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Stud Trend on Bags: 2011 Summer Fashion Handbags

As the hot summer weather approaches, keeping your summer outfit cool is the best way to dress up. Wondering what the must have accessories are for this season? Well just add anything flair to your average summer outfits from jeans to sandals, trendy sunglasses to studded bags. The stud trend on bags is widely in demand today more than ever.

2011 trend is all about the details and the colors. It’s all about being out there, creating a whole new look. We all have seen these funky hand bags and shoes being paraded by Hollywood celebrities. Studded bags represent a cool image, a kind of rock and roll hardware in some sense. But you should be careful not to wear too many of them in one outfit, you surely don’t want to end up looking like Van Halen fan. Just keep your outfit into moderation and you sure will see a dramatic effect on your outfit.

Trendy Summer Handbag Shades

2011 summer colors vary from nude colors to vibrant shades. According to fashion expert, nude is the new black! They are easy to wear and would go absolutely to almost anything you wear. There is nothing more versatile than a nude handbag. And what’s even more exciting is the stud trend on bags with nude shades. These tiny details spice up the design yet keep the bag low profile and your outfit looks glowing. Nude shades can also be incorporated with vibrant colors, like tangerine or acid yellow, to create a more summer appeal.

You should also know that this season prints are back! And what’s great about it is that you can incorporate the stud trend on bags on it to create for a funkier appeal. A rocker chick look basically represents the trend of 2011. From lady Gaga’s fashionable studded Birkins to Louboutin Marianna shoulder bags. These are the latest bag trend this season, so if you are still skeptical about the aesthetic appeal of a rocker outfit, then think again. You might just be running to the opposite direction. Just remember to keep it cool, but spice it up.

Dior Handbags Collection of 2011

Christian Dior is a designer that invests a lot of attention to every single product he launches, from a great outfit to his shoe collection. Today, Dior’s handbag collections are where the public’s eye is. Dior handbags are the best in the market. They offer the most sophisticated designs and stylish tone. For 2011, Dior collection is focused on luxurious style and sophistication. With these two factors what can you possibly ask for?

2011 Dior handbags come in varying styles, with different colors using different fabrics and materials. There will be a wide variety of handbags for you to choose from, whether for evening wear or a casual movie date, your heart would surely be captured by one of these handbags.

Black is obviously one of Dior’s signature color, but you sure will find a bright pink shoulder bag and a bright lime green clutch, that’s amazingly perfect for this hot summer season. You will also see a bright blue hobo bag and a large quilted black tote bag. Whether you’re in for the summer or you want to create an impression, the 2011 Dior handbag collection will surely have something to offer.

Dior handbags are known for its gorgeous styles and well defined patterns. But the spring collection 2011 combines these with impressive construction. A series of long leather straps and wrist straps labels this year’s collection. The Camel back Lady Dior can be fashioned in a couple of ways. It can be a messenger bag by bringing in the canvas long strap, which by the way is a perfect way to bring out your outgoing personality.

The deep red patent leather is probably the most exciting one in this collection. There is a twinkling patent leather texture that looks like dazzling gems. People are mostly enticed by this. For the evening handbags, you probably would have notice the beaded one in rose pattern. This is just as elegant as sophisticated, perfectly representing the name Dior. Rewarding yourself with the latest Dior handbags is probably the best thing that you can ever do to pamper yourself. Thos collection says you’re absolutely ready for the summer.

Small Evening Jewel Bags Are Priceless Investment

Evening bags is basically the most elegantly constructed bags of all. These are usually used for special occasions and classy night events. These bags are quite small but are intricately designed with jewels and special stones. Evening bags are also made from rich fabrics like metallic cloths and satin. They are richly ornately beaded, and filled with precious stones, making them enough as your sole accessory.

Small evening jewel bags complement your outfit and since these are highly versatile, they can be worn to just about any outfit you wear. The latest trend for evening bags is clutches. These are tiny designer bags. They are widely popular amongst Hollywood celebrities and fashion icons. These are the best accessories to wear when you are planning to achieve a formal look with an elegant appeal. Your outfit is going to be very gorgeous with that overwhelming sense.

Gold, silver, black and nude colors are the best picks for these handbags. An evening jewel bag with an elegant jewel finish, you sure will feel elegant no matter which gown you wear. A clutch bag intricately designed with a jewel finish can sure replace those jewelries on your wrist and neck. An elegantly flowing simple dress, paired up with diamond earrings and a small clutch bag is exquisite.

It is simple yet with an extravagant appeal. Gucci evening bags feature ringlet functions decorated with a set of precious stones. This is both functional and convenient. Gold strap hardware for small evening jewel bags are great additional to the design. Most of all these bags never run out of style. They can be used from occasions after occasions.

Fashion experts recommend that a woman must have at least three evening bags, one in black color, one in gold tone and one in silver. You should also choose one that’s made from high quality materials. Choose a designer bag, since small evening jewel bags are sure to stay. It is a great form of investment. You sure will create a huge impression with these bags. And over time these bags are going to be priceless.

Make A Fashion State With One Of These Castelbajac Handbags

If you are bored with plain and boring handbags that can only make you look ten to thirty years older than your age, then check out what latest Jean-Charles de Castelbajac handbag collection has to offer today. His bag collections are simply playful and will definitely put you out of the box. The bag themselves are intricately designed by one of the best and most scandalous French couturier today. The experiment he’s done with different fabrics and prints has always surprised many yet they work all the time.

If you want to wear something out of the box and are trying to achieve a stand out look then grab a piece of these new babies, these are made using playful colors that you can easily find an outfit to match with. The architectural shapes, designs and colors have given this bag a unique look and different style. This has made the wearer stand out from the crowd.

Shopping for the Right Handbag

A lot of people do not know that shopping for the right handbag is daunting task. Most think that it’s a piece of cake, when you need to put detailed overview about each bag you see before you can actually say this is the right buy. If this is the case, then maybe you need to simply loosen up. Forget about plain and boring handbags with one color tone. Opt for something funky that you can wear to just whatever outfit you are sporting. This is exactly where the Castelbajac handbags stand out. You can literally use them for casual outfit, a formal dress and a funky outfit. The handbags can only help you be noticed.

You can easily say that Castelbajac latest collection is the most practical bag that’s ever been on the market. Let alone the fact that they are made from high quality material and intricately sewn together to compensate for its high quality brand. If you want to simply be out there and be noticed, use one the Castelbajac handbags. Be out of your normal circle, stand out, give yourself some color and free yourself from being a fashion victim.

Practical Reasons Why All Women Prefer Crossbodies

A woman’s outfit will never be complete without incorporating it with a bag or a purse. Now with all the designs and style of bags today, you would notice that crossbodies is one of the most common pieces that women’s sports. You will never find one without it on her collection, like there is a rule that governs the idea of having their own cross body bag. The trend for this style has been around for ages and it never went out of style.

The question is why all women prefer crossbodies? Aside from its functional value, which is to carry a woman’s personal items in style, crossbodies can do it without a feeling like it’s there. Bags can be so annoying especially if you need two of your hands free. You would have to put it down on unimaginable places and regret it afterwards. Cross body bags allow you to use both of your hands because it clings into your body in style. So this means that you are sporting a bag, you are in style yet you completely eliminate the uncomfortable feeling of having to carry it.

The bag is simply a comfortable way to stay in style at the same time allowing you to do tasks that you need to do. Like if you go to the beach and you need a place to hide your lipstick into or a cellular phone perhaps. Carrying huge hand bag will not allow you to roam the beach in style, it will definitely tire you. Cross body bags is the great way to go. Crossbodies are also weightless as compared to other styles. They are convenient to use and they come in many different color, materials and patterns. Fashion wise, the bag makes you look younger at the same time it makes you looks carefree.

It is no wonder why all women prefer crossbodies with all these advantages. It fulfills every woman’s need as well as let them walk around with ease in style. You can never go wrong with this bag. It is great investment for a comfortable bag like that, will never go out of trend.

Fashion CoasterRugs : A Fashionable Way To Protect Your Furniture Surfaces

A great way to protect your furniture surfaces is a coaster rug. This item has been in the market for so many years. Yet people simply cannot get enough of them. They are delicately designs by hand and are constructed in a very high quality.

Fashion Coasterrugs allows you to protect your furniture surfaces in style. The designs are usually based on the global trend. The backing is composed of natural rubber fiber that provides superior absorbency. They also feature a no slip design. While the surface looks and feel smooth, you can also say that it is durable because they can be washed through your machine. It can take quite a pounding. It is not as delicate as it looks.

The Fashion Coasterrugs are great to be given as gift, may it be for your loved ones or even for yourself. Entertaining your friends at home can be quite stressful considering that most of them will simply lay down their glasses just about anywhere. Provided that you have elegant looking coaster rugs they will know that you are not the type who let slips little things like that.

You will find that there are a lot of available coaster rugs in the market today. They are available in many different colors and designs. This is just another great gift idea that you can give out during the Holidays and even birthdays. When you are looking for a great gift to give to your friend, a Fashion coasterrugs will surely do the trick.  Protecting furniture sets in style is exactly what everyone needs.  And these are available in many rich and colorful designs; you surely will find something that will suit your friends’ taste.

Coaster rugs are simply one of the best buys today. They are in fashion and they are considered a necessity. You can never find a great home without it. Coaster rugs used to be plain and boring, but with the introduction of the latest coaster rugs in the market, you don’t need to put up with non-fashionable items that put you out of your comfort zone. If you are looking for intricately designed and perfected coaster rugs today, simply go online and you will surely find the one that goes with your personality.

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