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Get Your Favorite Designer Handbags

Designer handbags always make emphatic impact on your overall personality. Your designer outfit will not be completed without having a trendy handbag to tote around. People give extra attention when buying designer handbags to complete their personality. It is their style quotient that portrays their fashion sense in accordance with their outfits.

Fashionistas always keep an eye on the latest fashion trends, but few of them can afford to pay designer prices for their preffered items.

Versace Metallic Monogram BagTake for example the beautiful Versace Metallic Monogram Bag. Bringing the season’s metallic trend, the house of Versace make a serious style with elusive metallic details and luxurious silk jacquard fabric. It has braided metallic gold leather straps engraved with Versace gold metal logo that gives more appeal to ladies. Finished with polished gold metal studs and Versace-engraved chain links for a humble price of $1,482. It’s for the house of Versace anyway.

Fendi Borderline Satin ClutchAnother perfect handbag trend for a fantastic evening in the city is the tiny clutches. Fendi has just released a Borderline Satin Clutch in neutral hue of navy and I’m sure this clutch stands out to many because of its beautiful ruffled satin. The elegant ruffles adds feminine touch to a chic lady who tote this bag.

Celebrities and other fashion figures could afford to buy these high-end designer handbags but common fashionistas can’t. Try discount designer handbags on sale. These budget friendly designer handbags are the perfect alternatives to a chic lady who really loves designer stuffs but can’t afford to spend a hefty amount for designer one.

Get Your Favorite Designer Handbags

Designer HandbagWhen it comes to luxury goods, designer handbags have made thousands of fashionistas got into crazy notions to make them more fashionable and trendy as always.

Along with designer handbags, stylish shoes, sunglasses, luxury watches and other fashion accessories also enjoy the affection and popularity.

Would you spend a hefty amount of dollars to purchase one? Definitely YES!

Designer handbags are versatile in nature and a symbol of your style and personality. If you choose the perfect style from thousands of designer handbags in the market, you will be the dazzling armor over the other and truly enjoy the feeling you couldn’t imagine.

Take for example the beautiful Prada handbags on your shoulder, you could walk walk with proud in the busy street and definitely people will admire you with strong appreciation. There are so many options for designer handbags in the fashion industry but how could you find the right style for your fashion needs?

Well, try to consider the quality over quantity. A high quality designer handbag will last for a long time and became your bestfriend forever.
Choosing the perfect handbags is an art and something fun. It reflects your sense of style, taste and the level of sophistication. Wise women have a variety of designer handbags in her wardrobe to be used for different occasions. They strongly believe even men that high quality designer handbags are wise investments.

Pretty girls will always have different designer handbags to fit their needs for different occasions. They believe that high quality designer handbags are good investments.

So what are you waiting for, treat yourself for the new designer handbag to make yourself stay in style and a good investor.

Top Gucci Handbags for Fall 2009

The so-called “IT” handbag fever has begun decreasing somewhat from its peak but still handbags remain the most desirable fashion accessories of all.

The perfect handbag determines you and can actually improve your life in many ways that you would never expect. They are like your security blanket that protects you and help you carry all your daily essentials.
Handbags reflects the image of who you are and your particular style and they instantly relay that message to everyone in this world including your peers. It is indeed, your bag is your personality.

Our handbags have to be all about status since we are free to save our money to buy more designers like Gucci handbags because it is obsolete to tote the same handbag forever.

Designer handbags are a lot of fun and quite addictive for us fellow fashionitas to collect more darn darn things to closet.

The purpose this Fall 2009 Gucci Handbags lineup is to present everything fresh from the collection including the style, colors, prices and to make your heart beat a little faster and your fingers itch to pull out your credit cards.

Gucci HandbagsGucci  “NEW PELHAM”
Main color: brown
Materials: leather, metal
Dimensions: 15 1/2″W X 11″H X 6″D
Shoulder-belt / handle: 3 1/2″
Hardware color: brass
Styledrops Sale Price:  $ 2129

Gucci_HandbagsGucci   “METAL STUDS”
Main color: black
Materials: coated canvas, leather, metal
Dimensions: 11 1/2″W X 12 1/2″H X 3 1/2″D
Shoulder-belt / handle: 7 1/2″
Styledrops Sale Price:   $ 949

Gucci Handbags1Gucci  “GG TOTE”
Main color: gunmetal, grey
Materials: coated canvas, leather
Dimensions: 14 1/2″W X 11″H X 4″D
Shoulder-belt / handle: 7 1/2″
Styledrops Sale Price:    $ 779

Find the Best Deals of Discounted Designer Handbags

Discount Designer HandbagsDesigner handbags together with other wardrobe ensembles has the ability to complete our look however, finding the right handbags to compliment with everything in your closet can cost you much if you don’t have any idea how to shop wisely.

There are variety of hot sources that offer the same handbags for a much lower prices than the original retail shops. To save every single penny and to get the best deals, find yourself the best selection of the discounted designer handbags over the internet.

There are many choices in finding discounted designer handbags but not all the time are created equal. Retail outlets generally offer discontinued items, which may be obsolete or undesirable colors.

To find a perfect gem for your occasion, you might need a frequent visit to a shopping stores to assure that you catch the best deals. This task requires a bit of shopping time to get the latest inventory items but most of us do not want to invest enough time and effort just to find discounted designer handbags.

Other people opt for fake designer items that looks like the real one. These designer imitation handbags usually has a price tag a little difference than the original designer one and it dictates that the savings is minimal at wise.

Once your imitation handbag delivered, you will noticed that the bag was made with cheap materials or crafted with less time and effort. It is very rare to find a designer imitation that appears like the original one. Most fashionistas admit that they are adrift with designer stuffs and they are flaunting for the original logo.

By shopping online boutiques, you will also find top quality fashion outlets at a fraction cost from the average rate of department stores. Online retail stores have much less effort and can pass the savings onto their customers, definitely, you can find authentic designer handbags for less.

These retail stores offer good deals on shipment and money back guarantee so that you can shop wisely with confidence from the comfort of your own home.

Bottega Veneta : the Myriad of Luxury Handbags

Mid August is the time when the juices begin flowing and planning to buy something new for the snowy season of Fall, or at least check out the luxury handbags we mentally bookmarked last month.

Think of something hot and fresh…Think the myriad of Bottega Veneta…

The Fall 2009 Collection presented by Bottega Veneta is really dramatic, magnificent, stylish, classic has modern concept. These array of handbags can withstand the test of time and it will bring you every season with such style and classic look.

Bottega Veneta Luxury handbags

Tomas Maier designs exudes long lasting sophistication from every part of stitching, buttons and zippers. Under his exquisite guidance, the name Bottega Veneta gained its heights to the upper echelons of the fashion world. As a creative director of Bottega Venneta, he clearly anticipated that the label’s eccentric leather corner provides strong foundation to create such sublime and extraordinary handbags.

Innovation is not a quality that link to Bottega Veneta handbags except for the seasons slightly re-embossed colors for the resort collection that are really enticing to handbag lovers and non-Bottega Veneta fans.

Some of the collections are made from crocodile duffels, snakeskin satchels to lizard clutches. Maier truly welcome the true essence of luxury and apply them on every single inch of these handbags.

With such amazing designs and quality, no wonder fashionistas from Hollywood arena dawn Bottega Veneta.

How Powerful Women’s Handbags

Margaret ThatcherWomen’s handbags play a significant role in their lives. I consider this stuff as a symbol of female power and authority. The handbags of the ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is an excellent example of how handbags are connected to powerful women.

Of course each of us has different perspectives in regards to handbags. A purse from other women may mean something unique and different for another.

The press of England spent their time and effort just to give some valuable comments on Margaret Thatcher’s handbags. As quoted to Julian Critchley’s ” The Times” in June 1982 said “She…tends to believe the worst of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. She cannot see an institution without hitting it with her handbag…”

Ms. Thatcher never discourage of whatever handbags she have on her hands. It is obvious that the press signifies Margaret Thatcher’s handbag as the affirmation of power and superiority.

Take a closer look, you will find her handbags similar to the Queen Mother’s handbag collections. Why? Is it because both of them prefer the same type of handbag or does Ex-Prime Minister Thatcher intentionally imitating the Queen Mother’s ultimate power for the country?

Some discussions are being aired for the famous handbag whether be placed in a museum that houses Winston Churchill’s papers and historical documents from the War or not. Wherever, whatever will be, Margaret Thatcher signifies as the first woman to enforce her powerful presence on 10 Downing Street!

My Love for Tod’s Softy Messenger

Most of my addiction with Tod’s takes place from their shoe corner but currently, I am attracted to their handbags as well. I wish that my closet was full of Tod’s handbags and shoes.

Tods Handbags

I fall in love with the Tod’s Softy Messenger. There’s no other than as beautiful as blue purse from the house of Tod’s. What a comfortable casual shape and beautiful periwinkle blue joined together to add a punch of color and style this season that will certainly provide more warm on your wardrobe.

This bag would perfectly look great when paired with any kind of white, black, or other neutral-colored outfits. Best for running errands, shopping or having a cup of coffee with friends.

I can feel the understated elegance exudes by Tod’s. It has a simple design yet staying true to its vision and adding the perfect touch each time.

Tod’s Softy Messenger was made of a soft smooth grained leather with polished silver metal hardware, braided shoulder strap, side ruching detail, and embossed logo on the front flap with an overall measurement of 15.5″ x 11.5″ x 4.5″. Reserve your pocket as much as $1800 for this bag.

Katie Holmes turns into a Fashion Designer

katie holmesTom Cruise high-profile wife, Katie Holmes is absolutely perfect! She can dress her cute Suri as cute as Disney princesses. But what about the rest of us?

WWD reported that Katie Holmes is whipping up her own fashion label with her stylist, Jeanne Yang for a Fall debut at high-end boutique, Maxfield in Los Angeles.

The Holmes & Yang collaboration for a premium line consist of women’s wear inspired by Holmes itself from her classic sense of style and the children’s fashion line after she modeled her trend-setting tot.

Holmes & Yang have already united on a couple of designs such as the white strapless jumpsuit were Katie Holmes wore last year to the premiere of “All My Sons” on Broadway that gained different reviews from fashion critics.

From an acclaimed Broadway shows to running the New York City Marathon and dancing a cameo on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

The world is looking forward for your fashionable contribution in the industry! Cheers!

Designer Wallets in Colorful Styles

Designer wallets have been recently raised its status as a “fashion accessory” which was originally created to perform its basic function as to carry paper money and other small paper stuffs. Shopping savvy women knows designer wallets have many uses throughout the whole day shopping spree. Wallets serve some practical purpose so there’s no reason to become a boring stuff. Designer wallets have the ability to add your fashion statement if you check out some eye-popping and colorful season’s style.

Prada Wallets

Switch your boring earthly-colored wallets to your designer wallets in purple, red or multiple colors in leather form. Snakes may frighten you but snakeskin is your friend. It makes you one of a kind exotics. Check out a plethora of interesting snakeskin in purple and turquoise snakeskin wallets provided by your favorite designer labels.

Even coin purses nowadays are dressed up in multiple colors which gives you another fabulous and perfect style.

Wristlet is also one of the most fun wallet trends that serve as the wallet itself but easily fits on your wrist. This stuff is perfect for your night out and party gatherings. It makes a true statement with colorful design and embossed with funky and metallic accents.

You can also splurge for colorful designer belts this season. Goodbye boring and unfavorable wallets, say hello to colorful styles!

Gucci Sunglasses Spotlight

It is important to stay on the cusp of the hottest fashion trends inorder to stay at the top of the fashion industry.

Numerous Hollywood celebrities stay tune for the hottest trends in today’s era such as Charlize Theron, Jackie Onassis, Sophia Loren, Rock Hudson, Duchess of Windsor, Sidney Poitier, Andrey Hepburn, Andrew Peacock, Kim Novak, Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable, John Wayne, Jack Nicholson, Madonna, Gwenyth Paltrow, Elizabeth Hurley, Gwen Steffani, Jessica Simpson, Lucy Liu, Lars Ulrich, Metallica, Mark Wahlberg and many more.

What do these famous celebrities have in common?

Well, all of them have been spotted wearing their designer Gucci sunglasses. This Gucci stuff is very important in our celebrities’ wardrobe. Every pair exudes style, confidence, class and glamor.

Gucci Sunglasses

Gucci sunglasses greatly influenced our physical appearance. From local to international stars to the ordinary people, Gucci sunglasses are their favorites.

So what kind of style do you expect from Gucci sunglasses, and the best place to find them? So easy! Original Gucci sunglasses are readily available from your favorite retailers all over the world. Be sure you’re looking for genuine quality Gucci pair of sunglasses.

Gucci has something for you. There are myriad of fashion choices available for Gucci sunglasses including styles, colors, sizes and fashionable shapes.

The house of Gucci successfully established its name for years with trendy line of clothing, shoes and handbags at the cutting edge of fashion and Gucci sunglasses are the important part of the fashion statement sought by many.

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