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Yves Saint Laurent Muse Handbags Loved by Celebrities

Another media press typical may be the Muse by Yves Saint Laurent.  Usually captured pics of enthusiasts consist of Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Paris and Nicky Hilton, and Kate Moss.

This particular roomy handbag is known for a basic styling that is freshened by the golden locking mechanism adorning its top, hardware rings as well as rivets, and impeccably seamed piecework stressed having chunky stitching.

Basically as definitely not each and every movie star has each and every bag, not necessarily every single tote are going to be your glass of tea. The actual technique to creating celebrity handbag tendencies work for you is to determine exactly what purpose the carrier will serve, after which pick those that will satisfy that need while coordinating up with your own personal brand of design. And for those on a budget- thanks to the cost of designer inspired handbags, you won’t need to limit your self to only one!

The Prada Gauffre Antic Handbag Favored by most Celebrities

It’s no wonder which we are so obsessed by what exactly actresses, models, and also some other style symbols are usually putting on. Their work is to look good in front of the camera, as well as their particular accessory options set the bar for our own au courant must-haves. As you thumb through the catalogs as well as websites of your preferred department shops and boutiques, you’ll find many of the newest trends popular with the fashionably elite Artist A-list. And of course , if you find that some of these totes might be away from your pocket range, don’t be concerned – you can always discover high quality designer-inspired versions at specialty handbag websites.

The Prada Gauffre Antic . The bag favored by fashionable celebs like Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, and Ashley Simpson could be the lavishly textured Gauffre Antic by Prada. In which the physique of the legendary Hermes Birkin is actually trim and sleek, those of the Gauffre Antic is actually opulently ruched.

This kind of picture feast of a bag offers lots of area to carry daytime or perhaps travel essentials, and also its tonal top stitching, double-rolled leatherette grips, along with hardware features come up with a already stunning carrier even prettier.

Michelle Obama’s Fashion Inspiration

Michelle Obama is actually exalting the vesture choices of added women in the U.S. and elsewhere to take her design discernment. She is a marvelous pal and she seems great in everything she wears such as her fashion accessories. Based on NBC her name choices are so standard because, “They’re wearable, without a doubt, yet moreover, they’re fascinating.”

Such as the purple Toy Watch she is wearing in Paris, France in early June which coordinated the purple flecks in her scarf. The colorful watch is comes from Toywatch’s Neon Plasteramic’ Collection and it is accessible in a number of colors which includes orange and pink. Toy Watch has numerous other variants such as gold, black, mother of pearl, and those with tattooed faces.

This timepiece is remarkably functional. I have seen Michelle Obama wearing it dressed up with pants and a cardigan as well as dressed down with a pair of shorts.

The very first time I saw these Hollywood celebrities popularized watches as well as listened to the buzz I assumed definitely that they would be in the $600 to $800 range however they are available at J.R. Dunn Jewelers and elsewhere for $195.

Kate Moss Seen Wearing Prada’s Butterfly Frame Sunglasses

The legendary fashion icon, introduces the new Prada butterfly sunglasses worn by one of the Hollywood star Kate Moss.

This newly designed eyeglasses comes in butterfly shaped frames that will give you the look of some mysterious and glamorous diva. This is so elegant that will surely make a big difference. It is fabulously simple, yet they come in well crafted design that you will surely love. A shape that will suit your style and a frame that will do your face justice either it is winter, spring, summer, or fall. That is what a butterfly frame is all about.

No wonder and it is not a surprise that Kate Moss is already donning the sunglasses we’re all going to be wanting to wear.

Celebrities Loved Balenciaga Handbags

This is a popular fact that Balenciaga handbags are usually adored by simply celebrities worldwide. Through the Hollywood pack of  Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad, Lindsay Lohan et al to the likes of Sienna Miller in Britain, Balenciaga handbags can absolutely be spotted on the hands of most. The Balenciaga Motorbike handbag is probably the most usually worn by superstars, and while Balenciaga clutches come in a number of other kinds, the motorbike handbags the one particular most associated with superstars.

Nicole Richie is sometimes in which not photographed and among her Balenciaga purses in her arm, and in many cases much more given that she had her daughter. Her black motorcycle purse goes just about everywhere with her, most probably as a result of their usefulness and area to hold baby accessories while still being stylish. Christina Aguilera is another star which can’t appear to part herself from her closet full of Balenciaga purses. As well as getting also simply had a baby, this reveals that Balenciaga purses are a favorite selection for first time mums. In the end, Balenciaga handbags are usually known for being not merely a fashion statement but also being invaluable along with practical.

One more set of fans of Balenciaga Motorcycle hand bags are Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. They evidently have among these people a huge range of Balenciaga Purses in several shades, as the twins are often spotted with a selection of various designs and shades of motorcycle bags. The oversized “weekender” carrier as an example is the best among the Balenciaga Handbags in order to complement Mary-Kate’s signature “hobo” look. Ashley however is more often than not seen using a small Balenciaga clutch bag. Read more »

The Top Baleciaga Handbag Styles

Cristobal Balenciaga created the Spanish Renaissance inspired couturier house within the mid-twentieth century. In 1997 Nicolas Ghesquiere has been appointed the creative director with Balenciaga and also since taking the actual position he offers created a stronger handbag fan base.

The top end Baleciaga handbag designs include the First, City, Day, Weekender and also the Part Time, throughout Regular Hardware or the more recently added Giant Hardware.

Celebs famously acknowledged for his or her Balenciaga collection usually are Nicole Richie, Ashlee Simpson, Vanessa Hudgens, Lauren Conrad, Miley Cyrus, Nicky Hilton, Hayden Panettiere, and more.
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Christina Ricci “Four Play” with Donna Karan on

Hollywood actress Christina Ricci has featured in a short film inspired by the “versatility” of Eldridge handbag for The Donna Karan Company called “Four Play.”

This short film is barely two minutes long directed by Sting’s son Jake Sumner that centers entirely on Ricci’s four different personalities including the Dreamer, Expressionist, Paramour, and the Voyeur.
“I didn’t want it to feel like advertising,” Sumner said. “I wanted it to feel like something that could be viewed in itself, but using the aesthetic of Donna Karan. There’s a thin line between very unsubtle advertising and doing something that stands alone and has its integrity.”

The film is perhaps not anything dramatically innovative, but it gives the advertising world to shake things up just a little bit.
The element of different personalities in Four Play has also been popular in recent advertising, with Dolce & Gabbana basing their new ‘Anthology’ fragrances on the concept, for instance.

So expect for Christina Ricci’s next appearance. This will not be on the silver screen but in a Donna Karan-friendly short called “Four Play.”

Four Play Video details below:


Prada Spring-Summer 2010 Ad Campaign with Rasa Zukauskaite

Prada is one of the most influential labels you could splurge on that often associated with luxury and sophistication. The label did some chic and fabulous things with the stylist as the new Spring-Summer 2010 Ad campaign concentrates more on bright orange lipstick and trans sunglasses rather than clothes and accessories.

Rasa Zukauskaite, a young and little known Lithuanian model was chosen as the new face of Prada Spring-Summer 2010 Ad Campaign shot by Steven Meisel. Rasa is very pretty and her appeal makes the campaign look nice and more appealing.

The attention is more focused to the face, something that would be avoided in an Ad like this but the totality of the campaign was really the work of a true artist and designer.
Indeed, the clothes, lip gloss, handbags and shoes are perfect!

More Prada Ad Campaign Photos after the jump:

Prada Handbags for Spring 2010 Collection

Spring is in the air! It reminds me the cool ocean breeze, the green headed mountain, the river running by. I’m so excited for this beautiful season to come.

For those of you who are still feeling chill, I can bring a little warm and vibrant to your day by displaying a few pieces from Prada  handbags for Spring 2010 collection.

Presenting this large and roomy tote made with calfskin leather and embellished with gold hardware accentuated with stitching details, the Prada Shiny Calfskin Tote with the retail price of $1295. Detachable shoulder strap was added for easy and convenient carrying.

Another Prada treasure that will bring a little warm to our Spring season is the Prada Saffiano Fori Shoulder Bag. This is a simple simple and chic candy color leather shoulder bag with black contrast trimming and perforations that certainly detours from the label’s traditionally sublime and subtle dark brown leathers.

The Saffiano Fori Boston Bag ($1250) will illuminate the cloudy days of Spring.

What I love about these treasures are their neutral color palettes. The neutral leather is beautiful and quite attractive with any outfit you wish to wear.

Want to be visible in the spotlight stand out in a crowd? Then grab a bold and bubbly Prada Saffiano Fori Shoulder Bag for your Spring getaway!

Array of Gucci Handbags for Spring/Summer 2010

The luxury brand Gucci has released its new handbags for 2010 spring and summer.
I have seen the Gucci Spring-Summer 2010 handbag collection and several strongest lineup of accessories exhibitions with rapt attention. It seems this is Frida Giannini’s best collection since her era began.

With this array of Gucci handbags, clothing and shoes, I am once again a greatest fan of this iconic label. Gucci could recapture it’s once stellar reputation again if the designer, Frida Giannini will never, ever do the dreadful hippie, disco, flowery designs from her previous collections and will focus more from this clean glam style.

Her latest runway show is truly a genius. It was started with all white and slowly progressed into gray and finally turned into black. There is something that I love in Gucci Spring/Summer handbags. The clutch bags were absolutely neat and clean in a single color of the show. The shoulder bags in smaller form feature a bamboo handle with a little details. The handbag collection have also metal chain and standard shoulder straps ensembles.
The large leather totes are in white Guccisima form with details on front and have double whip leather straps.
The clothing collection have simultaneously minimal and ornamented like the way they describe the handbags as well.

The lean, angular clutches embossed with GG signature are beautifully fashioned out of candy-colored crocodile skin which eyed definitely by most women. Gucci has a texture galore by way of exotic skins of crocodile and python. Bamboo handles and horse bit hardware are being added to complete the look.

This season the Gucci handbag collection was perhaps the most wearable, beautiful handbag collection I’ve ever seen in most runway shows.

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