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Shoe Buckles Back in Fashion

Shoes with buckles are fashion accessories that used greatly in the 17th and 18th century. Now, the style is back to create some revolutionary changes in the fashion world. There are many fashion events where you can easily spot models wearing stunning shoes buckles.

No wonder, they have again given a huge leap to the fashion world. Chunky colors and stylish buckles are used to accessorize your feet. Designers who are bored with strap designs have found buckles interesting and creative fashionable items that give enough space to experiment with your style.

Also, there are many online stores dominated in selling beautiful shoe buckles. If you find your shoes simple, you can shop buckles from these stores at quite competitive prices to enhance your shoes style. China, Italy and some UK brands are ahead in making beautiful buckles.

As a fashion lover, you can go with a shoe buckle made of alloy and opal, available in various designs like flower shapes and animal shapes decorated with acrylic stones, gold plating and moderate size 0.5 cm.

Moving into another fancy shoe buckle, you can go with the buckle made of Zircon, Alloy and rhinestone. Stunning blue, red, pink and green colors buckles can wear with flat shoes and high heels.

Picking a right color shoe buckle is quite important if you want to enhance your style. The fashion market offers a wide variety of designs to choose from. As a fashion dominant,  you can take a leap in your style with shoe buckles.

So, this year welcome your fashion with right colors, right styles and at right time.

How to Find a Stylish Look With Vestwood Shoes

You always wish wear something interesting and eye-catchy.  Your desire to look beautiful and the center attraction are fulfilled by the large brands and the brand Westwood is one of them. It is famous for styling women with its fashionable shoes. Like Gucci and Prada, you don’t need to prod your mind to buy the brand shoes. Every year Westwood comes with stylish shoes made of the finest leathers and materials.

The interesting thing about the brand is that it doesn’t hesitate to present something different in its collection. During my online shopping, I abruptly met with the sleek and extremely sophisticated vestwood shoes. Since then the brand has included in my favorite list.

Pirate Boots: I love wear Pirate shoes of the brand that comes in suede, brown, black and orange shades to go with any color dress. Either you are wearing flower shade mini frocks or with micro-min jeans skirts, you can go for Pirate shoes. These highly desirable Pirate boots have soft leather exterior and adorn with multiple straps with beautiful buckles. They are flat so you can walk freely. They are perfect for any occasion like birthday parties, nightouts and barbeque parties.

Low Heels:  These shoes are often considered style with comfort. Westwood comes with pink, red, black, blue, sliver, suede and many different colors low heels to make you stylish. Most of its kitten-heeled shoes features three strap fastens and beautiful buckle detail at the ankle. The front of the shoes features an avent-grade toe shape that makes Westwood low heels different from other brand shoes. No wonder, all shoes are made of the finest leather, sole and lining.

During your purchase, make sure about the brand name and logo as they are printed on the inside in each shoe with gold color.

DSQURED2 Spring/Summer 2012

Canadian twin brothers, Dean and Dan Caten have operated in the international fashion business successfully since 1984. They had studied together and started the famous DSQUARED2 fashion house together. Their refined creative skills you can easily notice in DSQURED2 every ready-to-wear and accessory. Every year the famous brand comes up with innovative, sophisticated and luxurious collection.

Dsquared² Spring Summer 2012 menswear collection has got much appreciation from fashion lovers all across the world. From beach to party wears are introduced to make men fashionable. Like previous years, the twin brothers don’t hesitate to play with colors in summer 2012 menswear. Pink, deep blue, green, red and mixed colors jackets are introduced to give men handsome and cool look.

Not only jackets but also colorful tees are introduced in menswear. When models walked in Milan wearing DSQURED2 collection, it seemed that the rainbow came to the earth.

Talking on DSQUARED women collection, micro-min pants, skirts and irregular cut dress are introduced to make 2012 summer fashion more fashionable. Like menswear, women collection is also full of different colors. Green, purple, yellow and blue dresses have been noticed at the Milan fashion event. Some dresses are beautifully combined with trio colors like purple, green and yellow to find an eye-catching appearance.

No wonder, twin brothers are trying hard to win the race of fashion. They have given fashion a new definition with unique color combinations and some unusual cuts. Let’s see whose designer wears attract fashion lovers all across the world. All fashion houses have geared to show their talent through summer 2012 collection and now it’s time for fashion lovers to try something innovative.

Elle Fanning Stars in Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2011 Campaign

Marc by Marc Jacobs is synonyms to elegance and style. Marc Jacobs who had a struggling history as a fashion designer is now one of the most prominent designer of America. Hollywood love to follow his Marc by Marc Jacobs style. Every year, he tries to bring something classy and sleek accessories and ready-to-wear.

His fall 2011 has appreciated by a large number of urban elites. Elle Fanning stars in Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2011 campaign has got great success. Elle Fanning, sister of Dakota Fanning and known for her daring roles in “Super 8 and We Bought a Zoo” is following in the footprints of her sister. She is now endorsing Marc by Marc Jacobs exclusive 2011 collection.

Although, the new season dresses are expensive, but quite trendy to suit to your style. If you want to purchase the leading fashion house ready-to-wear and outfits, here are some important things to follow.

Marc offers expensive wears; it’s good to think about the type of clothing you want before shopping. Marc is master in producing cutting-edge men’s, women’s and children’s ready-to-wear. Its accessories like bags and shoes are impeccable. Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales carry the latest collection of Marc Jacobs.

Purchasing from an online store is also a good idea. There are many online fashion stores from where you can buy not only the latest but also previous collections at an affordable price.

Either you are purchasing a dress for a party or for a casual meet, Marc by Marc Jacobs doesn’t disappoint you. It offers a wide variety of dresses and accessories to suit your style.

Mellissa: An Exclusive Brazilian Brand

You may buy sexy and sleek shoes from Britain and Italian fashion houses, now the time comes to try Brazilian brand shoes. The Brazilian brand, Melissa, appears first in the search engines if you like to wear the Brazilian fancy accessories. The emerging brand has made its reputation good in the fashion market for selling quality women shoes.

Melissa fall/winter 2011-2012 collection is quite hot. The brand appears with dark color sexy heels. Dark red, blue and black are three prime colors that I have found in melissa shoes.

These shoes are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are going for a party or for a casual meet, you can pair a Melissa shoe with your dress to enhance your personality.

The interesting thing of the brand is that it knows the importance of your feet so every shoe is designed to give proper comfort to your leg.

Deep colors have given a good chance to pair them with different color dresses. You can wear a white dress with a dark red shoe. You can also think to pair your dark blue or black shoe with an office dress code.

The collection is made to suite every style. Although, the brand is emerging, it may possible that you will not find its collection in your near outlets. It’s good to purchase from the online shops as the brand collection is easily available in the well reputed online stores.  So, this year try something new with Mellissa.

Tips to Choose the Right Bag

The fashion market offers a wide variety of bags to choose from. From Gucci to Prada, there are several well reputed fashion houses to fill your desire to have an attractive bag. Well, choosing a right bag from varieties can be a tough job. Although, to ward off this confusion, here are some tips to know how to choose the right bag.

The first thing is your purpose. You need to know the purpose for which you want to buy a bag. There are bags for different occasions. If you are going for an evening party, a colorful clutch embellished with sequins can be a smart choice.

If you want a bag for your daily purpose, means shopping and casual meets; it’s good to go with leather bags. For office purpose, a black leather bag is an ideal choice. Take your time to know the purpose for which you want to buy a bag.

The next thing is the brand. No wonder, the fashion market offers an exclusive branded bag to replica to meet with your demands. It’s better to decide the brand bag you want to go with. If you budget is fairly low, you cannot think of Gucci, Chanel and Prada bags, but there are brands offer bags at an exciting price. It’s better to extend your Google search to find that brands.

The last but not the least thing is the quality of your purchased bag. If you want to be a good shopaholic, don’t compromise on quality. Before purchasing, it’s good to feel the fabric. If you observe the fabric rough and stiff, it’s better to look for other brands. Don’t avoid to check the lining, it should be fine quality.

Some Impeccable Women Scarves

Donning a scarf is a wonderful way to enhance your personality and to keep your neck warmer. Today, whether it is cold or summer season, women love carrying different styles, colors and fabrics scarves to make a style statement. Coordinating a scarf with your clothe is truly an art. If you are perfect in this art, you will not need to give extra efforts to enhance your personality.

Silk Scarves

Wrapping a silk scarf around your neck and coordinating with a lovely dress can give you appealing look. Colors like red, blue, pink and purple look quite good for any occasion. Whether you are going for a party or a business tour, you can wear a silk scarf to add glory to your style. Wear a silk scarf with one end draped over a shoulder and tie lose on your neck are simply magnificent styles.

Winter Woolly Scarves

Winter needs no excuse to wear a scarf keeps warm your neck and maintains your style. Woolen scarves for winter are considered good. A woolen scarf can be wrapped in style. Wrap a scarf round our neck and leave the ends hanging at the front is quite an appealing style.

There are many ways to find new style with a scarf. Use your brain to enhance your persona and be a style statement for all girls.

A Blessing in Disguise: That Savior Clearance Sale

I just love shoes! I simply can’t ignore a good pair. In fact Adam (my sweet and sexy honey!) is simply fed up of my collection. He hates to see me get more of these and in general we end up in a bitter discussion whenever I ask him to get more for me. So over the time I have started getting these myself and I refrain from telling him (and trust me it is working!).

It was just a day before Adam’s birthday that I went shopping with Angelina (yeah she is the same neighbor I hate, but you see anything for I was looking for a gift very desperately when something caught my eye. It was a super cool pair of sandals (and trust me being a girl you don’t want to miss that!). Though I did not have lots of extra money but still I just rushed to check on the size.

I tried it on and it was looking simply gorgeous! I just fell in love with it. But then I checked its price and my heart broke literally! It was way too costly (especially with little money and Adam’s gift still waiting in the queue). But then, to my surprise this young man (who was a complete package with his sexy looks and cute smile!) came and informed me about the ongoing designer shoes clearance sale going on.

My reflex reaction made me smile sheepishly. His words stating 50% off were all around me. I calculated the cost quickly in my head and came to the conclusion that now I can buy these (I was so relieved). I was so happy that I quickly told him to pack them for me. I paid and then we left. I was really happy that I got a great pair of shoes for myself.

But the major task of finding a gift for Adam was still left (and trust me keeping in mind his choice it was going to be a tough task!). but I guess it was my lucky day as while getting out of the store I got a glimpse of this book (it is very rare and Adam’s favorite!). I quickly rushed there and got the book.

While returning I was really happy for both of us (and grateful to the clearance sale)!

Dress up Smart and Walk With Style

What do you want in your wardrobe? Girls and ladies have several of options. But for men, what you think? If you think that there are not much options you may be right to an extent. But experimenting creatively with the selected ones will make you smart. Some smart shirts and matching trousers are the basic ones. With this, you can pick a wool tie or the normal one as per your choice and requirement.

Shirt collar stiffeners are also called collar bones, sticks, tabs, stays or knuckles .Many shirts are available in market with soft collars. Therefore, it becomes difficult sometimes to maintain it stand and crispy. In this case, collar stays help you out in making it crisp and smart looking.

Plastic collar or metal collar stays are quite helpful in keeping the shirt crisp and rigid. They are also very smooth and rigid. The collar stays are made from different materials including stainless steel, sterling silver, brass, mother of pearl, plastic or horn rounded at the end and pointed at another, these are tucked in pockets.

Collar stiffeners are also removable. They can be easily inserted in to collar and helps in stabilizing collar points. You can remove them when required.

So, these stiffeners can help you out in maintaining the proper look of shirts. Especially in parties, it looks quite smart to use these stiffeners. But you must shop around properly. It’s better if you o to original stores of brands. Their products are durable and of good quality.

Different Types of Hats for Winter to Jazz Your Style

Driving around in your car in the bone – chilling winter, your mind clicks to enjoy the chilly weather with the hood down, but you have controlled your temptation just because the cold wind will cause your ears to be plugged. Well, this excuse is not good at all. There are different types of hats for winter that saves your ears from cold chilly winds and at the same time makes you stylish.


No wonder, a hoodie creates a trendier look and keeps warmth to your not only ears but also neck. It provides double protection and saves you to carry scarf.


The 20th century hat is still popular. The interesting thing about these hats is that they are available in different shades and materials. Wool, cotswool and leather are used to make stylish cloche hats.


Berets are all time favorite hats of women. In winter, wool berets are used. The length of wool berets is a little longer than other materials berets to cover your ears.


There was time when toque hats were used by skiers. Now, these hats are winter style statement. The snug-fitting caps protect your ears while driving. Beautiful red, blue and brown colors are favorite toque of teen girls.


Fleece stands for soft, lightweight, non-itchy and washable fabric. Fleece hats are truly comfortable and durable. They also don’t require much maintenance. Three patterns- owl fleece aviator, button and bows hat and vintage style warm flapper are popular. Kids love to wear different patterns fleece hats such as cozy winter ear-flap and fuzzy fleece. Animal ears fleece caps are some of the funniest collection.

So this winter what have you planned to wear? Go with any style to enhance your personality even after bone-chilling winter. These hats will simply make you stylish. You can go with a heavy coat with a stylish torque hat. Be ready to experiment your style with these beautiful and colorful hats.

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