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Balenciaga Handbags Favored by Celebrities

The brand name Balenciaga is one of the most sought designer labels in the world. Cristóbal Balenciaga is the Spanish designer behind this label. He gained a reputation as “the master of us all” for his inflexible standards and unique architectural designs.

His clothing design is notably gorgeous, his shoe design is extremely exquisite and the sleek and sassy style Balenciaga handbags give a huge popularity all over the world.

Big celebrities like Sarah Jessisca Parker, Vanessa Hudgens, Mary-Kate Olsen and supermodel Miranda Kerr were spotted toting around their loving Balenciaga handbags.

Sarah Jessica Parker with her Balenciaga Handbag

Vanessa Hudgens with her Balenciaga Handbag

Mary-Kate Olsen with her Balenciaga Handbag

Miranda Kerr with her Balenciaga Handbag

The big star’s lovingness has impelled Balenciaga handbag to become a superstar worshiped by millions of followers all over the world.

Balenciaga uses a distressed goat leather when making their handbags. Each bag has a shimmery, distressed and worn look yet very classy and elegant.The signature leather, heavy hardware, over-sized studs creates a modern and feminine touch to the bag.

Some of the hottest collections are Motorcycle, Giant City and Giant Part Time bags. The line unveils a huge selection of colors such as back, navy, pink bubble gum, white pearl, ruby red, amethyst pink, thyme green, charcoal grey, sky blue and the like.

Hogan Handbags Collection for Summer

Men and women all over the world who have used Hogan handbags knew the excellent quality functionality and design of these products. The house of Hogan created fabulous designs to keep their style for a long period of time and a lifetime experience to those who expend Hogan handbags.

Despite of its high price tags, fashionable men and women tend to pick one on these handbags. Once people used to a certain level of quality, you might not really want to choose other labels and not keeping in mind whatever the price might be. Paying attention to this label, Hogan handbags have been made with high on quality and can provide a competing designer a rush for their money.

The latest spring / summer collection of Hogan handbags have some of the most beautiful collections I have seen in the international market that feature innovative designs and consummate practicality that might not have previously come across or use of. Each product stems from extremely skilled design technique and is created using quality materials with a particular passion for details and a search for perfection.Indeed, Hogan products are the expression of of a new luxury lifestyle.

I will bring to you some of Hogan handbags to splurge yourself this summer.

Gucci Handbags Summer 2010 Collection

Fashionable men and Women all over the world who have tried Gucci handbags are aware of the quality and aesthetic beauty of these products. These handbags were designed to keep your style on the go for a lifetime experience.

Women tend to fall in love for these handbags and preferred to pick most of them despite of their high price tags but once you’ve experienced a certain level of quality, you might not really want to go in and never mind whatever prices might be for this stuff. Just keep in mind that Gucci handbags have been designed with underlying high quality and definitely give a competing designer handbag a rush for their pockets.

The newly announced Gucci handbags collection for spring / summer 2010 have some of the lavishly elegant and refined collection seen to date that focus some designs you might not seen before or used with. Many of these handbags have not seen in the international market and are quiet new to our fashion sight.Some might be based on existing collections, a thorough innovations have been incorporated to make sure  it  will become  more distinct and stand out from the crowd. This stuff is something that you might keep an eye for your next wardrobe collection this season.

Prada Handbags Collection for Spring 2010

Prada is a home of most fashion figures that carries a prolific set of fashion accessories in high which was preferred by shion ensembles preferred by most Hollywood fashion figures.

Excellent is word that comes into my mind when I saw the newest Prada handbags collection for this season.
From the Prada Pouchette to the messenger bag, we are perfectly sure to love the latest looks from this designer.

The Prada Saffiano Bag is one of the favorites for Spring 2010. This handbag has a vintage look that surely a big hit and it comes in variety of colors such as pastel yellow, blue or garish pink and orange. The black and white and some bold colors are also available. This handbag has been made to be worn as a shoulder bag but many celebrities toted it as clutch. It became hotter especially when the hand of Sienna Miller hold this pretty handbag.

Head over to your favorite shops online and to the official Prada website to splurge yourself this Prada handbag collection. Start putting away $1500 cash for this handbag.

There are a couple of other Prada handbags that truly deserve to be acknowledge as well. The Pochette is very fashionable that really accord with our current social fashions.This bag is also in the line of the most popular Prada handbags because it is available in different designs and colors. definitely, you will love the versatility and functionality of these Prada handbags. Don’t forget to check the Prada Weekend Workbag as well.

There’s no doubt that Prada handbag is one of the most sought and desired designer handbags of the season. With her 2010 handbag collection, you can find variety of vintage styles with a news trendy twist.

Quality Items At Designer Clearance

Have you ever wondered what happens to the designer items when the racks comes down at any shopping stores online? Most of those items are what we called designer clearance sale.

There are so many possibilities that you can take a look when it comes to designer clearance, but it is very important to know the highest possibility before taking an action.

People tend to buy immediately the designer labels with lowest price tags in the racks without knowing the different aspects to be considered before buying the item. In most cases, this situation will end up of disappointment and dissatisfaction. You can definitely avoid this scenario by simply having a knowledgeable techniques when it comes to buying quality products at designer outlet on sale.
The brand name will not always guarantee premium or even its aesthetic quality, they sometimes gives us the benefit of the doubt. Some other designer labels might be a little difficult to trust based on their name alone.

A good factor that could help you out would be the number of people who have purchased and used this particular label and satisfied in return. Try to consider customers reviews online or just seek advices and assessment from your peers. In this aspect, you can possibly sure of the item you wish or the item you’ve bought. If this designer item does not cost you much, you can buy it and maybe share the reviews of product to potential customers.

This is the best way If you are going to invest in a designer piece. Whether you are in the market for designer shoes, handbags and dresses, Designer Clearance has an excellent deals. Shop wisely and economically!

Just Cavalli Sunglasses this Summer

Roberto Cavalli is the designer known for its eclectic styles and his eagerness to experiment new style ideas and to innovate existing trends. It has been regarded as the vanguard of the fashion industry for over 40 years of existence.

Just Cavalli is the latest label created by Roberto Cavalli and is equipped with trendy designs for a younger fashion market. Accessories are one of the most important items that helps achieve those desired styles and Just Cavalli sunglasses are a must-have this summer season. The label represent a vibe of visual excitement, high quality and inspiration of young fashionistas alike.

Just Cavalli sunglasses are coherent with the eclectic and vibrant style which absolutely create a fashion statement and dare to be bold. In addition of fine quality detailing, a wide variety of materials and colors were being used such as tortoise shell, pink, brown, white and classic black. Details were also added in the form of diamante embellished logo hinges, and patterns on the arms and frames.

Hollywood celebrity like Sienna Miller favored Just Cavalli sunglasses and she looks fabulous in her pair which perfectly compliment her boho chic style.

A wide option for different styles of sunglasses ranging from feminine to sporty wraparounds, sporty over-sized, classic and slick visor styles are awe-inspiring, original and high quality insuring that you’re on the top of style always.

Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses For Summer 2010

The duo designer, Dolce & Gabbana has sparked attention with their new Ad Campaign for Spring/Summer 2010 featuring Madonna as their new face. Celebrity photographer Steven Klein photographed the said campaign in New York City. Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said, “To have Madonna in our campaign is a dream come true”.

Dolce & Gabbana loves to push their wardrobe this summer season. They have already released an array of handbags, shoes and their ultimate sunglasses collections are absolutely head turning. They offers a wide range of optical glasses in different style and purpose both for men and women.

Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses are the true style that makes the label, Dolce and Gabbana stand out from the crowd.

See more D&G Sunglasses after the jump:

Lauren Conrad Loves Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Remy Handbag

Marc Jacobs is doing something quirky and cool with his spring bag collection as The Hills star, Lauren Conrad has been spotted toting her favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Remy handbag around Beverly Hills. The tan satchel is one of “The Hills” star current favorites. She even takes it when having her work-out session, very functional isn’t it? From her favorite Chanel collection, now she turns into Marc Jacobs.

I like Marc Jacobs as well, but I never stops wondering why the brand have many different ways to recombine previously designed shapes with leather colors and types they have used in other handbags to make another option. They put out a large number of handbags every season, but most of them appears like they have already in the market. This is the main reason why Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Remy handbag has been made.

This bag was made of pebbled leather handbag with zipper pocket and a front logo plate. It has pleats located both on front and back.Silver hardware. Twisted double handles and main compartment zipper. The line interior features zipper pocket, 2 patch pockets, and key hook. The overall dimension is 9″H x 13″L x 13″D. 6″ strap drop.

Vanessa Hudgens Loves Her Balenciaga Handbag

High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens obviously loves her Balenciaga handbag despite of its bloody and towering prices. She was spotted in California with an amazing touch to her funky look in a very trendy top with distressed denim and a brilliant Giant City Balenciaga. She takes this “it” handbag everywhere, from her shopping to her travel around the world.

image from:

This starlet is going to be a big star and her first step of severe success is the purchase of this arm candy handbag. This bag creates a classic trend in the industry with a classic designer and color for a classic city. It look Vanessa has rocked it out.

This fierce bag retails around $2,000 and a staple among the celebrity crowd.

What I like to this bag is its versatility. The black leather bag works with almost anything from tip to toe. Its large gold hardware details make it very distinctive. I’m sure this style will absolutely work for long years or it will become vintage if the style is not an “it” anymore, thus, this piece is a wise investment.

Let us know! Sound off below to express your jealousy or brag yourself if you have it!

The Jimmy Choo Mahala Bag as Hollywoods New Arm Candy

Jimmy Choo presented this Jimmy Choo Mahala that really captures the heart of most trendsetters nowadays. This item has been photographed on the arms of most iconic figures like Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Tara Reid, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Eva Mendes, and Jessica Simpson, earning a title of “Hollywood’s new arm candy.”

Gray is on top of the “it” color pedestal, lush purple colors are not only trendy but are about to rule gray.

To make it more adorable for the season, pairing your gray hues with a lush purple shade will make your outfit grow and popping visible to the busy crowd.

Jimmy Choo Mahala bag is an excellent choice that has done nothing but made a big buzz for itself. The designer put a special touch to this handbag which makes it elegantly wearable. This tote consists of special handle-to-base belted strap at its four corners, and the two front zip fastenings pockets accented with golden brass rivets and studded pull-tabs.
The contrast suede panels are the perfect touch, to offset the leather and the gold hardware, and make the handle on each side stand out. This handbag has already set into my heart.

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