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Madonna’s Behind the Scenes at Dolce & Gabbana’s Ad Campaign Photoshoot

What’s all about the behind the scenes of Madonna’s Dolce and Gabbana’s advertisement? Lately, Madonna’s shots from the campaign ad hooked with Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring Summer 2010 had been so interesting in the eyes of the fashion viewers online.

How about this one? An interesting email from “madonnafshionvictim” had once emailed the three behind the scenes photo shots of Madonna. Their way of releasing these images is not to break the grounds but spotting differences between the final images and the once captured while making the behind the scenes of the said scenario.

How updated you are with this? Watch out for it! See photos below:

Dolce & Gabbana and Martini team up to create a drink

Have you ever heard about the latest news of unveiling the new drink launched by the Dolce & Gabbana? These Italian fashion designers get involved with the latest Bacardi’s vermouth brand Martini who will launch their first co-branded drink ever this year!

The said designed drink will be unleashed in their upcoming men’s fashion week at Milan.

They once said, “As a result of a joint commitment, this new co-branding project strengthens a partnership started more than 10 years ago.” The name of the drink is yet to unveil soon by using some of their celebrity powers to introduce the said fame drink!

Some of the stars involved were Madonna, Scarlett Johansson or Matthew Mcconaughey and we are expecting them to see drinking the new Dolce & Gabbana Martini in their next campaign. They are the new faces of various Dolce & Gabbana product lines so it would be much to the brand to utilize their campaign.

Owning a Pair of Gucci Shoes is a Dream Come True

Are you fond of collecting and buying designer shoes? How about wearing Gucci shoes? If you are then you must be in to fashion and fame!

Gucci has been considered as first-class and top quality brand when it comes to designer shoes worldwide. If you are wearing this brand of shoes then you feel like you are once like a star wearing the trendiest and highly fashionable type of collections. Gucci’s leadership when it comes to fashionable shoes had been proven for its best quality not only that but with elegance and luxury all over the world.

These designer shoes are also wearable for events such as social gatherings and occasions and even special activities.

Owning a pair of shoes is a dream come true! The true essence is that it is made and crafted with finest leather, protection, long lasting quality and with a touch of fashion and trends that will fit for everyone’s attire at all times. Gucci has been also a fashion labels for women and even for celebrities. Women certainly go for it because it adds confidence and perfects the event all day long.

That’s how magnificent and excellent Gucci when it comes to fashion statements! An ageless brand with an ageless quality through the years

Bottega Veneta Cabat: A Must-Have for Hollywood Celebrities

Nowadays, what’s more fashion and unique simply gives brilliance and hype for rich and famous celebrities. Seeing these fashionable and signatured items, such as Bottega Veneta handbags, called Cabat has been very catchy and the most coveted type of collections of hand bags in these modernization.

Cabat’s features include an oversized tote with a woven body and double handles. You will love to buy this type of bags because of its simplicity and unique appearance. You’ll be tempted with this classic and seasonal handbag from Bottega Veneta.

The process of making these top class hand bags, Cabat, made from fine leather can be woven by two people in just two days. Inside portion includes no lining of which the very crux of the bag delicately expresses beauty of the woven leather internally and externally. Stitching, applying handles and finishing touches of every edge using barely hands requires another one day to complete the uniquely woven clutch bag.

One of the celebs in Hollywood, Reese Witherspoon, has been so adorable of the product from Bottega Veneta Cabat was once seen at the airport carrying black Cabat with confidence. Seeing her handling the finest, classic, elegant, timeless clutch bag adds up to her charming and simple beauty worthy of owning an elegant collection.

Sex and the City 2 Fashion Influentials

The movie, Sex and the City 2, became a fashion movie where the characters worn distinctive outfits designed with styles and curves.
These fashionable stars boosted their ways in terms of fashion trending in the movie. Airing for over years from HBO’s number 1 T.V. show, stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Catrall, and Kristin Davis touched the hall of fashion in the said movie sequel.

Each one has its own style and edge when appearing on each scene of the movie. Starting from Carrie(Sarah Parker) wearing her stunning mere-mortal high heel pumps and jeans and showing off her sparkling trends from high-end designer women shoes, handbags to trendy outfits on cam. She’s been so uptown chic and turning into a sexually provocative woman of the movie. Of course, wearing high heels really makes her more glamorous and alluring!

What more can you ask for Miranda (Cynthia Nixon)? This career oriented woman always fond of wearing chic corporate suits and androgynous styles.

Who’s next? Samantha (Kim Cattrall)! The fabulous and sexy! A girl with confidence of wearing sexy dress and likes bold colored wardrobe collections. Never forget that platform heels for her!

Last but not the least is Charlotte (Kristin Davis)! The girl with sweetest personality best describes her and goes along with labeled bags and shoes in the movie. Tiny bows, prints and feminine styles differs her from the three other characters.

Who’s your bet out of these four fashion icons in the Sex and the City 2? I bet you will like their styles and knowing the fashion trends worldwide out of watching the glamorous and entertaining movie.

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