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How to Shop For Stylish Designer Women Bags At a Discount Price

Designer handbags are a style statement. Fashionable girls die to have at least one designer handbag so that they show it off to their friends and colleagues to make a good impression. Gucci, Prada, Chanel and many world famous stylish designer women bags are undoubtedly expensive and exclusive. Low-income women find hard to buy branded handbags and their dream can become shatter. Though, to cherish their dream, there are a few options available to buy designer handbags at a discount rate.

Let’s see what the ways are:

Never overlook for codes while shopping online. Being a smart online shopper, you shouldn’t percept that the thing you are going to purchase is expensive. There are many online stores offer a little white box that has promotional code to save your money. Look at the box to know the discount you can get from your purchase.

Check out online stores offer only discount handbags. There are a few dominated stores that always offer handbags at a great discount. It can be 50% or more. The thing is totally depended on how old the product is.

Take your time to travel down your nearby fashion stores. When designer’s come up with new designs, reputed outlets want to quickly sell the older products to stay in competition. They sell previous collection at a discount price. Look at for those stores to find designer handbags at an unbelievable price.

There are some online and offline stores offer up to 70% discount on designer handbags. They are selling those products that have some defects. If you are ready to gear up your style with these kinds of bags, you can. Make sure the defects are not easily seen.

Bottega Veneta Spring 2012

There are lots of fashion accessories available in to choose from. Being a fashion freak, I want to make my fashion a step ahead. I really don’t want to copy the style of celebs and am desperately looking for the brand that can offer something unique and stylish. For me, the fashion is all about experiment with your current style.

My love for fashion makes me an internet savvy person who is always in look for new fashion brands. Recently, I meet with an Italian luxury house, “Bottage Veneta”, best known for its leather goods. The brand was founded in 1996 and was purchased in 2001 by Gucci Group. Now, it is a part of the French multinational group PPR. The interesting thing about the brand is that it knows how to play with colors.

The Bottega Veneta Spring 2012 collection is inspired from colors.

At the Milan Fashion Week, the luxury fashion house comes up with a desirable collection of brunt orange, royal purple and jungle green gowns and separates.

To try something unique, some of the dresses of Bottege Veneta are a well mixture of leather and cotton. The combination is used to make beautiful skirts and jackets.

Moving on to leather accessories, Bottege Veneta is giving tough competition to well-reputed leather handbag brands. Its handbags are unique. Many bags are embellished with sequins to give different look. Your hunger for style can quench from Bottege Veneta if you really want to try something unique and decent. So, go ahead for shopping the brand latest collection and find a new change in your overall appearance.

How to Shop For High Heels

Being a woman, what makes you so special? It is, of course, a beautiful dress with dazzling jewelry and a high heel sandal. It is high heels that transform a woman look from frumpy to fabulous.

A common dress when pair with high heels transforms that dress elegant. No wonder, heels make your legs look lean and long. They enhance your calf muscles and make you a super elegant woman. Boys love to see girls in high heels. Ferragamo shoes are famous for pencil heels. Black, golden, brown, pink and nude colors are used to make fabulous and extremely sophisticated shoes for women. If you love heels and want to buy the pair that goes long, here are some shopping tips for that.

Shopping for heels is not as easy as it seems. Your first step includes the selection of a dress you want to wear with heels. This way, you can narrow down your search for heels.

If you are purchasing heels for the first time, it’s good to try several heel heights to know the height is manageable for you. Look for the height you find comfortable.

Determine the look you want to achieve with heels. For instance, you are planning to wear a pencil skirt or a mini skirt; it’s good to pair with pointy stiletto heels.  For casual looks, you can go with chunkier heels. Wedges are good with long skirts and jeans.

If you are not confident enough with your walk wearing skinnier heels, it’s better to go for chunkier or thicker heels.

Strappy sandals and open-toe styles are hot choices. Closed toes are good but pairing them with jeans and long flowing gowns and skirts is a smart choice.

Fashion Accessories That Every Man Should Have

A time comes in every man life when they want to look smart and attractive. Although, there is no accurate age for smartness, a man can look smart at 16 as well as at 70. The thing takes matter a lot is how he dress up. Let’s know the accessories make men smart and cool.

Wrist watches

A man dressing is incomplete without a wrist watch. Having a Rolex watch is a matter of pride. A Rolex is the first choice of entrepreneurs. They are expensive but they are classy. Apart from Rolex, Timex, Nixon, Burberry, Movado and Gucci watches are classy.


Gone are the days when men didn’t give special consideration to belt. They didn’t see brand and style. Now, men are choosy when it comes to belts. Designer belts are available to jazz men style. Heavy buckle and top quality materials are used to make extremely sophisticated belts for men.


A wallet is something that every man loves to have. Leather wallets are quite popular. Burberry, Armani and Gucci are famous for stylish wallets for men. A breast pocket wallet is considered ideal for men as the bi-fold style wallet is slim and fits easily in the breast pocket of a suit jacket. There are many slots to keep things such as credit cards, an ID card and money in an organized way. Men those travel a lot can go with a travel and passport wallet as it easily carries air tickets, currency, keys and passport.


Hats are always one of the most wanted fashion accessories for men. Being a man, you get plenty of designs in hats. Bowler, Fedora, Carver, Stetson, Newsboy etc. are some of the best hats. Newsboy hats are in a rounder overall shape than a traditional flat cap. Stetson hats are known as a cowboy hat and are the defining accessory for the American cowboy.

Check Out Icon Bags of Prada & Gucci

Women are fond of designer handbags. Having a designer handbag is a matter of pride for them. Although, Gucci and Prada are some of the top notch brands known for stylish, sleek and high quality handbags. Designer bags or you can say “icon bags” discussion is incomplete without discussing Prada and Gucci handbags. So, here is a quick glance on these brand stylish handbags.


Fashion divas find their dressing for parties incomplete without Gucci’s clutches. The brand offers clutches for every mood. No matter how simple you are and how stylish you are, Gucci offers clutches to suit your style. Simple but classy black clutches boasting Gucci tag suit woman of every age group. Animal printed and light beige satin with Swarovski crystals are available to enhance overall appearance of women and make them ready for an evening party.

The Gucci 2012 collection is totally different from previous years. Every year, designers of the brand try to present something different and stylish. A stylish shoulder bag that has made me crazy is “Chocolate Crocodile with detachable interlocking G charm.” The bag is perfect for casual parties and shopping.


Prada boasts classy “icon bags.” Like Gucci, it offers bags for every season. Prada spring 2012 collection is mind-boggling. Blood red to light brown bags have got space in the spring collection. It seems that Prada doesn’t want to miss any chance of making its summer collection popular. Fire theme is added on some exclusive bags of Prada. Silver and gold hardware detailing is used to give bags a different look. Designers of the brand have not hesitated to give new style to Prada bags.

Let’s start your shopping with these brands if you want to stay ahead in fashion.

How to Spot Fake Gucci Shoes

Gone are the days when human beings don’t care for quality and brands. These days, fashion for fashionable people is when they wear branded outfits. Gucci, Prada and Chanel are some of the best fashion brands stand for quality, style and uniqueness. Each piece of these brands is exclusive.

Only a few online stores sell their latest and innovative collection. Though, to meet the demand of tens thousands people, it is replica available in the fashion market. They are same in color and design. The only difference is of quality. Being a die-hard lover of Gucci, you should know how to spot fake Gucci Shoes.

Before your purchase, check out the latest collection of Gucci. You can see the latest collection over the internet and from a well-reputed fashion magazine such as W Magazine and GQ Magazine.

Go to the official site to examine the logo before your purchase. Carry a copy of the logo if you are purchasing from the local store boasting Gucci Shoes.

Check the serial number. Fake Gucci collection has an eight-digit serial number on the leather lining whereas authentic has this number hidden on the inside of the shoes, right after the shoe-size. The heel of shoes carries name of the brand.

Carefully examine the sole of the shoe you want to buy. Fake has synthetic sole whereas Gucci sole is made of leather with words “Gucci Made in Italy.”

Don’t ever avoid examining the packaging. Gucci shoe bags are brown with the double “C”  and double “G” logo.

The quality of leather is soft. If you notice tough body of your shoe, it means it is not real.

Belts: How to Wear Them With Full Confidence

The Valentine’s Day is about to come and you are still thinking what to gift your beloved. This time try to gift something unusual. Gifting a large flower bouquet is fine, but if you gift something that your beloved will carry most of the time can be a cool idea. Why not gift a belt. This is not a bad idea; after all, this is one of the most essential fashion accessories for both genders.

There are lots of ways to wear belts. Also, the fashion market offers wide varieties of cool belts to jazz your personality. Belts are really a cool accessory that cannot be overlooked. They add flair to an old outfit. Now, a belt is more than a belt which purpose is to make you smart.

To add a feminine touch, girls can wear a hip-snug belt with lower-rise jeans. A hip belt looks cool and serves to break up a dress. If you haven’t tried a hip-snug belt, it’s time to buy the one to find a new style.

A ribbon belt also looks cool and trendy. The interesting thing about the belt is that you can different patterns and colors ribbon belts to match them well with your every kind of dress. Girls like to pair a ribbon belt with a sweater and a khaki pant.

Wear a chain belt with mini-skirts and body hugging jeans can be a super cool idea. The combination is for those want to draw attention to their slim waist and minimize the attention to their hips. There are varieties of chain belts. From thin chains to higher-end chains decorating with sequins are available to make you stylish and ready for any occasion.

Handbags That Can Serve As Cosmetic Case

You have to show a little intelligence, and certainly a bit of style to look for the cosmetic case online. Maybe, you don’t get much result while searching for them. You have then simply to expand your search for handbags and to choose from among the results you are displayed in plenty.

It is because many well-known brands don’t present the versatile small hand bags with special reference to cosmetic stuffs. Probably they don’t want to confine the use of the bags for cosmetics alone. But name matters less when it comes to the use value that is most prominently defined by the appearance of the bags matching suitably to the stuff inside it.

Luckily Gucci presents a few couple of designs and styles under the category women handbags. They are overtly intended to serve cosmetic case. They are almost proper in shape for delicate cosmetic and handy for taking anywhere. The sides of the bags are flat to accommodate your stuff safely. The material of the fabric is quality to assure the same.

The bags look sweetly small, but accommodate enough room for all small and big brushes and the make-up cosmetics. The colors are creamy with fine prints on it. The bags sometimes look like a big geometry box the senior students use at schools. Thanks to Gucci for it has not reduced mature gals and ladies to toddlers! Enjoy the nice products from the sensitive brand—yes; it has always been sensitive, when it comes to delicate sense of designs for ladies.

You can always use the bags for impressing your friends, particularly with the cute zippers some of them have got. They are cute to hold as well as to the eyes. The cosmetic case is trendy to meet the needs of modern look-conscious women. They are soft to feel and enormously safe and accommodative for the instrumental instruments to make you dazzling in looks. They compete with you in looks, though!

How to Shop for a Real Prada Shoes

When it comes to fashion, Prada has made its reputation as a high-end Italian fashion house. It is master in manufacturing classy luxury goods such as ready-to-wear, shoes, luggage, hats and leather accessories for men and women. Every year, fashion lovers desperately wait for Prada innovative collection. The Prada Spring 2012 collection is extremely remarkable. Through the 1980 to 2000, the brand was unbeatable, a household name and a favorite word of authors Lauren Weisberger and Candace Bushnell novels on fashionistas.

Prada is famous for using simple clean lines, colors and quality materials in the construction of innovative shoes for men and women. The brand emphasizes delicacy and elegance in the designs. Its shoes are now become status symbol for many. Looking at the popularity of Prada shoes, replica of the brand are now available to make people fool.

Being a real lover of Prada, you should know the tips to spot fake Prada shoes.

Avoid buying cheap shoes of the brand as they may unauthentic.

Examine the shoe box as real Prada boxes are made with corrugated plastic.

Check out the logo of the box which is one the top of the box. Information about shoes material and size is also on the box.

The logo on Prada shoes should be at the sole. If you observe the brand logo on the side of the shoe, it means you are purchasing a fake pair of shoes. If you are planning to buy a zipper shoe of Prada, don’t forget to examine the zipper as it must contains logo.

Don’t forget to look at the dust bag. It should be silver with a silver drawstring. Observing a silver dust bag but with a black drawstring, it means the pair is fake.

Avoiding the risk of fake Prada shoes, it’s good to buy the pair from the official website of Prada. It is the best way to buy an authentic pair of shoes.

Tips to Buy Designer Handbags at Cheap

Every woman dreams to have at least one designer handbag in their wardrobe but a few of them able to fulfill this dream. Urban fashion elites and divas find designer handbags impressive. Women who are in a tight budget or limited earning unable to purchase these stylish handbags because they know the fact that purchasing one designer handbag is enough to burn hole in their pocket.

But it doesn’t mean that they shatter the dream of having a designer bag. They can buy a used designer bag at an impressive price. Let’s know the tricks to buy used designer bags.

The first tip is to expand your online search to look for the designer bag of your interest. It’s good to find out the off season bags. It means if it is 2012 summer collection, you can do search for 2011 summer or winter collection. Designer handbags do have stocks of previous collection that they sell at a lower price. Choose the one that could be used year-round.

Your local stores can also help find the best deal on handbags. Visit the consignment shops in your local area where you are free to carefully examine the quality of handbags for wear and tear, and request for the best deal. A consignment shop offers to negotiate for the price.

Shopping from online auction sites is one of best idea. Remember, these shops don’t give flexibility to return back the product, so take your time to find the best used designer bag. Carefully read the bag quality, examine the picture and negotiate for the price to get a good designer handbag. It may possible that you will find a brand new bag which was used not more than 2-3 times.

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