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How to Purchase the Best Garment Bags

You have got much idea on how to purchase designer handbags. Now, it’s time to make yourself aware with the purchasing tips on garment bags. A garment bag is clothing bag which is ideal for storing your delicate or easily-wrinkled clothes. These bags are famous as travel bags. They protect clothes from soiling, moisture, moths and other sartorial hazards.

Purchasing a garment bag is quite easy as you can purchase from both local and online stores. Make sure the bag you have purchased is of good quality, durable and made of breathable garment. Today, there are large varieties available in these bags. Apart from tradition old-fashioned full-length Garment Bags, intriguing options are available to lure consumers.

Before purchasing, it’s good to consider your needs. Some garment bags are designed for only suits, while rest can hold varieties of garments including shirts, sweaters, underwear and even shoes.

If you are purchasing for travel purposes, it’s good to buy the one that has front and side pockets to store toiletries and the small items you want.

Don’t buy an oversized garment bag that restricts you to carry it for a long journey or you unable to carry it. Choosing the carry-on standard bags will allow you to easily carry on airplanes and put them away under the seat.

A garment bag with wheels is considered good for travelling purposes.

Make sure about the lock system of your garment bag. Some bags have zippers and coding system to lock zips.

Take your time to buy the bag that offers enough space and resist wrinkles of your clothes.

Always buy a well-reputed brand garment bag. Prada is one of the most famous fashion houses for producing large arrays of fashionable garment bags.

How to Waterproof Your Leather Bags

Being a bag lover you should know how to protect them from water. Leather bags are sensitive with water so it needs much precaution than other fabric bags. Avoid carrying leather bags during rainy season so you can them for a long time. Excessive amounts of water can ruin the charm of leather.

Protection from water every time is not possible if you are leaving in a place where climate changes without noticing. Luckily, leather items can be waterproofed if you have a good brand waterproofing spray or a wax. Today, almost all fashion stores selling waterproof sprays so getting the good brand is not so tough.

Waterproof bags or to make your bag waterproof can be done if you follow some steps.

The first step is purchase a well-reputed brand waterproof spray. If don’t know much about the spray, you can take help from you friends who have purchased the kind of spray or the fashion store that sells sprays. You may also take help from the internet to know the brands are popular in spray making.

Once you get the spray, clean your leather bag before applying. Don’t forget to clean your leather before applying any waterproof agent. With the help of a soft brush clean the interior body and then wipe the entire bag with a clean damp cloth.

Test the spray on a hidden part of your bag to notice any discoloration or change in the texture. Let the spray dry for at least 24 hour. If you don’t notice any negative sign, you can continue.

If you want to protect your leather bag from a wax, it can possible because the fashion stores also sell quality waxes for leather. Waxes have a little chances of any negative effect, so you don’t need to examine a wax on your bag. Apply it thoroughly on your bag and wipe the excess with a clean cloth.

Check Out the Bags Suit Well to Men’s Personality

Like women, men are too fashion conscious. They want to beat women when it comes to fashion. It is partial to say that only women are fond of designer bags. Today, fashionable bags that suit to men’s personality are on demand. Any style-conscious man knows that the right bag creates the right impression. The fashion market offers a wide array of bags for men that they can carry in both official and casual settings.

Messenger Bags

Men’s messenger bags are creating headlines in fashion magazines. Stylish and sleek messenger bags have graced the fashion shows. These bags are designed to carry laptop to a big notebook safely. That’s why messenger bags are quite famous among students and office goers. Rectangular in shape with long and thick straps allow men to carry a messenger bag in style. They are available in canvas, leather and other best quality materials. Prada and Diesel are famous in producing interesting messenger bags.


From time immemorial, sleek and small briefcases are the first choice of lawyers and professionals to carry their essential documents. A traditional briefcase is firm, rectangular and with a short handle. Now, there are varieties of options available to jazz men’s style. High-tech briefcases offer enough space to carry a 17-inch laptop and other essential documents. Aluminum, leather and canvas are used to make durable and high-tech briefcases.

Sleek, zip-top and multi pockets briefcases are available to lure professionals.


Backpacks are now trendy. Not only adventure lovers, but also gym goers love to have at least one trendy backpack. For adventure lovers, it is obvious the best choice because the weight of the bag is evenly distributed on both shoulders. Now, small backpacks are introduced in the fashion market to use them everyday. These bags come with multiple pockets and are of black, red and dark colors to make your appearance smart. Designers have found black backpack nice with casual and office settings.

Why Girls Carry Handbags

Boys are often curious to know “what’s in her bag”. They want to know that when a small wallet is enough to carry their essential things then why girls carry a huge bag.

Ok boys, I let you know why girls are crazy about bags.

Women’s handbags serve a dual purpose- fashion and function. Clutches play major role in making women stunning for the evening or to a special occasion. These are small bags for holding essentials such as keys, a cell phone, a small make-up kit, a comb and a wallet. Girls always want the center attraction of a party and it is their handbags allow them to maintain their makeup.

Hobo bags are for their style as well as carrying lots of items. These oversized bags offer plenty space to carry not only a small make-up kit and a cell phone, but also a lunch box and small goods they would like to carry. Their slouchy look makes these bags popular among college girls.

Totes are another very popular bags which women love to carry at picnics, beach parties and many other occasions when they require carrying lots of items.

Most girls like to carry bags for style reason. They want to look glamorous carrying designer handbags. Many of them want to show off that they have an expensive designer bag. The sole purpose is to look gorgeous and glamorous. That’s why, you can see there is a tough competition among fashions houses in bringing something very catchy and sophisticated designer handbags.

Now, I am sure that boys are quite clear about “what’s in her bag”. If they still have doubts, they are free to ask this question to their girlfriends.

Zagliani: One Name for Designer Skin Handbags

Are you fashion conscious? Are you looking something very different and unique handbags? Are you fad up with your regular looking leather handbags? If your answer is yes for all these questions, it means the time has come when you need to expand your shopping to look for the best and unique handbags.

Zagliani is a well known brand founded 70 years ago. The brand is specialized in exotic skin bags to meet your needs.

Zagaliani designer Mauro Orietti-Carella once told about his brand, “Zagaliani is not following a fashion moment. Each bag of the brand is unique because we don’t believe in producing as much as market demands. Our main goal is to use too many skins and work in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.”

Zagliani handbags are expensive but worth to buy. Each bag is injected with silicone to add a super buttery feel to the bags. Not only urban rich fashionable women but also celebs find Zagliani bags impressive and stylish. Recently, Jennifer Lopez caught holding a Zagliani bag; it had raised the eyebrows of many fashion divas.

From ostrich to python and crocodile skins are used to create beautiful handbags. All bags are exclusive. The designer Mauro Carella who has chosen his passion over his profession (dermatologist) tries to give live look to his bags. The treatments he learned to make skin smooth and beautiful are now applying by him on his bags. It is truly brilliant approach of Mauro.

Golden, silver, dark maroon, white and different chunky colors are used to make Zagliani handbags. They are superb for any occasion. Either you are going for a night out or a barbeque party, a Zagliani bag is always ready to make your appearance outstanding and sophisticated.

How to Spot A Fake Designer Handbag

Being a real fashion lover, you will never want to wear your style with fake designer handbags. Fake handbags, although, look similar to designer handbags, but they are far away from original in terms of quality. Yes, it’s true that no one can catch you up if you spot with a fake handbag. But as a loyal fashion lover, your dignity never allows you to maintain your style with replicas. So, just chill out, here are some ways to spot a fake designer handbag.

A Fake Marc Jacob Handbag

Marc Jacob is undoubtedly one of the most famous names in designer handbags. Looking for a real Marc Jacob handbag, don’t forget to look at the bag’s zipper lock. All Marc Jacobs handbags have imprints on the bottom of the zipper “riri”. Noticing the zipper blank means you are purchasing a fake handbag.

A Fake Gucci Handbag

If you are purchasing a Gucci handbag that comes with plastic wrapping, it means the bag is not original. Gucci has a heavy-dust cover for handbags. If the weight of the dust cover is light and looks cheap, it means the handbag is not real. Don’t overlook the tag. Gucci handbags always carry a Gucci tag.

Like other branded handbags, both Gucci and Jacob handbags fabric is high quality. The finishing of the bag is refined quality. Try to feel the bag that you would like to purchase. Don’t purchase cheap designer handbags. If you are purchasing a designer bag for the first time, it’s better to purchase from authentic online store.

These are a few trips that help you on how to spot a fake designer handbag.

Moon Boot Bags: Unique and Chic

Women’s handbags serve both style and function. They use daily for carrying all their daily supplies such as cell phone, keys, a wallet and a mini makeup kit. But accentuating women’s outfit, handbags play a major role. To suit women’s lifestyle, the fashion market offers clutches, satchels, totes, hobo and cross body bags.

No wonder, there is a tough competition seen among fashion brands in producing something unique and sophisticated designer handbags. During my search on the internet, I have found a brand called “Moon Boot”. The brand name can give you a slight hint on how its fashion accessories will be. Yes, the fashion accessories are inspired from astronaut clothes. Moon Boot is an emerging fashion brand that provides Classic and West East shoes for both men and women.

Boots of the brand seem to take you in the journey of moon. In West East, white, maroon, blue and black soft nylon shoes are ready to make you stylish. In Classic, you can get stylish check and rainbow boots. Most of the Classic boots upper body is made from rich quality polyester.

Talking on Moon Boot Bags, they are simply classy and unique. I am ready bet that you cannot find such bag from any brand. Blue, pink, red, white and some elegant colors are used to make ultra-trendy unisex shoulder bags with a long cord handle. I found a blue Moon Boot bag classy and exceptional as the bag has an inside pocket, right by the palm of your hand, containing the T-Scaldo heating system.

A recent survey from a famous magazine says, “Moon Boot bags and boots are perfect for winter parties. They are superb to give you classy and chic looks. So, let your fashion a move with Moon Boot.”

Exotic Leather Handbags and How to Store Them

Leather handbags have a kind of luster you cannot find from bags made of cloth and other fabrics. They look luxurious and able to enhance your appearance. No wonder, leather handbags are an expensive investment but the perfect complement to any wardrobe, so it’s important to take care of these luxurious accessories. Gucci, Prada and Chanel are some of the best brands master in producing high quality leather handbags.

If you want to make a good collection of Exotic Leather Handbags and use to for a long time, here are some essential things to keep in mind.

The first thing is cleaning. To maintain the shine of your leather purse, it’s quite essential to clean it with a non-abrasive cloth with cool water once in a week if you use it on a regular basis. Using your leather bag, up to 10 times requires cleaning once in a month. If you avoid cleaning your leather bags, stains are mostly oxidized which are simply impossible to clean.

To store, it’s good to remove any content and fill your bag with bubble wrap. It helps to maintain the bag shape while it is stored for a long time.

It’s good to take the strap buckles off so that the purse doesn’t get impression.

Keep your leather bag in a dust bag. If you want to keep 2 bags together, it’s better to separate them from keeping a pillowcase. This will prevent scuffs and scratches.

Make sure about your leather bag contact with heat sources. When leather comes in contact with heat, it expands and damages your bag original shape.

How to Find Your Perfect Designer Handbag Wholesale

Designer handbags are pride of urban women. They feel special carrying a designer handbag. It was Louis Vuitton that first introduced designer bags in 1892. You will just amaze if I say the first designer bags were designed for men. Even the earlier 20th century wasn’t witness of designer bags for women.

Today, women cannot think of their style without designer handbags. They are now style statement and women cannot resist having at least one designer bag. These bags are expensive but have a kind of uniqueness. Their exceptional detailing, high quality materials and workmanship make them apart from other normal bags.

Competition among designers is quite high in terms of introducing highly exceptional quality bags. Not just that, there are replica available that detain women to buy authentic handbags. So here are some ideas on how to find your perfect designer handbag wholesale.

The first and foremost thing is your decision. You need decide the types of designer handbags you are looking. Make a list of at least top 5 handbags so you can have an idea on what to look for before heading to shop.

Online search is good to find huge information on wholesalers in your area or in your state.

Target your budget and try to stick on that. Ready to buy from a wholesale store offers 30%-40%  discount.

Try to take a tour to small boutiques in your area as they can help you to know the wholesalers from where they purchase designer handbags and sell them at high price.

There are online wholesale sellers from where you can ask for their prices and compare them with your local dealer quotes.

Don’t hesitate to take your time if you want to get the best deal on your wholesale purchase.

Hogan: One Name for Stylish and Comfortable Footwear

When it comes to comfort with style, Hogan name comes up first in mind in terms of shoes. The Italian brand has always been the most favorite of many fashion lovers. Both men and women love to wear stylish and sleek Hogan shoes that boast company logo “H” in style.

The brand is master in designing sports shoes, traditional formal shoes and casual shoes to match with every occasion. During my visit to the official website of Hogan, I found some chic and comfortable women shoes. My hunt was for casual shoes, but I could not resist myself to look at the brand’s sports and formal shoes. Both the collections are superb.

Hogan sells stylish traditional formal shoes that women can wear to maintain their stylish appearance at office. High heels and block heels formal shoes are enough to jazz their style.

I have bought a stylish formal shoe of the brand to maintain my office appearance. A stylish calf leather high heel maroon color shoe with tonal stitching and rubber platform provides better grip during my walk. I now can walk freely without any fear of fall and drop.

Like other formal shoes, the shoe has lace that provides perfect fit.

Well, I have planned to purchase its stylish sport shoes. From my point of view, this is one of the best brands for serious shoe lovers. If you are serious to bring a kind of change in your personality, you can go with not only Hogan shoes but also the brand stylish ready-to-wears. It is not surprised to say that my hunt for the best brand is now over with Hogan.

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