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Explore Your New Style with Python Print

Wearing animal print outfits undoubtedly make a bold statement. Leopard print dress is quite popular today. You can find trendy leopard print shoes and dresses. Also, you can find some unusual animal print outfits like snake print. Recently, a pop diva Lady Gaga caught wearing “python print outfit”. The lady was looking lovely and elegant. However to get stunning look with animal prints, it’s better to know some tips and here they are:

Wear animal prints in conservative and classical lines. A simple top with a knee-length straight animal print skirt can look very elegant. You can the pair for a night out.

It’s good to avoid too tight or revealing animal print dresses like pencil skirts and tight phyton print. They don’t look good. But you can try a tight halter neck top with a light color paint or skirt.

When it comes to an animal print dress, you don’t need to over accessorize your body because the prints are so busy. Opt for a plain and dark color bangle, a simple pendant and oval shape medium size earrings. If your skirt is of python or snake print, make sure the rest of your outfits are of plain color.

Black color accessories go well with different types of animal prints. Make sure about your figure as the types of prints suit to slim girls. However, these prints beautifully hide your flawed areas, so if you are a little heavy girl, you can go with these prints skirts or shirts.

Find an Impressive Personality with Miu Miu

Miu Miu, a high fashion brand from the Prada fashion house, seems lacking behind Prada. Its handbags and shoes are now the style statement for many girls. Talking about miu miu shoes, the 2011 collection is truly fantastic. Dark brown, red, green, black and multicolor shoes of Miu Miu are available in many online stores as designers of the brand knows the fact that these colors go well with every color dress.

From high heels to loafers are available to give a truly unique appearance. You will easily find shoes suit to your personality and help to enhance your look.

Tip to accentuate your persona with Miu Miu. If you love to wear long skirts, a pair of Miu Miu ankle or knee-high boot goes well with them. You can go with flat shoes if your height is good. Conservative pumps of medium high with pencil skirts can give your professional look.

However, for parties where you generally love to wear gowns, pencil high heels can give stunning look.

The brand shoes are expensive, so take your time and decide your budget. However, there are online stores offer good discount on Miu Miu. If you want to make purchase from an online store, make sure about the authenticity of the site. Also, don’t forget to check the shoe number. Carefully read the description of the shoe you are planning to buy.

Top 3 Eccentric Makeup Bags

Can you ever imagine yourself without even a tinge of makeup? Will you ever step out without putting your makeup on? Well, yes for every girl makeup is just as important as breathing. No girl can ever forget to carry the make-up bag with her, whether she is heading towards her office or for a party.

There is no shortage of brands or designs, patterns and style of this essentiality. I desired to have one in which I could keep all the instant touch up things. My first task for hunting an ideal, stylish and elegant makeup bag was to search the internet. There were different kinds of bags suited for every requirement. Within my wide-ranging search process, I came across some renowned and stylish bags.

Some of them which I found to be really useful and unique too are given here:

Bag with Initial on it

Which way, other than a personalized make up bag, could be to flaunt your own style? This one is just the same. Have an initial on it of your own choice on the wash bag and make it customized.

Love Fabrics? This one’s for You

If you prefer fabric than any other material, you would surely have no option than choosing this stylish and beautifully made fabric patched bag. It is the make-up bag which is a collection of attractively designed patches put together. It has little bit of out of the league designs and is ideal for take away.

Make-up Bags with Cute Designs

Some girlish and cute designs are there to capture the attention of girls mainly who are full of tenderness and who are delicate too. Designs on this make up bag are unique and might also be inspired by airmail. This is an ideal sized handmade bag.

Make up bags are preferred which are spacious and can hold lot many things. Choice is all yours and do not forget to zero in on the one which is ideally suited for your needs. Flaunt your style, fashion and keep your make up accessories handy with equally captivating designed bags.

Jazz Your Style with Snakeskin Prints

Fashion is what? It is all about to explore new style in you. Keeping the thing in mind, I am here to guide you something very interesting in fashion. It is snakeskin prints. Yes, you are thinking right, I am talking about animal print outfits. It is a wonderful way to find an instant touch of wild exoticism. Whether you are going for a party or shopping, a snakeskin print dress and accessory can make your appearance outstanding.

Today’s youths love to flaunt this print and it is high in style. If you wear snakeskin strategically, you undoubtedly can use it as an asset to your ensemble.

To make your appearance outstanding, it’s good to wear only one snakeskin printing dress. It is can be a snakeskin shirt, skirt, stockings or bag.  From head to toe animal printing outfit gives garish looks.

It’s good to choose the contrast color with this print outfit. You can choose same color but it should be dark. For example, if you like to go with green snakeskin print skirt, your top should be darker red or maroon color to pep up your look. Contrasting is always good.

Your shoes selection with this print should be better. A pair of peep-toe high heel black sandal goes well with every color snakeskin prints. These are a few important points to give you completely a new appearance.

War of Shoe Making Companies

Oh fashion! It has given new thoughts to girls and boys in order to experiment their look. No wonder, luxury Italian fashion brands come up in your mind first while talking on fashion. Apart from Gucci, Chanel and Prada, there are brands offer loads of colors, designs and patterns to explore your look. Recently, FENDI appears as a tough competitor of these well reputed brands. Newcomers have the luxury fashion house a good start to experiment with their style.

Like Gucci, it offers stylish ready to wear, handbags and shoes. FENDI women’s shoes are now globally popular. From animal prints to bright colors, different types of shoes are available to give a colorful kick. Its winter shoes collections for remarkable. From knee high boots to beautiful fur boots are available to maintain your style in winter.

If you are fond of Italian luxury brands but your budget doesn’t allow you to go with. Don’t worry; fendi shoes are ranged from $350 to $1000 or more at many well reputed online stores. The brand uses exotic textures and patterns to make its shoes trendy. From peep-toe to high vamp, different types of shoes are available to enhance your style.

Some of its exclusive styles include two different colors like maroon and red to find completely a new style and to easily adjust your dresses. FENDI shoes are now style statement for teen girls.

Highly Shophisticated Fall’s Fur Accessories to Glame Your Look

Do you love accessories? Obviously… people are crazy about accessories, especially women. There are different types of accessories available in market. Accessories no doubt enhance the personality and there are accessories of different types and patterns.

These can make even a simple dress very charming and effective. For instance, you must have seen many girls wearing just a simple dress with chic accessories. This is the growing trend of today’s society.

Fall’s fur accessories are very famous these days. Though these are quite expensive, they give you quite rich and elegant look. These are available in different colors. There are many handbags, shoes and other stuff which you can pick up.

But you must be careful enough while selecting and purchasing accessories. Even some of the brands’ products are being sold fake. There are various sellers giving counterfeit products. So, before buying you should check some of the things:


Judging the originality is very necessary. Visiting the website of a particular product can help you out in these. You can have idea about the prevailing price and other specifications also. This is the way to prevent yourself from buying counterfeit products.


If a person is selling branded product at a very low price… be aware! Avoid these goods. These may be fake products.


By looking at the material and finishing properly, you can judge to an extent. Branded products are finished properly. You will not find loose threads and all. This way you can judge authenticity to an extent!

Pick Up Smart Bag to Smarten Your Look

What accessories you dream of with a stunning dress? Necklace, earrings, sandals etc… What about handbags? I have seen many women overlooking it but I personally think a smart bag makes you and your dress more gorgeous. And when you have to take one to carry your stuff, why not choose the attractive ones.

If you are thinking of money matters, let me tell you there is exactly no range of stylish handbags. Exclusive channel and Gucci bags start from around $ 500 and may go up to thousands of dollars. So, that ways there is no limit but you can shortlist the brand and piece as per your budget and other considerations.

Planning to go for simple black one? That’s fine but you cans select more stylish even. Nowadays, vibrant and bright colors are the first choice. So, selecting sharp red, green, purple color according to your dress and occasion will not only impart style but also will make you feel different.

If you are not running short of budget, there is no dearth of options. Let me tell you about an exclusive brand, Antigona Givenchy. Givenchy Antigona bag is classic and has been claimed as one of the most iconic bags in fashion industry. These bags have a fall full of colors!

These bags are highly preferred by even celebrities because of their attractive design, durable material and of course unique style. These are multifunctional and available in different material. Even you can find bags made from rare crocodile and ostrich skin. These bags are available in different colors including traditional black, white brown to more latest like orange, pink, red etc.

No doubt, this bag will add a different and unique elegance to your personality. Apart from this, there are other well known brands like Gucci, Channel which can satiate your requirement.

Dior bags are famous for their attractive leather folds. So, you don’t have any limit of options when it comes to choosing bags. You just need to be smart enough to pick the right piece taking care of budget, dress, occasion and of course some other aspects as well!

Buy Stylish Shoe Pair – Walk With Style

Nowadays, it’s not an exaggeration to say that fashion is ruling the roost. Hardly anybody is there who is not fashion conscious. It seems as if some wave is slowing and everybody from kids to elders is driven away by this wave.

There are different types of accessories available to wear from top to bottom. Gone are the days when shoes were just considered to prevent your feet from dust and other unwanted particles.

Now, there are hell lots of fashionable shoe ranges. You can shell out hundreds to thousands of dollars in purchasing a pair.

Still, when it comes to shopping, there are some of the things you should follow:

While buying shoes, size is the things which needs due attention. In haste, some people end up in purchasing smaller of bigger sizes. Ideally, your toe should not touch the shoe. Purchase keeping this in mind.

Shoes should always be purchased taking foot size in to consideration. For instance, if you have bigger foot, go for rounded shapes. If you have short feet, selecting other shapes will also look good. The fundamental is to balance the size. Round shaped shoe make a foot appear shorter. You can select as per your choice.

Last but not the least, budget is always the consideration. As mentioned earlier, you can spend much money on shoes. There are many brands like Gucci etc products of which are quite expensive. Ferragamo shoes, a renowned brand, has come up with new range to cater well to customers.

So, you can check out and select a pair according to your choice.

Top Winter Essentials for Men

Want to WOO your beau? Winter is around the corner and gifting winter essentials for men could be one of the best ideas. In fact, I am ready to woo my boyfriend by gifting head to toe winter essentials. I have already planned my budget for this and my perfect destination is “GUESS what.”

Yes, you are thinking right and it is none other than Monte Carlo. The famous brand offers a wide range of sweaters, jackets and pullovers for both men and women. No doubt, the brand outfits are durable and stylish. It offers vibrant colors like blue, red and purple plain sweaters for men that look quite good on fair men. If your beau is fair, you can gift a Monte Carlo plain vibrant color sweater.

Small and large checks pullover looks quite good and trendy if you want something very decent for your beau.  From small to high ranges are available in the brand, so it will not hamper your budget.

Once you have finalized a good pullover, it’s time purchase a good quality winter gloves. My beau is fond of biking, so I am planning purchase leather gloves as it will keep his palm warm and provide better grip while driving.

What are you thinking about hats for men? I am planning to gift him a Russian style hat as it features a curved dome style top and extra long ear flaps with a wide front brim that is quite perfect for a biker.

What about shoes? A cozy and warm shoe has plenty of insulation on the inside to keep leg warm during winter.  So you don’t need to gift socks. Once you buy a well matched cozy shoe for your beau, it’s time to rap them in a color paper and surprise him. It will surely amaze him.

Explore Your New Look With YSL

Shopping always excites girls. From local to online stores, both always ready to provide fashionable wears at an exciting price. Talking about online fashion stores, the first name comes in mind is of course Gucci. But it’s time to broaden your search. There are loads of brands that ready to provide fashionable accessories.

During my search, I met with a new brand, YSL. I went through its products review.  And the brand products detailed information had given me a kind of assurance, “At last I find my new brand to experiment with my style.”

Being a regular “YSL shopper”, I can firmly say that this is one of my favorite brands in terms of shopping fashionable accessories. It is either a bag or a ready to wear I like my first visit to this online store.

In terms of ready to wear, the emerging fashion store offers micro-mini skirts to party gowns and all at an exciting rate.

As a fashionable person, after adding my favorite dress to the site shopping cart, I do like to visit shoes. I must say the collection of shoes is truly marvelous. YSL offers a wide range of high heels. Its mixed colors shoes collection will amaze you and give you no excuse to find your perfect match.

I know the perfect pair is ready when you have a well-matched jewelry and handbag. As I say, the brand offers varieties in jewelry and handbags. You will easily find different materials bracelets, earrings and handbags.

Ultimately, my goal is to keep you aware that apart from Gucci, Chanel and Prada, there are loads of brands waiting to make you a fashionable diva.

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