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Handbag Types that Compliment an Outfit

I want to end this fashionable February with the five types of handbags that women should own. These are essential to compliment any outfit in different occasions. Read and be inspired to Lindsey Michelle fashionable handbags statement:

Classic Handbag

This sturdy, ubiquitous style can take a girl from a meeting to lunch. These purses are usually medium-sized, good for toting essentials such as a wallet, phone and a bit of makeup, but not large enough to carry numerous extras for a full day out. It’s a ladylike look, perfectly paired with a skirt, dress or nice pants. The straps are usually at a length to be carried by hand as opposed to swung over the shoulder.
If squared-off edges seem too “hard” or old-fashioned, consider a “bucket” shape. The edges are a more rounded and therefore a bit softer. The difference is that many bucket bags don’t have a closure the way handbags do, so users need to be sure all their belongings stay within the bag and don’t fall out.

Tote Bag

Totes are increasingly popular as everyday bags, not simply for travel. Most designers make tote bags, often in soft and cushy leather (but totes can be found in all fabrics.) Perhaps it’s the increase in the number of items women carry with them that make tote bags so essential.

Totes can be found in many crazy fabrics and patterns, but most women will get the best use out of a more neutral color and fabric – blacks, browns, grays or silvers complement most outfits.


Clutches, a very old-fashioned type of purse, have made a huge comeback in the past few seasons. Designers have shown everything from fancy, bejeweled styles to casual everyday looks. Since a clutch is so small, however, and the contents inside quite limited, it may be worthwhile to buy a more dressy style to use for nicer occasions.
One thing to keep in mind with a clutch is that it has to be held in hand the entire night. That’s why a worthy alternative to a clutch is a Wristlet.


Wristlets are special because they can serve two purposes – they can be their own purse, or most have a keychain strap that can be connected to a larger bag (a great way to keep important items, such as keys or money, separate from the rest of the contents of a larger bag.) The brand Coach helped popularize wristlets several years ago, and many designers currently have wristlets as part of their purse inventory, including Marc Jacobs.

Because wristlets are miniature in size, bright or colorful patterns that may seem overwhelming on larger bags look cute and attractive on a wristlet. It also doesn’t particularly matter if the wristlet matches the larger bag, though it’s often easy to find coordinating bags if desired.

Over-the-Shoulder Bag

This can be any bag that’s large enough to be worn over the shoulder or across the chest, ideal for circumstances in which the user needs to keep both hands free or wants extra protection for her bag – such as mothers pushing strollers, long shopping trips or within crowded areas. One style that fits this requirement is a messenger bag, though there are other slimmer and chicer options available as well (such as smaller, squared purses with lengthy straps.)

Season’s Top Fashion Handbag Colors

Be colorful and trendy.

Typically, Spring fashion is a time for blossoms and brights and this is a chance for fashion designers to break away from grays and earthy colors of fall and winter and add a touch of freshness and light.

This season, the top fashion colors are not only applied to clothing but on handbags as well. Try yourself to be acquainted with the season’s favorite colors.

prada-handbags-color1The Blue Hues

Palace Blue — a favorite amongs designers which takes a navy undertone and makes it sparkle. A cross between a sky blue and strong navy. This is a color which works with almost any other, pink, yellow, lavender or green.

Lavender — the regal purple of fall has been adapted to a softer lighter lilac, feminine and romantic, and slightly mystical.

Rose Dust — a pale pinky blue, which is a welcome break from traditional neutrals. Almost a white-washed lavender, this is one of the coolest colors.

Slate Gray — a cool and calming nuanced neutral and is a perfect pairing to lavender hues.

prada-handbags-colorThe Red Hues

Fuchsia Red –—Vibrant yet seductive, powerful and robust. Fresh and dazzling, fuchsia features heavily in nail polish and lipsticks too.

Salmon Rose — Mixing a soft salmon pink with the subtleness of oranges which is flattering to most complexions and gives a warm healthy glow.

prada-handbags-color2The Green Hues

Vibrant Green — a mossy mid-green which is bright but not harsh

Dark Citron — a calm, almost olive color which blends perfectly with this season’s lemon tones.

Lucite Green — a clean, subtle, soft green which adds a slight shimmer


Super Lemon — brings a fun, optimistic outlook to the Palette. Its luminosity is determined to evoke a smile and attract the roving consumer’s eyes.

Season’s Best Look Handbags 3

The colorful season can’t be completed without any of these fabulous designer handbags out of your closet. If there is one classic look that is timeless this season it’s the classic strap and chain handbag. It can be worn either on shoulder or hand carry which is very fashionable and practical as this allows you to have both your hands absolutely free.

There are plenty of bags with straps and chains but from A-Z women’s designer handbags, Prada’s chain handbags and Gucci shoulder bags are on top of the list. These two iconic designers have joined the strappy and chain gang to contribute more chic, feminine, unusual and classy look this Spring.


Main color: black
Materials: nylon, patent leather, strass

gucci-handbagsMain color: natural
Secondary color: red, green, black
Materials: leather
Dimensions: 15 1/2″W X 11 1/2″H X 6″D

I’m sure this trend will become one of the most favorite and highly prefered by most fashionistas worldwide. Designers also work with this style are: Ferragamo, Dolce&Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and a lot more.

Themes from Folks are the hottest trend of Spring/Summer 2009 in clothing lines and fortunately, the trend spread on handbags too.

Vivienne Westwood Corner

vivienne-westwood-handbagsNice and interesting bag models with unusual patterns and prints. Vivienne Westwood enriched her bag corner with the traditions-based items.

The Exotics

Reptile leathers are so widely used as an exotic handbag collections. Different colors, various styles to the most particular taste! This is the unusual handbag trend ever. Be extraordinary, be exotics.


gucci-exotic-handbagsMain color: dark brown
Materials: python, leather, metal
Dimensions: 18 1/2″W X 13″H X 4″D
Hardware color: brass


ferragamo-exotic-handbags Main color: grey, blue, green
Materials: breed leather, metal
Dimensions: 19″W X 12″H X 1 1/2″D

Miu Miu

miu-miu-exotic-handbags Main color: white, black
Materials: snake-print leather, metal
Dimensions: 13″W X 7 1/2″H X 4″D
Shoulder-belt / handle: 3 1/2″
Hardware color: gold

Yves Saint Laurent

ysl-exotic-handbags1Main color: brown, dark brown
Materials: nabuk, leather, metal
Dimensions: 16 1/2″W X 13 1/2″H X 5 1/2″D
Hardware color: gold

My dear fellow readers, these are the handbags that were perfectly created and designed to suit your fashion needs this bright season. I hope you really like  and you can easily determine which trends works best for you.


Patchwork Handbags of John Galliano

John Galliano is one of the most influential fashion designers that has contributed the most spectacular fashion events in the fashion industry. He has transported his privileged audiences to more exotic and sartorially blessed places than they could possibly have imagined or experienced. From his fantastical clothes, to his colorful background, Galliano’s charmed rise to fame for his new collections of great patchwork handbags this season. Indeed, he  is the fashion’s great romance.

Patchwork has entered the world of designer handbags last season and still remain very popular this new year.There are only few handbags in this kind but they are just like a hotcake in the market.

Scroll down and see patchwork handbags as trendy and chic presented by John Galliano for his colletions.






Season’s Best Look Handbags 2

So many trends but a limited span of time for the season’s hottest handbags. Designers came up with the trend that is timeless in nature. They have played with the functionality at the same time proportion to color and texture for Spring 2009. So hurry up!!!Brighten your wardrobe with the season’s popular handbag trends.

Wide and Comfortable Bags in an array of imaginable colors that will be extremely hot this season.


These handbags are designed mostly for everyday purposes fit for shopping, business attire, college classes and the like. Handbags in this style are presented in collections by the house of Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana and others.

Medium Sized Handbags


Medium-sized handbags have found their teritory in the collection of Fendi, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chloe and Burberry to name a few. These handbags are simple yet literally the work of an exquisite mind in the form of art by combining comfort, elegance, grace and practicality.

Small and Medium Sized Clutches


This bright season there are lot of small and medium sized cluthes flooding the fashion runways from ordinary to an exclusive and and sophisticated design. As we can see, clutches are widely presented in the collection of most designers.

There are variety of materials used for this type of bag including leathers, reptillian skins, patent leather in multiple colors embellished with sequins and other shining gems and cloth as well.
Look for clutches in Paul Smith, Gucci, YSL, Bottega Venetta and many more collection.

Season’s Best Look Handbags

With the great influence of recession throughout the world, lot of fashion designers have focused their attention on accessories rather than garments such as jewelries, shoes, and of course the handbags itself.

Handbag as a accessory is always present anywhere, anytime depending on a certain purpose. Worn with pride and confidence in an elegant air by our famous top models that rule the entire world in every single collection.

Some other designer says, handbag is no longer considered as an accessory but rather a fundamental element to be included in a woman’s wardrobe. It is not merely limited to functionality and practicality but it is also voguish fashionable that complements a woman’s personality and style.

As a fashionista itself, I am very much particular with the latest trend of handbags in the market. This season’s best look women’s handbags are comes in a wide variety of highly practical huge totes to tiny eccentric clucthes and shoulder bags in very unusual and bright colors.

A woman under the hive of fashion will be able to find something different and eccentric handbags to suits her style and taste.

Get ready to the next corner of the “Season’s Best Look Handbags”….



Love Greetings from MyNexthandbag

This is the day when red roses, chocolates and falling hearts are being prioritize of everybody.In short, it’s Valentine’s Day. Newspapers, magazines, television and of course the internet are filled with love greetings and messages.


We at are expressing our deepest feelings from our hearts saying “A Happy Happy Valentines Day to all our blog readers”. May the spirit of undying LOVE will come to your hearts. Designer handbags for your loved ones as an inspirations.

The New Penelope Python Clutch

Women have different view and preferences towards fashion  They need different types of features when it comes to handbags as their fashion statement. The modern woman needs a small space or compartment for her small belongings at the time trendy and fashionable while older generations may just want a compartment for change. Whichever type of bag a woman prefers, getting renowned label in the fashion industry is simply heaven.

Penelope Python Clutch


I just came across to the house of Coach and fortunately, I found this exotic lady purse, the Penelope Python Clutch. I was totally amazed for its unpleasant boldness, an eldritc myriad of season’s hottest colors of blue, purple, yellow and black.

Embellished with a single floral which gives an unusual striking appearance to our eyes. In a glimpse, it’s not a pretty picture at all.
This purse features a zip-top closure, inside zip-pocket for a multi-functional use. The python skin with metallic leather trim gives an extra exotic look. A bonus point of 7 ½-inch shoulder strap with the overall dimension of 10 3/4 (L) x 5 1/2 (H) x 1 1/4 (W). Exclusively available at the house of Coach with the price of $1200.

Beaded Designer Handbags Today

The hive of fashion is always changing season by season and this is happen to the world of designer handbags. Plains are greatly fading and beautiful bright color handbags decorated with beads are “IN”again that bring out their beauty to the eyes of fashionistas alike..
Several fabulous beaded designer handbags are must haves this season that everyone should own at least one.

Take a closer look to these beautiful Prada handbags exclusively designed to fit the season. The designer, Muccia Prada brings a lot of bright sunshine and color to a beautiful season with her gorgeous beaded handbags. Comes in intricate beading, delicate and luxurious velvet that exudes sex appeal to many.

So alluring, decadent, darn fragile and heavenly feeling.

prada-beaded-handbags Main color: fuchsia
Materials: fabric, naplak, leather, metal
Dimensions: 11″W X 9″H
Hardware color: gold
Styledrops Price: $1139

prada-beaded-handbagsMain color: tourquoise
Materials: snake, metal
Dimensions: 14 1/2″W X 6″H
Hardware color: gold
Styledrops Price: $1449

prada-beaded-handbags4Main color: black
Materials: fabric, naplak, leather, metal
Dimensions: 13 1/2″W X 8 1/2″H
Hardware color: gold
Styledrops Price:$939

prada-beaded-handbags2 Main color: violet
Materials: fabric, patent leather, leather, metal
Dimensions: 15 1/2″W X 11 1/2″H
Hardware color: gold
Styledrops Price:  $1419

Designer purses and handbags are always the answer to our fashion needs. The perfect way to enjoy a fabulous spring/summer fashion is to hold it right on your arm. The essence of these handbags are very feminine and proper at the same time they deliver a healthy dose of color that never fails to get noticed. So try to own one of these bags for an attention getting ensemble.

Spain Inspired Balenciaga Handbags

Cristobal was born in Spain, he is considered famous when it comes on fashion works. His first store was established in San Sebastian, and after his work become more popular he open his second store in Madrid, Spain and another one in Barcelona in 1937. After his works in Spain, he moves to Paris, France and become the incarnation of Parisian Fashion especially in shoes, clothes, and clothing accessories around the world. One of his famous works is the Balenciaga Handbags.


The Pink Twiggy

This handbag is made from the finest leather and can be shopped directly from Italy. It features a large center compartment with a fabric interior design of his signature metal plate, a detachable shoulder strap, cosmetics cars, and a dust cover. This handbag has a selling price of more than $300.

The Metallic Fuchsia

A very unique and stylish handbag of the year. Fashioned from the finest leather and features two separate handles, and has two large zipped compartments . The selling price for this bag is $1,500.

Le Dix Motorcycle

This handbag is also made from the finest leather and a dual purpose type of bag. It features 2 6” handles and a 30” strap for your carrying needs, it has large center compartment, one is outside compartment and a fully lined interior compartment, and a cell phone compartment. This handbag retails for over $1,000.

Emerald Green

This handbag is equipped with a double 18” leather handle. It features a center compartment, exterior zipper pocket, interior lined pouch, one interior zipper pocket and other compartments. The selling price for this handbag is over $1,550.

Office White

This is the newest handbag for this year. Balenciaga handbags is made from leather and features a double handle, center zipper compartment, a zipper pouch on the outside and a fully line zipper pouch inside. The selling price for this handbag is over $1,200.

The Tote Brown

This Balenciaga handbag is made from the pure leather and the only handbag that have a top zipper closure. It also features a zipper pull that locks, a lining made of canvass, a serial number, a zipper compartment inside, a dust cover and a compact mirror. The selling price for this bag is $500.

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