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The Perfect Everyday Bag For Mans Fashion

When it comes to fashion, women understand a great deal about different items to be flaunted. Always in style, the elegant black dress for men is now changing trend in fashion, defied by some accessories that are truly classic. To evoke a look that is really timeless there are 10 ‘must have’ important items that need to form a part of any man’s wardrobe.

(A) A blue jacket in jeans material has always been in style and the chances of it going out of fashion are very less while considering its consistent ranking among the 10 essentials in man’s wardrobe.

(B) You can flaunt an appearance that is less formal with T-Shirts all year round.

(C) Investing in a pair of branded or retro shades is a good idea. You can wear them on outfits that are informal a well.

(D) A white shirt is mandatory in any man’s wardrobe as the best thing about it is that it can be worn on any trousers or jeans.

(E) For attending dinner parties you need a nice jacket which must have a classic look on its own. Besides dinners you can wear the jacket to any event you feel is special.

(F) For the coat in your wardrobe you will also need scarves which you can choose from bulky to light in weight as well. A lot of men prefer a scarf in grey color that is truly chic.

(G) Just like the jacket, jeans in blue that can make you look really stylish and paired with any shirt, suit or jacket you desire.

(H) The perfect everyday bag for man also needs your consideration because without bag the attire is not complete.

(I) A sports watch in rugged style or any other good looking watch for occasions that are formal is a must amongst 10 essentials in man’s wardrobe.

(J) Men look great in turtleneck that can be worn on a good looking jacket.

(K) To look stylish and feel warm plaid shirts combinations of different colors are an excellent choice.

Prada Miu Miu Handbags and Shoes

Today, the brand name Prada has become one of the most sought after and has gained immense popularity in different circles. Behind this branded name is creator Mario Prada, who began the business in the year 1913. Collections in the brand include belts, apparel, wallets, shoes and a number of other accessories as well. Shoes that are not typically sportswear and those with intricate designs are his forte in footwear.

Since this brand name is now so popular, a number of lesser known shoe manufacturers have come in versions that are affordable but fake replicas which you need to be aware of.

Original branded shoes are available both online as well as offline. You need to purchase them from genuine manufacturers only. Mario Prada’s grand daughter has come up with the range ‘MiuMiuw’ which sells products like Miu Miu handbags and shoes at many of the high end stores of the world, since the year 1992. So ideally, this should be your second best choice.

To check out if at all you are purchasing original shoes from this brand there are a few signs that can indicate the tell tale signs. Boxes for containing these shoes are made in plastic as compared to traditional boxes made in card board. Also ensure to check if details like model, logo and brand are printed on the inner side of the box.  Customers need to keep these facts in mind before considering the original Prada shoes.

Insoles can be removed and replaced, which should be kept in mind at the time of purchase. If you have been saving up for a good pair of branded shoes, you should know what to look for to get real value for your indulgence. Prada designs are signature like which can be learned more about online. It is vital to remember that since these are branded and luxurious shoes, and you are going to pay a good amount of money, refrain from making the purchase in the presence of any element of doubt.

If there is a good friend who knows a lot about branded stuff and especially Prada shoes then taking this friend along for shopping online or offline is a good idea.

Best Way to Pack Your Luggage

All those who are experts in packing luggage use strategic methods. Packing luggage needs some amount of expertise so that you are able to fit in maximum essentials within a specified space. While going on a vacation or a holiday your luggage is the most important consideration as it has to accommodate everyone’s basic requirements, if the whole family is traveling.

Different kinds of clothing has to be carried, most of which needs to be maintained wrinkle free as far as possible. There will be no need for ironing clothes when you reach the destination this way, which could save you a lot.

If the luggage packing is done in an organized manner then locating things in the bag will not be cumbersome at all. A particular order needs to be followed while placing clothes in the suitcase. Shirts that have been well ironed can be placed at the bottom followed by dresses and trousers. Clothing that is most essential for use on reaching the destination must be placed at the topmost level for easier accessibility.

Some of the clothing that is more wrinkle-prone should be unfolded while placing them at the bottom while those that are less prone can be placed towards the top. Whether ironed or not, the best way to pack your luggage is to ensure to fold the clothes well before placing them in the suitcase. Folding clothes on a flat surface is very necessary so that the ironing remains in good condition till you reach your destination. Paul smith print bags can offer you the best solution to pack your luggage nicely.

Besides clothing, accessories like ties can be rolled into socks and then into shoes. The best way to pack your luggage is to pack the underwear in the sides of the suitcase so that they are easily accessible. Shoes too have to be aligned in a particular way before packing; otherwise they can consume much space.

Plastic bags are mandatory for packing shoes at the edges of the suitcase to keep the clothes protected. Ensure to clean the shoes before getting them packed.

Important accessories like toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, hair brushes, perfume, napkins, cosmetics, extra slippers, jewelry items, etc also need to be accommodated in little pouches or bags. Too many things can increase the burden; so carry items that are most necessary only.

Newest in Fashion 2011: Rules are Eliminated

Bright colors and soft fabric mixed with an eccentric detail will complete the lines of most brands designs today. Get ready for a blast of colors and explosion of innovative ideas. Old fashioned is a term not used anymore, now it is what they called the anti-fashion.

It will become one of the trends that you can look forward to. It is going to be the main event of 2011. Being in style by altering the rule or not following it for that matter is what will govern.

Everything must be dynamic and one of a kind. It should create an air of grace but still maintain its eccentricity. Electrifying the audience with its graceful maneuver will be the aim of each designer. Dolce & gabbana celebrities testimonials counts much. It is not a rule but a complete turn around of styles and looks.

Give way to the set of disturbing yet beautiful display of Spring/Summer Collection of 2011. It will be the most talked about all over town. Be the first one to have those exceptional sunglasses from Prada or the first one to buy the latest from Gucci.

If you’re looking for something cheap yet still one of a kind, go to the nearest vintage shop and get the most colorful and out of this world design you can get. What you need is the will power and the guts to pull it off. There is nothing to be afraid of in this day and age.

The rules are abolished and you are the one in command. You are responsible for yourself, authentic or not, you will rule.

Bangs Is Back With A Bang in Fashion Ferragamo handbags

Some might never notice it going away but it did. Bangs and fringes were outdated in 2010 and was back on top of the chart on 2011. The bohemian look and some other outrageous styles you can do with bangs are now the latest in fashion. It will enhance the eccentric designs on clothing and accessories.

Bangs and fringes can be worn on any look. For those who have short hair, Pixie crop is the in thing for you this 2011, it is a popular hairstyle during 2007, which you may have noticed on celebrities like Halle Berry and Rhianna.

However, for people who are lucky to have thick and long hair, you will be amazed on how a simple bangs can do to your look this year. You can experiment on different sorts of hairdo with only one haircut. With thick bangs as your only tool, you can do a messy I-couldn’t- care-less hairstyle and still be in style.

Trends on hairstyles are just evolving through the years. Just like clothing and shoes it will go out of style for a year or so, then will come back with a different attitude. Bangs and fringes is definitely something that will give you an attitude.

It is what makes it exciting and a bit scary because it can absolutely provide you a whole new distinctive look. Unique and unconventional, two words to look forward to this year. Getting one is like having the newest set of designer shoes and Ferragamo handbags. It’s never boring and it presents something extraordinary.

The Magic of Timeless Gucci Fabric Bags and Shoes

Gucci is a brand that has its origin and license in Italy, but presence around the globe! The brand makes some of the high ranked items in the fashion industry including watches, handbags, shoes, perfumes, commodities in leather, and various other accessories. Besides this, it has also been making supplies for pets and other luxury items that are truly expensive.

Whether you are attending an occasion that is informal or formal, going to office or for an important presentation, the interest of onlookers can be captured when you wear a pair of fashionable shoes from Gucci. The upper class, celebrities, film stars, models and the affluent are the ones who are the main consumers of items made from this brand. But now with careful deployment of shopping prowess, you can too.

Amongst many of the fashion houses in Italy one of the biggest is this particular brand. Gucci shoes have been effectively ushered into the twenty first century by Gucci, whose extra ordinary strength as well as insight has adhered to the tenacity of the product as well as the dictates of the brand. The drafts are creative and brave thus creating a personalized mark that is truly extraordinaire.

The brand’s essentials have been retranslated in the most classic way. Since these shoes have been introduced into the market they have created a rage amongst men as well as women. With excellent styles and characteristics these shoes are truly awesome. And for the match you can carry timeless gucci fabric bags, really they are awesome.

When you wear Gucci shoes, you flaunt wealth and reputation. Since the brand is so reputed, almost every global market is familiar with the shoes and makes them available. All the products are high ended and the most preferred by the wealthiest sections of society. Women all over the globe are in awe of the styles, patterns and designs available in shoes of this brand.

Looking through the internet is a good idea for the original products. You need to be aware of fake or replica manufacturers as well. Imitations are rampant due to the popularity of this brand. You must be ready to spend a good amount if you want to flaunt this brand in original. At the same time, keep a watch out for specials.

How to Spot A Real Balenciaga Bags

Are you looking for designer bags? There are multiple brands available in the fashion market. Among them Balenciaga is a quite popular and emerging brand. The leading brand handbags, clothing, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry are quite popular among celebrities and urban elites. The most sought after fashion brand is founded by Cristobal Balenciaga, a Spanish designer. The late designer magical works still look in its all fashion accessories.

The new Balenciaga bags are fashion statement of many divas. The brand handbags are as famous as many start selling fake Balenciaga handbags. In this case, it’s quite important to know how to spot a real Balenciaga handbag.

No wonder, the brand handbags are some of the finest in the fashion world. It is quite essential to inspect the handbag’s craftsmanship. The brand bags never feature shoddy or sloppy craftsmanship. If you find the stitching loose or cooked, it’s better to look for other bags.

The hardware of a Balenciaga bag is durable and “Lampo” is embossed in each of its bag.

Don’t forget to check the quality of fabric. All Balenciaga handbags are made from goat leather so the leather of all the bags is soft, supple and high-quality. If the handbag you have selected is stiff and slick, meaning you are purchasing a fake Balenciaga.

All the bags of the brand have a name plate that can be of leather or metal and featuring the brand name.

Handles of each bag are braided with goat leather.

These are quit important points to notice.

Complement Your Looks with Prada

The Italian brand is known for its sophisticated handbags, shoes and fashion accessories for men and women.  The brand has successfully accomplished its name as one of the most sought after fashion brands for celebs and urban elites. People who don’t want to compromise in terms of fashion can easily choose Prada as one of their favorite brands.


These branded handbags are exclusive art work  made by some of the finest craftsman using the finest materials of the world. That’s what makes you possible to identify the real one. If you are confused with the authenticity of Prada handbags, it’s better to carefully look at the logo. All its handbags have the authentic logo with signature of the brand on front, side or the back depending on the style.

The inverted triangle logo color is close the bag color and is slightly raised. The finishing of the bag is outstanding. You will not find any lose stitch. While buying the brand bag, don’t forget to check a plastic card that lists information such as the name of model. Also a paper certificate contains a bar code.


The brand shoes are quite trendy and are symbol of high fashion. To get a superior quality pair or to get an authentic pair, don’t forget to examine the shoe box in which the branded shoes come in. The shoes box is made with corrugated plastic. Look at the logo of the box, it finds on the end of the box. The shoe sole contains logo. Examine the dust bag that comes with the shoes. If there is no dust bag, it is clearly a fake pair.

Tips to Purchase a Real Gucci Stripe Bag

Want to try something new that can make you quite trendy and separate you from a crowd? They are stripe bags which can easily transform your look and make you a highly fashionable girl.

Gucci is a quite famous brand in producing arrays of stripe bags. There are many online fashion stores from where you can buy the new trend stripe bags of Gucci. Many of them offer 50% discount, so fashion loving women with low income can think of the brand handbags. But before purchasing, it’s good to know simple tricks to identify the real stripe bags of Gucci.

If you are looking for a Gucci stripe bag for the first time, buy your bag from a Gucci store or

If your purpose is to buy from the store where you can get discount on Gucci handbags, don’t forget to check the authentication card. This is the card that has a manufacturer’s logo with product information. It looks like a black plastic credit card and is one of the most ways to identify the real Gucci bags.

Any retailer who claims to be a certified Gucci reseller wouldn’t hesitate to provide information on how they were approved to sell the brand products. You can contact Gucci to verify the dealer is legitimate.

A real Gucci bag has detailed finishing and the fabric is undoubtedly of high quality. So, take your time to examine the finishing touch and the fabric of the bag you want to purchase.

Trendy Belts to Make You Fashionable

Gone are the days when traditional and simple black belt was sufficient to solve the purpose. Now the time has changed, so are the people. Belts are no longer used for any purpose… they have become a style statement in itself. Nowadays, markets are jam-packed with stylish and attractive belts to adore you according to dress.

Women can enhance the appearance of their dress with trendy belts. If you are also searching for something trendy, following options can help you out:

Wide Buckle Belts: These belts look good with trendy jeans. They contain wide buckle which is the one of the main attractions. These belts suit more to girls as compared to boys.

Chain belts: If you want glimmer for tunic or jeans, you can buy chain belts. They look very attractive in trendy colors.

Tie Belts: These belts are embellished with decorative additions like discs, shell coins etc. These belts can be worn even without loops.

Beaded Belts: These belts are available in artistic designs which make it very attractive. These belts suit to almost all types of jeans.

Fancy Leather Belt: Leather is an evergreen option when it comes to choosing belts. The difference is that nowadays, fashion has also marked its impression on traditional leather belts too. These belts are glossy and different shades are available to match a good combination with your dress!

There are many other belts also. You can select as per your choice and comfort.

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