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The Timeless Burberry Handbag Collection

Fashionable men and women in today’s world much talk about fashion clothing, shoes and particularly on almost designer handbags and one of the fashion houses that they focus much is on the house of Burberry. This brand is highly recognized by most celebrities which founded by Thomas in 1856.


The Burberry Handbags by Collection

Prosum Handbags
House Check Clucth. Featuring the check signature, this clutch was made of crocodile trim, brass lock, magnetic fastener, and contains inside zipper pocket. Comes in a light brown with the price of $1000 approximately.

Heritage Handbags
Nova Check Satchel. Featuring black rolled handles, piping, trim, 2 way top zipper fasteners, and contains inside pocket for your mobile phone. Comes in black and Nova Check colors in the price of $500 retail.

Seasonal Handbag (Autumn and Winter)
Manor. Made of authentic leather in double handles, polished brass, zip top fastener, a brass lock and key with tonal check lining. Available in beige, tan, and black in the price of over $1,500.

The Burberry Handbags by Fabric

Check Handbags
Zip Hobo. Featuring a leather trim, brass fittings, magnetic buckle top, convertible shoulder strap, canvas lining, inside zipper compartment and two pockets for tiny things. Available in light brown color that retails at $500.

Leather Handbags
Backpack. This features outside pockets, check signature, trim piping, brass fittings, canvas lining, inside pockets, convertible shoulder strap. Available in black and cognac color selling at around $700.

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Points Of View Towards Purses and Handbags

Who says diamonds were a woman’s bestfriend? A woman of today must realize that not only diamonds are important in her fashion life but also beautiful and extravagant purses and handbags. Absolutely, we women will love them! Ideally, perfect handbags or purses are an excellent way to express one’s personality.

A woman uses these handbags to carry anything and everything from tiny to large ensembles according to purpose. We are always searching for the perfect accessories to match our outfit and not surprising, perfect handbags are always there.

As women age, their mode and taste of fashion are absolutely change and evolve. They are become interested in designer handbags and purses instead of regular department store local brands.
Some of the most popular handbags are those carried by popular celebrity faces in the industry such as Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie and a lot more.

Purses made of leather are a favorite of most women because of its classy and eye catching appearance and it is available in a variety of colors. Denim is also a big pick because women can go with simple and dress up according to their own exotic style resembling with rhinestones and other purse decorations.

Handbags and purses are made greatly appealing to other woman who might compliment to the beautiful ensemble. Some women are making their own purses and handbags just to express their personal sense of style by using different materials and conform to different designs. Remember, it’s all about your personality. Express it! Say what you have to say to the fashion world. So enjoy your purse and handbags make it your own.

Pick Your Prom Handbags

Prom is fast approaching and you still don’t have the perfect handbag for the party! So what are you waiting for, be on a hurry! Plan ahead of time and pick your own party handbag. If you don’t have any idea about what type of handbag to take in the first place, you should count an evening handbag to be on your shoulder for that night.

Evening handbags are beautifully designed fashion ensembles use to carry small accessories like your keys, money, make up kits, and other belongings.

If sounds like this is the best thing that you wish for on your prom night, then the following designer handbags will help you find the best possible options for your party handbag to complement your gown and accent your style gorgeously. You will be the shining star that brilliantly appearing the whole night of fun with love. Remember that it takes time to find your party dress that will perfectly match your Prom handbag, so the best thing you should do is to plan ahead of time and choose the handbag that is right for you, fit on your style and truly make you happy and comfortable because it is your night!

Here are the possible options:

Gucci “Crystal” Clutch


Main color: powder
Materials: patent leather, metal
Dimensions: 10″W X 4″H X 1 1/2″D
Hardware color: light gold
Price: $859

Prada Handbag


Main color: black
Materials: snake, metal
Dimensions: 12 1/2″W X 5 1/2″H X 1 1/2″D
Hardware color: gold
Price: $1649

Burberry “Bronte” Handbags


Main color: black, white, red, beige
Secondary color: black
Materials: novacheck pvc, leather, metal
Dimensions: 7″W X 4″H X 2″D
Hardware color: silver
Price: $348

Miu Miu “Clucth” Bag


Main color: red
Materials: leather, metal
Dimensions: 16″W X 7″H X 6″D
Hardware color: silver
Price: $903

People say that these next handbags are awesome. Perfectly designed to fit your night. These four handbags are only the beginning of what you might expect on the Prom night. You can find thousands of handbags too. So start your quest and do a little detective work.

The Perfect Women’s Handbags

Women consider handbags as the expression of fashion and their total personality rather than its functionality. I reckon, there are approximately five fashion houses that cater stylish handbags that are worthy of ownership which includes Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gucci and Burberry.


Every woman has different brilliant opinion and fashion statement. They have different taste towards colors, styles, sizes and materials used. It is more startling how fashionable women’s handbags in today’s fashion world. Takes for instance, if brown is your favorite color, you might choose the choco brown colored Louis Vuitton handbag with the clip-art style allegory in a check pattern that everyone deserves. If you wish a lighter version of brown checks, the Burberry handbag might suit your taste.

If a bag is really attractive definitely you are confident and wonderful but the real perfect handbag is all about proportion, shape, line, finish, fabric, and balance or its inferior craftsmanship. The perfect handbag is very important than your shoes to accessorize your entire wardrobe. Handbags are more closely tied to a woman’s rousing characteristic rather than any other piece of accessories.

Dolce & Gabanna Latest Runway Shows

The Label

dolce-gabanna “Demure” this is how I described Dolce & Gabbana’s artistic beauty. They will joyfully squeeze into each show-stopping piece, whether a jacket, dress, or suit. According to Andrew Bolton, an associate curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute “Dolce & Gabbana aren’t subtle, they design unconcealed statements. Yet they also have a huge sense of irony and fancy. ”

The Look

D&G collections are surprisingly sexy with fascinating Italian aesthetic designs apparently look like in the set of a Fellini movie. Most D&G designs in the latest runways are splendidly tinted animal prints, sexy underwear and outerwear, stripe suits, and profusion of blacks are created in an insistent way inspired by Madonna’s costumes for her 1993 “Girlie Show”.dolce-gabanna

The Designer

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the duo fashion designers behind the success of this renowned fashion house. Domenico Dulce who studied the fashion designing and worked to his family’s small clothing factory, he grew up in the village of Sicilian; Stefano Gabbana, who grew up in Milan and a trained graphic designer. Both of them have a creative connection and went to a business together. They entered the world of music, especially in recording a techno single that featured the refrain “D&G is Love” during the year 1996.

The pre-show video collection of “Pigiama Barocco” showcase the classic gentlemen’s silk pajamas, spotted and striped, with bejeweling in the model’s hair and on brooches for starters. Also came the big poufy skirts, tiered-lace cardigans, gilded brocades and exaggerated geometric constructions (big Minnie Mouse-ear sleeves).

Both Dulce and Gabbana accurately excel, loaded with embroideries and gold chains. In evening designs, they nailed extra rising trends: mini-crinis in bouncing, semi-sheer skirts, luxuriously encrusted embroideries and all out romantic ball skirts studded with roses.

Leather Handbags Are Still Hot

Leather handbags are still hot and a popular choice of materials among ladies out there that carry a fashion status attached. This is very intriguing and comes in a buttery soft material with a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles. Famous names in the world of fashion carry designer leather handbags making them more popular. Indeed, a nice leather handbag completes an outfit that exudes beauty and giving an extra confidence as they go throughout the day.

Leather is a durable material that can withstand inclement weather conditions and for wear and tear everyday use. This is the primary choice of every fashion designer to create not just handbags but a variety of products including shoes, belts and hats. So true, no one wants to have a wrong shoe with the right handbag.

balenciaga handbags

Take for example this Balenciaga “Giant Envelope” which made from the distressed goat leather that offers an appealing, slightly shiny, and a very unique look like.

Timeless Leather Handbags

In addition, leather handbags are timeless. This means it was made for you to last for a lifetime and you need to take care of them. Store them in a proper storage and keep clean and supple with the use of good leather cleaner. With a little caution, leather cleaners are not good to sense of smell so if you wish to use your handbag you must clean it earlier to avoid unpleasant smell. Test it on the area that can’t be seen before cleaning your bag. A simple tips yet very important. Remember, your leather designer handbags are your great investment.

Visible Prada Handbags

Complete your fashion statement with the designer handbags on your shoulder. This is something essential yet evasive to most women in any walks of life. One of the seasons passing trends, the Prada handbags have become famous for their high class elegance, luxury, style and quality that has been celebrated for many years as the best handbag ever.


Consider these beautiful Prada handbags developed by Ms. Prada itself, Muccia Prada. They are conceptualized, developed and put together in the house as one which is an excellent stuff because Prada is one of the most highly regarded fashion companies of all time in its native land, Italy and to the whole world as well. These handbags conjure images of women who command attention with their grace and proper conduct.

As the house grow more and more and famous, these chic handbags are remained true to things in the heart of their original design, simple and functional, and also distinctly tasteful and classy.

The Accolades of Marc Jacobs

In today’s world of fashion, the current trend dictates what is hip all over the world. Anyone can dress to the prevailing style endorsed by fame celebrities or dressed like one of those people who has timeless style that rises above the changing trends.

marc-jacobs-handbags Any other designer handbag might be the candy of the month but Marc Jacobs handbag is something that stand out from the rest of the crowd. With its striking styles and bold colors, Marc Jacobs handbags are definitely the pride of women who has distinction created by a man who defined himself for his excellent designs and eye catching styles towards fashion.

The Name Behind

The renowned name, Marc Jacobs was born in the year 1963 at New York City. He discovered his superb talent in designing at young age and encouraged by his father to enroll in New York High School of Art and Design and moved to the worlds renowned Parson’s School of Design in 1981. During his life at Parson’s School he created his own distinct style, classy and cutting-edge designs, and received bunch of awards including Design Student of the Year and the Chester Weinberg Gold Thimble. Awarded as the youngest artist by The Council of Fashion Designer’s of America’s (CFDA) Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent and the Nobel Prize in fashion industry and recently in 1999, he was named CFDA’s Accessory Designer of the Year. With all of his surpassing excellence, we can assure that in the future more and more accolades will granted to him.

Marc’s unbeatable abilities earned lots of appreciation from industry insiders and gained lots of supporters and fans all over the globe. He finally launched the highly sought Marc Jacobs brand including its famous handbag lines after Marc.

The handbags are recognized for its fashion forward edginess, refined beauty, grunge look and pleasing appearance accompanied by the entire line of Marc Jacobs signature accessories.

The Trend Adopted by Christian Dior and Coach Handbags

Christian Dior and Coach handbags get the maximum grade to a woman who wants to be refine and classic. The truth these two great fashion houses have towering prices on their unique accessories which may be beyond the means of some customers. These can also be purchased in a lower cost when authenticity is unquestioned. Keep in mind, counterfeiters are our great enemy!


For Christian Dior, what will be the latest trends adopted by this renowned designer? Frenzy to those fashionable women out there that has been triggered by the Dior Gaucho handbags that are still new and readily available in the market. The Gaucho handbags by Dior comes in variety of sizes, it is either in small, medium or large sizes in saddle-shaped type with calf leather as the main material.

Another hot edition of the Dior handbags is a suede leather tote also made of calf leather combined with velvety touch of the suede. Additionally, this Dior handbag is still hot and still considered as a prominent accessory due to its adequate number of pockets which gives an ultra-modern touch to match an outfit

The Christian Dior authenticity will be your passes to win the downtown’s stylish landscape, the pictures posted on the designer’s site, the pictures and design detailing the handbags is one of the certifications of the products’ authenticity.

coach handbags

Speaking of Coach, the makers of authentic designer handbags marked its genuine and unspoiled classic elegance to glam ladies. It is either classic signature handbags with variety of colors or even capacious totes, Coach handbags are stood still as bold yet simple and timeless piece of beauty.

This bag certainly one of the Coach handbags that is strikingly available in the market. Women of all social backgrounds and of all ages are searching to get this handbag.

The Truth Behind Chanel Handbags

chanel handbagI love Chanel! Definitely, it is one of the most popular handbag lines in the fashion industry and preferred by local and international celebrities all over the globe.

Coco Chanel, the name behind the beginning of a fashion revolution marked its significant contribution to the handbag industry. She began her career during 1910 by designing hats and clothing and lately came up with the first Chanel handbag in 1955 although handbag lines were a natural progression from her first fashion accessories.

The Chanel Shoulder bag took its reign way back in 1950’s despite of its slowly beginning. Have you already owned a quilted purse? This purse turned the fashion world for the originality of material used and also for the long chain shoulder strap embellishment made no wonder for a woman to carry in her hands all the time.
Synonymous with high class, comfort and trend setting style, the Chanel logo has been copied all around the world. The classic interlocking double Cs is simple but strikingly appealing and unique. Most women wish to own at least one Chanel accessory in their entire fashion life.

Chanel Handbags Really Promising

Most Chanel handbags are made with the softest and handcrafted leathers created in two-toned. The available colors that compliment to each other includes white with black, black with white, burgundy with ivory and brown with ivory.

Chanel maintains its timelessness with the following characteristics: original quilted leather, textured fabrics, the chains and the signature symbol of two CC’s

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