

The bigger, the better! This is to be the trend for almost designer handbags in 2009. The fashionable women in today’s world needs more than just graceful looks, she needs stylish handbags as well, handbags that are functional which could carry all her personal belongings on the go. It is very important to keep her confident and in touch while looking fashionable and irresistible.

For handbags, classic styles never lose their alluring look and to reckon, the three hottest designer handbags for 2009 exemplify to the most classic lines from the past decades in handbags industry.

Reigning the 2009 designer handbags list in their classic names includes Louis Vuitton, Hermes Birkin and the fabulous classy design, Chanel. These trendy designer handbags are designed to perform the handbag fetishisms of every bagistas for the cool year 2009.

The trend of cute little handbags with barely enough room for makeup have long gone whether having a scene in the corporate world or shopping with friends. Today, women demand for style and performance that includes the functionality, comfort while still looking smart and trendy in a variety of classic colors.

A marvelous interpretation of Louis Vuitton spacious bag will be back in its classical satchel shape with a roomy interior, the Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 which is one of the top choices for the urban girl on the go.

In line with the spacious bag series, the Hermes Birkin offers a rich, classic look with enough space for everything you need. Create your style with this fabulous classic handbag and be ready to stuff all your things inside without worrying anything.

The timeless Chanel 2.55 will make a classical comeback this 2009. It is being reprint in white, silver, and black. A quilted designer handbag that offers comfort and functionality of a sling bag in a look that never goes out of style. Indeed timeless!

Make your significant mark on the fashion world with a designer handbag that keeps the essentials of everyday life right at your fingertips.

The Ultra Guccilicious “Babouska” Series

Since time immemorial where fashion begins, the house of Gucci has been the Italian brand to beat and has dominated the fashion scene and dictates the best trends in bags, shoes and even on Gucci clothing. Season by season, trendy yet classy designs come up consistently to showcase the best among the rest collections despite of the hefty price tags but they are still selling like hotcakes worldwide.

Winter is coming and this is an excellent reason to treat yourself and your loved ones with the new winter bag from the Ultra Guccilicious “Babouska” series which is the real arm candy this fashion season.

The quality products and praiseworthy designs of Gucci go down in history and survive its glory until today; no wonder a plethora of celebrities can be seen sporting Gucci handbags.

This typical Gucci color in “Babouska” series is made of leather and crystal gg fabric. The gold hardware lends a classy touch which is bound to be the real classic.

Also from “Babouska” series. This black leather in gold hardware makes an easy to match with almost any outfit. A price of $2,356 is worth an investment.

Create your style with this aubergine color Gucci “Babouska”.

Absolutely, animal prints are dominant this fall-winter fashion collection whether it is faux or real. Wear this multicolor tapestry leather from Gucci even with your simplest outfit and definitely, you can still have that off-the-runway look!

And finally, the TOP pick of this collection…

This “Babouska” medium Boston Gucci bag with double handles, zip top closure, heart-shaped Gucci crest charm, D ring detail, studs, bottom feet, and inside zip and cell phone pockets in beige/ebony crystal GG fabric with fable embroidery and antique brass hardware. 13″L x 4.7″W x 6.7″H. Made in Italy.

Bring out the artist in you with these elegant “Babouska” series from Gucci handbag collections.

The Lacy Prada Nappa Satchel Version

Fun with laces and ruffles? This lacy Prada Nappa Satchel will be the best selection for everyday use and for the season as well. The house of Prada created this handbag just to meet your fancy look but unfortunately, this type of handbag was overlooked and disregarded by many. Was it just the shape of the ‘extra’ material that irked you? I don’ know why, it’s just because of its punky mood with an overlay nix laces that we can see all the time? But for me, I was actually drawn to the handbag because of its rich decorative detail, overdone by skilled designer.

This is a beautiful piece of lace handbag that captivates my heart and soul. My simple style fashion statement was totally changed after I saw this dress-up accessory. Indeed, all Prada handbags are the perfect pick-me-up designer stuff. A must haves this fashion season.

Resembling a couple of top handles with a silver hardware details and a zip closure. This bag is available in black with an over all dimension of 15 1/2″W X 11 1/2″H X 7″D. Love it or hate it. I would stick with the quirky lace version. Buy the Prada Nappa version in the price of $1984 at

See pictures for more details…

Semi-Front View

Rear View

Side View

Gemma Ward on Dolce & Gabbana Exotic Handbag

Designer ads are getting more and more colorful and it reminds me to skip Winter and jump forward straight to Spring. With all the new versions of Top Model these days, it can be difficult to remember a time when real top models ruled the world. Featuring this Aussie top supermodel, Gemma Ward on one of her magnetic poses way back last Spring season for Dolce & Gabbana fashion campaign.

I was impressed to the beauties of the three blonde ladies in their feminine and dramatic ensembles but I am more interested to the exotic handbag spotted on the arm of Gemma Ward.

Apparently, high end designers like Dolce & Gabbana seems to be fond of using various exotic skins. I really adore this exotic style but others are not. As the real Python would scare me if I had to encounter one, I really love to touch and feel its gorgeous skin. This hefty handbag is relatively exotic in all aspects, boasting a unique shape with two small front pockets for your small valuable stuffs. A good start of handbag investment!

Taking inspiration from the catwalk models, this exotic trend will surely explode again for the next season only from this iconic fashion innovator and trendsetter, and everyone who enjoys freedom, irony and irreverence in fashion, Dolce & Gabbana.

Tod’s Pashmy Handbags

The house of Tod’s appears to be on a roll with its stylish new handbags this season. Styles that have became icons of modern living just like Tod’s new face, Gywneth Paltrow.

Tod’s focuses on most frenzy accessories ranging from shoes and handbags for those women or stay-at-home mommies who can use and abuse without worrying the stuff.

Combining class and quality with a casual sensibility, these gorgeous handbags are both practical and versatile. A gift for you from Tod’s is right in front of your eyes, the new Tod’s Pashmy handbags. These handbags will absolutely complete your today’s choice for an accurate style.

Tod’s Pashmy Handbags Variations

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