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Bally Handbag Through the Years

bally handbagsThrough the years, Bally has been renowned as top when it comes to luxury and elegance. They are famous for their top leather handbags which made with painstaking attention to bring supreme quality, style and sophistication.

Using only the finest leather that the fashion world has to offer, Bally has also positioned itself as the world premier manufacturer of luxury goods and accessories.

Combining cotton bold prints and leather in black, white and light grey, Bally creates the look of the season with this delightful Bally Buena handbag. Simple yet functional, the bag measures 16 inches wide by 7 inches tall by 8 inches deep. Its price tag is much more friendly to my wallet and bank accounts and the amount of money I am willing to spend. This is the perfect handbag investment without any worries.

bally handbags

bally handbags

Color: black, white, light grey
Materials: cotton, leather
Dimensions: 16″W x 14″H x 8″D
Styledrops Price: $439

Happy Thanksgiving from the World of Designer Handbags

thanksgiving From all of us at MyNexthandbag we would like to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving! We again give thanks for all of our blessings and for the freedoms we enjoy every day to our Mighty Father.

Turkey and pumpkin pie are still in the oven, the kitchen is finishing up a late brunch, and we are enjoying the amazing weather and family time! We will be bringing you the great designer handbags for your fashion fetishisms tomorrow, as it is Black Friday. Enjoy your holiday with loved ones!

Happy Thanksgiving

Perfect Prada Handbags for your Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving is really about being with those who mean the most to you. It’s the holiday that brings family and friends the closest. On Thanksgiving Day we should all give thanks for what we have, for the bountiful blessings that we had received, for the fresh air and a healthy environment and of course the FEAST on our tables.

Same taste, same preferences! For our fashionista bagistas, there is a special treat for you this incoming Thanksgiving, the perfect Prada handbags for your day and night parties. Scroll down to discover Muccia Prada’s top secrets!

prada handbags

prada handbags

prada handbags

prada handbags

prada handbagsNow, you can build outfits by creating a list of these Prada handbag items. We have everything you need to build outfits with and you can use your favorite online store to find the perfect handbag for your party.

Your Next Purchase: Hermes Crocodile Lindy

hermes crocodile lindy bag

I have gone back and forth on the decision of having an Hermes as my handbag preference. As I have seen Heidi Montag with her Hermes everytime I browse the celebrity blogs. I really admire and love the Hermes bag that offers online. Recently, I came across with an all time favorite of the House, the Hermes Lindy which gives more casual and sophisticated touch as its origin implies.

This bag is truly the holy-grail of Hermes that we can easily recognize the ultra-supple matte Nile-crocodile skin in graphite 30 structure, as it ages it develops the perfect gloss. The Lindy has double sided compartment which features a double sided compartment for easy separation and use, together with its collapsible center when being carried.

My love to this handbag is overflowing just like the Nile River after the heavy rain. Precisely as I expected, this type on Lindy is out of my budget! Apparently, the Lindy has a price of $5,000 but shockingly, this Crocodile Lindy as far as I know has a price of $22,700. Terrible! I will get to this bag only in my dreams. Just inquire at your local Hermes now for the availability of the item.

Tod’s Restyling D-Bag Media

In my dreams, I just asked by my fairy godmother if what bag I would buy if I had $1500 in my pocket. A simple question but tricky that made me confuse. A handbag that is staple, nothing too trendy or seasonal but something timeless in nature. This is a little bit tricky than what I am expected, but I know a perfect $1500 handbag budget. No one captures my heart with the timeless allure of Tod’s handbags into my fashion life.

tods-d-handbagsMain color: black, pearl
Materials: leather, metal
Dimensions: 12 1/2″W X 14″H X 5″D
Hardware color: silver
Styledrops Price: $1440

Absolutely, the all time favorite of most Tod’s lovers and for Gwyneth Paltrow as well is the Media Bag. Featuring these two pebbled grain leather with a subtle sheen are the simple masterpiece on the Tods Media Bag series, the Tod’s Restyling D-Bag Media in black and pearl colors.

Nothing will change over the top. As expected, some of you may find the bag too simple and boring, but it is just right and accepted. It is a shape and impeccable piece of Italian style that will last for seasons and years to come added with top quality leather selection. It is not literally super memorable, but indeed a beautiful one.

I wish that these two handbags will be at my side after I woke up in my dreams. Nothing is impossible!

The Bottega Veneta Handbag in “Mini Veneta”

bottega veneta handbag Bottega Veneta design is nothing new, nothing extraordinary, but this design is become the staple of the house and always a great option for handbags and clutches, I am talking to the handmade interwoven design of this legendary work of arts.

I had covered some of the Bottega Veneta series many times before and fortunately, it was earned a spectacular impression. I saw a broad spectrum with these unique collections of woven leather the house is known for. Just recently came across with this Red Mini Veneta in both sides, stunningly simple and overly simple but not boring yet expensive. So what are your thoughts about this?

bottega veneta handbag

The size is good, the color is great for Holidays, but the price is too high for my liking. AWESOME!

bottega veneta handbag Main color: red
Materials: leather, metal
Dimensions: 8 1/2″W X 7 1/2″H
Styledrops Price:  $1096

Chanel Maxi Handbag is Back!

chanelAttention Chanel lovers! Classic handbags are highly sought by most bagistas after it was discontinued temporarily in the display years ago. Chanel is a brand that continues to have success with their classic collections. And surely, a Chanel lover wanted this iconic handbag, the Chanel Classic XL Jumbo Flap and was renamed as Chanel Maxi Bag. Chanel has answered all its customers wish after a long time by having the re-release of this classical handbag in early 2009.

The bag will be available in many colors, in both lambskin and caviar leather. Expect a huge buzz of most fashionistas to get their hands on the re-release of this must-have handbag.

There is nothing quite like indulging in Chanel while in Paris but their prices are getting into the stratosphere.

If I’m not mistaken, this is the bag I am talking spotted on the hands of Lauren Conrad and Ashley Tisdale. Watch Out!

chanel handbag

The Louis Vuitton Mini Monogram Multicolore Kate Clutch

Louis Vuitton is a trademark of most celebrities that doesn’t fade for a long time. Its allure and tradition creates positive impact to the fashion industry regarded as the most replicated patterns in the world.

louis-vuitton-mini-monogram-multicolore-kate-clutchAs part of my clutch obsession, I stumbled down this Louis Vuitton Mini Monogram Multicolore Kate Clutch. This is perhaps the most recognizable signature print of the fashion house. It was named after the supermodel Kate Moss. The clutch is trimmed with metallic calf leather in mini monogram multicolor canvas with shiny golden brass hardware. Resembling the flat golden leather wristlet with clasp attachment adds a little ornament to your outfit. The interior has a red microfiber lining with an interior patch pocket and with an overall measurements of 9.4″x 3.7″x 1″ surely you can keep your extra accessories inside. This monogram canvass will be the selling point of most clutch bags in the market for the season and there’s no such name other than Louis Vuitton.

Vivienne Westwood Six-Figure Deal to Pamela Anderson

vivienne westwood Spring is in the Air! It was reported that the Baywatch babe, Pamela Anderson recently signed a six-figure deal with the legendary fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood to be the new face and body for her Spring/Summer 2009 collection.

To recall, the deal was sparked when the dame designer and the sexy actress met at a party last year fallen for her “quirkiness” and took an immediate signing as the new face of Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2009. Two months ago, Pamela Anderson caused a quite stir on her bizarre appearance when she attended the Vivienne Westwood Red Label as part of the London Fashion Week celebration which she met by Vivienne Westwood backstage during the designer’s catwalk show.

The reports were released just days after Madonna announced as the new face of Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs embraced Daisy Lowe as the campaign star for the label. I am eager to see more shots of Pammie for Vivienne Westwood campaign.

In fairness, high fashion and Pamela Anderson might seem like an unlikely pair, but with duo respect to the designer, she really likes her strange personality without any hesitation to go on her haute couture. Good Luck!

Burberry Handbag in Metallic Gold

Metallics or even shades of metallics are dominating the fashion runways made from the different designer handbags this season. But before the craze of trend started, the house of Burberry already established its metallic aura.

So here’s another Burberry handbag that surely a plethora of bagistas adored and got frenzy about it. Simply not only for its legendary name but because of its simplicity and elegant look, that’s what the name Burberry implies.burberry handbag

burberry handbagTo be descriptive with this Soft Hobo handbag, it is made from authentic leather in glossy gold tone. A gold hardware was added to become livelier and has a gold zip closure on top. Embossed with a gold Burberry logo in front that neutralizes its primary color.

Main color: gold
Materials: leather, metal
Dimensions: 14″W X 8″H X 4 1/2″D
Hardware color: gold
Styledrops Price: $1276

This bag was perfectly designed as a hand carry for office or to a night out party with friends. The regular dimensions are good as a functional handbag for you to work on. Just weigh its price, common for a Burberry handbag to have that hefty purchase. So go on, splurge yourself with this Burberry Handbag in Metallic Gold.

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