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Consumer Guide: Handbags That Are Best for Your Body Type

Women and handbags are inseparable. It is almost common sense that a woman would dress well but they would still feel less contented until they have the handbag to carry. It can be confusing to decide the best handbag for you but there are tips that can help you. There are a few check points that you need to look at so that you do not end with a very good handbag that does not just fit you.

consumer guide - handbags


As you consider what is best for you, you need to remember that the consumer guide: handbags focuses on the label handbags, the classic handbags and the plain handbags from which you will need to make a choice. Depending on your style, you would be able to find the bag that is best for you. You also need to keep in mind the fact that your body size also determines the best handbag that will be good for you.

You should be alert that you never get confused. You know that there are many designers that design great handbags and you would want to be sure that you are not overwhelmed with their season classic styles releases. Quality of handbag is defined by the leather, topstitch and workmanship that is used in the designing. It has nothing to do with the logo.

Totes handbags would be best for casual day. Hobo bags on the other hand are handy for days when you need to carry so much. There are classy bags for everyday carrying. Find the best color. There are clutches for women who dress up. For these four types, you need to ensure that you pick the best size for your body; petite women should seek smaller sizes. The dressy backpacks are ideal for weekends when you need something sleek that will free your hands as you shop. Finally, there are the messenger bags for the office women and men. According to  consumer guide: handbags, in these last two categories, body size does not matter.

So, before you settle for a handbag, there are some questions that you ought to answer about yourself. You ought to understand whether you are a lover of labels or whether you are a classic or if you are simply a plain style person. With this knowledge, it would be possible for you to identify the right bag and get it without wasting so much time.

Benefits of Discovering the Best Designer Outlet

If you are in love with labels, then you certainly need to have an outlet where you would get your labels from. Labels are designer works that enhance a person’s beauty. They are the definition of fashion and there are several designer names that you would want to consider the works of. There are many benefits of discovering the best outlet and we will highlight some of them for your consideration.

Best Designer Outlet

It is only through a great designer outlet, that you will be able to find the best statement bags. If your looks mean anything to you, would always want to be associated with those statement clutches, totes and authentic accessories only. At the best outlet, you would be sure that you will find a collection of all those best accessories that you need to make a statement wherever you would go.

The other advantage that you would find when you choose to shop for your handbags and shoes from a known outlet is that you would find discounted and reduced prices. This means that you will enjoy huge savings as you get your favorite brands. You should actually embrace the idea of a known outlet because after all, who doesn’t want to save extra money?

The best designer outlet will always help you know the next handbag and shoes that you should buy. They will always update their stock with the new products from different designers. An outlet will at least stock the works of different designers so that you have a wide range of choice. Then, you would not feel like you have been forced to settle for some collection.

In summary, once you have discovered the right outlet for all your design needs, you would have an easy time knowing and shopping for new season collections. It would be possible for you to stay ahead of season in terms of fashion and all the statement bags and shoes would be easy for you to locate and buy at the best available prices.

Get to Know All About Prada Purses and Shoes

You wouldn’t say you know about fashion when you do not know about Prada. It is an internationally known fashion house. Those who are keen with fashion at least associate the name Prada with the lovely black nylon handbags. These are the true symbols of luxury but then there is more to know about the name Prada especially pertaining to its purses and shoes that would also help you make a decision on whether they are best for you or not.

The label Prada traces its history way back to early 19s when it started with the company’s famous handbags, shoes and trunks. These were the works of the founder whose name is Mario Prada. Later on, he had a daughter who initially seemed to opt for a different career line in political science. But this changed because we know she is the one who expanded the family business. So, as we try to understand all about Prada purses and shoes, she features as the big name behind those handbags that are many women’s favorite today.

Prada Purses and Shoes

Prada products are simple, classic and very subtlety chic. They complete a woman making her have that chic look. The Prada purses are truly luxurious. When you carry one, you totally transform your outfit into chic and that is why many have discovered them today. For some women, a purse is not best until it has that Prada label.

The shoes are also glamorous. You can imagine yourself with the chic handbag and glamorous shoes, you would be hot. Women can find the stilettos, boots and sneakers in the collection whereas men and children can find shoes too. But, it is also important to mention about cost when mentioning all about Prada purses and shoes. Because of the value they bring, the products are not any cheap but you can be sure of no regrets should you sacrifice to get one.

The above information and background of Prada should help you understand better why every elegant woman wears Prada. The history behind those handbags is quite strong and that is how the name has remained famous to date.  Prada’s power to give a woman that simple, classic and subtle chic look is also a reason why all the elegant women would only wish to be associated with its design works.

Things to Notice while Buying an Authentic Gucci Handbag

Fashion for girls is always very demanding. They like to wear things that make them unique and stylish.  Companies like Gucci have made its own identity in producing highly stylish and exclusive designer wears for girls. They feel proud to wear the style of Gucci. That’s why numbers of companies are now involved in selling the exact copy of the brand. It is common to see fake bags of many reputed brands. Here are some ways that may help to get out of the query “how to spot a fake Gucci bag.”

The first way is to visit the official website of Gucci to study the features like stitches, lines, colors and some memorable aspects that help you to identify the real one. Pay special attention to the Gucci logo and its font.

Gucci Handbag

Remember one thing that you are going to buy a Gucci, so you should ready to pay high. If the seller is ready to sell at a cheap rate that means you are going to buy a fake bag.
Check out the quality. Examine the stitches of the bag you want to buy. Check the color of thread matching the color of the bag or not. Also, examine the hardware on the bag and all hardware should match in color and should cover with a removable plastic cover.

Check out an authenticity card which contains an embossed logo on the front and detailed information about the product.A real Gucci comes with a dust bag. If it is wrapped in plastic, chances are you buying a fake?

Pamper Your Feet With Branded Shoes

Designers keep coming up with fashion trends every season in the form of dresses, bags, accessories, shoes etc. For the fashion conscious it is important to follow the latest trend to be in vogue and shoes are integral part of the complete look. Women consider shoes to be an integral part of their lives and the collection keeps on increasing every year with new styles, colors and types.

branded shoes

Designer shoes are admired by everyone related to fashion and the pride and comfort designer brands provide is something out of this world. Most designer brands take painstaking interest in the timeless and unparalleled collection of the shoe range.

Designer shoes are available for every occasion to meet the requirements of trendy, sporty, casual or outdoor activities. These shoes not only justify the brand name through quality, finish and comfort but the high price associated to the branded shoes makes them an object of pride and a symbol of status for the wearer.

For women these designer shoes offer an exquisite range of styles to choose from like stilettos, peep-toes, and flip flops, flaps or styles that are flavor of the season. Most designers also get them customized to complete the look.

The shoes by prominent designers are shipped across the globe today and the elaborate and detailed websites of prominent designers provide assistance of owning them in no time with just a few clicks. These websites offer complete range of colors, styles, sizes available and the user friendly payment option ensures that you are not left out from being the proud owner of a designer show.

Be Trendy this summer with Fringe of 70’s

The ever changing fashion trends makes it difficult to decide what is in vogue and what is not. At times it becomes difficult to decide if a particular fashion trend will make an impact or make you a victim of fashion faux pass.

Fringe of 70’s

Most fashion trends tend to comeback with modifications for the benefit of the fashion conscious crowd like the 80s exposed midriff or the 70s fringe fashion. The 70s fringes are back for spring 2011 collection and prominent designers have revived this fashion trend on the runways of Paris, Milan, New York and London fashion shows amidst huge cheers from the crowd and fashionistas.

70s fringe is back with a bang this spring with designers flaunting their creations on dresses, accessories, bags etc. to give them a 70s edge and have adorned them on anything fashionable.

Prominent designers flaunted this spring 2011 fashion trend on maxi dresses, jump suits, maxi skirts, leather jackets, bags, shorts, coats, belts, and pants leaving no item left out of the fringe fever. The fringe detailing on all these made jaws drop and hands join to clap and applaud on the innovative usage of fringe.

This 70s fashion trend has already been a part of most red carpet events this year and gowns adorned with silk fringes, fringe decorated cocktail and evening dresses made it sure that there are many more who want to be adorned in fringes to be in vogue this season. The 70s fringe is back with a bang; grab one before its too late.

Look Fabulous Even in Terrible Weather

Burberry has hired some meteorologists this winter to predict the ups and downs in the weather condition. It always has fantabulous stock to look good in fine weather. Now, it has launched the same for fashionistas to wear even in frightful weather conditions like storms and look great always. Burberry introduced this collection to the common people in October, 2010 under the name winter storm collection. Isn’t the name just perfect?

Terrible Weather

Burberry winter storm collection has ready to wear trench coats, denim, outerwear and knitwear for women, men and children. It also has accessories including bags, umbrellas, scarves, eyewear and timepieces with the signature Burberry check. The brand has everything that you need to protect yourself during winters, and it has that in style and glam.

You can get the items from this Burberry winter storm collection from any Burberry store available in your city. If you do not have such a store, do not worry as you can shop for these items anytime directly from the website Visit the website to see what are the various types of clothes and accessories are available. Go through the entire site to decide which thing will meet your requirement and suit your personality the best.

You might have to spend quite a heavy sum of money on purchasing a Burberry winter storm collection. You might find your monthly budget getting a bit disturbed. However, your money spent once will be worth the attention and appreciation that possession of yours will fetch for you. So, consider going a step ahead and be the talk of the crowd!!!

Tips to Identify Fake Gucci Belts

Gucci makes its belts with high quality materials. They advertise luxury and style. Unfortunately, the duplicates of these belts are being sold at lower prices both offline and online. Such a stupendous act by counterfeiters prevents the consumers from purchasing authentic belts of Gucci. If you want to save yourself from buying fake belts, learn how to identify the real ones.

Fake Gucci Belts

The price of these belts is always in triple digits. This is the first thing you need to focus on while shopping for one. Secondly, an authentic belt of Gucci has got a serial number inscribed on its leather. Thirdly, a real Gucci belt has ‘GUCCI’ printed. The print also says, “Made in Italy.” Fourthly, the buckle has two “Gs” that are facing towards each other.

To better enable yourself at identifying fake Gucci belts, visit its website a couple of times. See the images of the belt. After a couple of such visits, you will get an idea of the style and pattern of belts. This will help you identifying authentic belts of Gucci not only offline but also online.

Now you know about several things that can assist you purchase an authentic Gucci belt. However, the business of selling replicas of big brand products is so much in operation that a lay man like you can get trapped in its net and end up buying a fake item. Just to keep yourself on the safe side, always purchase belts from well-known and reputable dealers. Whenever, you wish to buy it online, enter the serial number of the Gucci belts website to check for its authenticity. Hope, you prevent yourself from getting befooled by fake Gucci belt dealers.

How to Care for Leather Handbags

Being a woman, you cannot imagine going out to work, shopping or just meet a friend without a handbag. You have to keep numerous of articles into it. These articles may not be necessary for your survival but surely for your living in this world. When you need a handbag so much, you might want to have it the best of the types available. Leather handbags are something which has been on for a couple of decades now, and are still gaining popularity.

If you yourself own one, you might be interested in taking good care of this valuable possession. The present blog suggest you some tips on taking good care of colourful leather handbags. Do it once a week or whenever needed. Turn the bag inside out. Shake it to detach debris and dirt. Now, turn it back the way it was. Take alcohol-free baby wipes to clean the outer side. There are products specifically designed for cleaning and moisturizing leather. Make sure that you use kit meant for the type of your bag’s leather. Follow the instructions on the label of the product.

Always keep your colourful leather handbags resting on a shelf. Avoid hanging it as it might spoil the strap over a period of time. If you have to store it, fill it with papers and put it inside a pillow cover prior to it. It will keep the handbag staying in usable state for long. Follow the tips and advises suggested in the above account to use your possession in good condition for long.

Gucci: A Peak Into The History

Gucci is best known as a staple of status and panache in the present times. Whether you own any of its products or not, you might be aware of the glamour it provides to its users. Have you ever wondered what has made it a name so much in demand? Peaking into its brief history would give you some reasons.

Guccio Gucci was a worker of London’s Savoy Hotel. He had always appreciated how high class people would dress up for formal as well as casual occasions. He also had some attraction for the equestrian clothing. Both these factors inspired him to start his leather goods store in Florence in the year 1921. He focused on making super-class leather goods to target the nobilities. He got them handmade by artisans.

Gucci passed away in 1953 and his business was taken over by his four sons. The company continued to achieve greater heights. However, it was sold to an organization involved in business in Bahrain.

The Gucci handbags collection of 1930s had come to be known internationally and its goods were highly sought after. It continued increasing in reputation and in demand. To suppress the business of fake Gucci sellers, it started to pasting its exclusive symbols in 1960s. At present, it is two identical Gs facing each other. Gucci introduced clutches in the 1970s. Gucci 1973 collection was a huge hit among women.

You find most of the handbags of Gucci made with satin, leather, or signature fabric of Gucci. You will find a pattern of green-red-green stripe on its majority of products. This is becoming a signature pattern of Gucci. On reaching the last line of this article, you might have got some valuable facts about Gucci. No you know about the journey of Gucci and the factors that has made it a big brand.

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