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Casual Clutches, The Latest Trend

No wonder, clutches are one of the best fashion accessories for women at evening parties. These ultimate accessories have power to transform your overall look. Even you wear a simple gown for a party and carry a clutch that has fine detailing and accessorize with different sequins can jazz up your look and make you gorgeous.

Nowadays, holding a clutch for a casual outing is the latest trend. Whether you are going for shopping or just chilling out with friends, you can wear a clutch to make you more attractive. It may sound you weird to wear a clutch for a daylight outing, but the trend is hitting. Many Hollywood divas have caught with beautiful day casual clutches.

Now, you definitely wonder about casual clutches. What types of clutches are they? The answer is very simple for that. These clutches are fairly simple and sober. They are attractive but have less work of sequins. In other words, designers avoid using shiny sequins and like to use laces to give a casual look to them. Having a red clutch with a little design can be worn with any type of dresses.

If you love outing and want to carry a few goods in your bag, there is no need to carry a giant hobo bag for that. A casual clutch can easily carry a small makeup kit, some credit or debit cards, a small comb and money. Imagine, you have a beautiful dress and you just want to show off your sex style with that. You wear that dress and carry a giant handbag, the combination is making you attractive but all attraction goes to your handbag. But a simple casual bag will not disguise your fashionable outfit.

So, it’s time to start collecting various casual clutches to revamp your wardrobe.

Go ahead! Something new and trendy is waiting for you.

Ways To Spot A Fake Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana, the luxury Italian Fashion house, is famous for its wide ranges of fashion accessories and ready-to-wear. The brand gives a tough competition to many luxury fashion houses such as Prada and Gucci. Celebes and urban elites find Dolce & Gabbana shoes, handbags and sunglasses appealing and up to par. They feel that the brand has different views about fashion and that clearly show in its collection.

Looking at the popularity of this fashion brand, there are some manufacturers trying to imitate its collection to cashing in. No wonder, its each accessory is quite expensive and before you fork over your hard-earned cash, let’s know how to differentiate between real and fake.

Dolce & Gabbana knows for its rich quality collection. Being a real lover of this brand, you should not forget to check its fabrics and materials. Handbags are made of good quality leather and are soft. You can feel the leather quality and can judge the real one.

Evaluate the craftsmanship. You cannot find irregular stitching and any loose threads. The stitching is of same color and is durable.

Thoroughly go through the logo of the accessory. A real Dolce & Gabbana has no space in designer names and logo name. If you notice space, it means you are on the way to purchase a fake accessory.

Check the reflection of holograms. If they react to ultra-violet light, it means it is real. If it doesn’t, you know what it is…

It is advised to buy any branded wears from their official website. You don’t need to do lots of search for authenticity and you can take a peace of mind that you are going to get a real thing.

Splurge Your Fashion With Gucci Spring 2012

Gucci, one of the most famous brands in the world, has unveiled its magical spring 2012 collection.  With the launch of its new collection, the brand has made fashion freaks freakier. From handbags to ready-to-wear, all are up to par. It seems that Gucci designers want to make 2012 one of the most special years for Gucci.

Its ready-to-wear inspired by the early twentieth century art-deco era has made a headline in many online news website. These dazzling dresses may out of your reach but will surely sooth your eyes and you will force to praise Gucci’s innovative spring collection. These flapper-esque drop-waist dresses are made from a quality fabric, bugle beads, gold chains and sequins details. They are heavy but sure to captivate eyes.

Moving on Gucci spring 2012 handbags, they are extremely different from the previous collection. Where lady like satchels and small crossbody bags have been the common accessories of most fashion houses and Gucci as well, but this year chain-strapped hobos are attracting to give a new touch to the fashion world.

Triangular shape hobos look exotic with any type of dress. A fine detailing of gold can be seen on many Gucci bags. It seems that designers of the brand want to step forward the fashion of urban elites who stuck in regular fashion and easily mingle in common people.

The brand wants to rejuvenate their style with their innovative spring 2012 collection. If you are a fashion freak and money is no object for you can try their rich and classy spring collection.

You are just a step away from getting the collection. Click your mouse button to shop your favorite color dress from the brand. Gucci gives you 100% guarantee to splurge your fashion.

Christian Dior Spring 2012 Ad Campaign With Mila Kunis

Christian Dior, the top French fashion house, has 60 years successful history in the fashion world. Today, the brand is known for its pristine fashion accessories like sunglasses, watches, handbags, skincare and fragrances. The luxury fashion brand has been endorsed by many successful Hollywood divas like Natalie Portman. Now, it is Mila Kunis all set to be the brand ambassador of Christian Dior.

The beautiful diva who is best known for her role as Jackie Burkhart on the TV series “That 70’s Show” and her remarkable performance at the 67th Venice International Film Festival in “Black Swan”, is endorsing the 2012 spring collection.

The brand 2012 ad campaign has boomed in the online world and fashion lovers are searching with “Christian Dior Spring 2012 Ad Campaign with Mila Kunis” keyword. She has replaced Natalie Portman. The actress is excited and feeling proud with the opportunity.

Talking about her new success to a website, the actress has admitted that her off-duty wardrobe consists mostly of jeans and teas and with this success she has got an excellent opportunity to glam up her look.

Mila said, “Dior has always been a sophisticated, beautiful and feminine brand for me.”

Delphine Arnault, deputy general manager of Dior, said that our reputed brand feels proud to select Mila as a brand ambassador. She is a talented and embodies the true modern women.” He also praises her remarkable performance in “Black Swan.”

Changing the face of the brand can bring more success for Christian Dior.  Its spring collection is remarkable. Floral handbags are introduced to fashionable women to give them fresh feeling. Try its rich collection to make yourself a step ahead in the field of fashion.

Revamp Your Wardrobe With Quality Shoes

Are you planning to revamp your wardrobe? Make it perfect by purchasing a good collection of branded shoes. Your walking style entirely depends on the shoes you wear. If your shoes are not comfortable, you cannot walk properly and that will ultimately make you embarrassed. Here are a few tips that one should always keep in mind before shopping for shoes.

Purchasing Tips

Try to look for branded or designer shoes. The cost may hamper your budget but when it comes to the quality it will give you a long term smile.  Make sure about replica. It may possible that the pair of shoes you are going to buy in the name of brand is replica. Being a good consumer take care of frauds because duplicate brands try to sell their product over branded to maximize their profit.

Purchasing heels is the desire of most girls because they boast impressive personality and a good height to petite women. High heels and flat remain in fashion, wear the style that suites you and is of right size.

Choosing Color

Colorful shoes make you look impressive. If you will wear them matching to your dress then it will fascinate the people around you. You should always have two or three evergreen color shoes like black, white, brown etc. to match with every type of dress.

Go For Trend

Look for the trend in the fashion world to search for the latest trendy shoes. It will boost your dressing sense. Thousands of brands like tod’s shoes are available that not only provide you with good service, but inspire you to be a shoe savvy by their varieties.

What you have to do is simply visit their website, enter the details like size, color, category, price etc. It will show you a range of your tastes. Select the shoes of your choices and pay the bill via your credit or debit card. Within a week you will get your ordered shoes at your doorstep.

Shopping Made Easier With Internet

Say goodbye to crowd malls and stores for buying a designer dress as, the internet has made the online clothing sales double. No wonder, people from all across the world who are bound to time, using online happily to shop for themselves and their family.

Now, with online shopping you can buy the stuff of your choices without wasting your precious time that you use to spend in shopping at your local areas. A wide collection of designers ready to wear and fashion accessories can easily find over the internet with your one click.

Working men and women generally have time for shopping. It is why they prefer visiting the online retail stores than to waste the time in local shopping. The most fascinating thing about the online shopping is it’s available for twenty four hours in a week. It takes a lot care about buyers as you can shop at any time and from anywhere. There is simply no need to step out from your home. Whatever the occasion marriage or party, you can search for designer clothes of different brands from online at an amazing price.

In other words, designer clothes shopping without burning a hole in your pocket! All you need to do is to visit any website of your favorite brand to choose the dress of your choice and enter your exact body measurements. Selection of the dress depends entirely upon the price, fabric, brand and the latest trend.

You can also take an advice from the expert that remains at your service by 24×7. The online chat support and calling  will help you clear your doubts. Various discount coupons provided by the sites fascinates the buyer.

Aforementioned will help you in choosing the dress and after your selection, bill it either by credit/debit card, net banking or any other source which suits to your comfort. The dress will be in your hands within a week. If you fail to get a good deal of your item, you may visit to some auction sites. The unique collections like celebrities dresses are also available on such sites. Make your bid to get the item at an affordable price.

Remember the old adage: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” So to be an alert  consumer, you must compare the price of an item from different sites to get a good deal.

Get The New Style With Skinny Belts

Recent fashion trend have shifted from thick, wide-belt to skinny belts. These pretty-looking belts are inexpensive, but when wear the one, it accentuates a thin waist and easy to mix-and-match to any dress. There is no need to do special shopping for a skinny belt.

Having 3-4 collection is enough to wear with formal and casual outfit. Here are some free styling tips that allow women to incorporate skinny belts into your personal style or to change your look with skinny belts.

If you want to deep down in the fashion world and ready to hold any style, it’s good to mix and match different fabrics and styles skinny belts to make a thick and unusual belt. The superb style will surely make you attractive. Weather it is a metallic, patent, cut-out, woven, leather and plaid, try to mix and match them and wear them together. Make sure about thickness; don’t wear more than 3-4 inches thick combination.

Examine your wardrobe and pull the dresses that you find go pretty with your skinny belt collection. You can wear a skinny belt with a silk tunic, mini frock, trouser, plain sweater and skirt. A knee high skirt with a silk top and a metallic skinny belt can be a nice combination for a night out and evening party.

The fashion accessory can be worn just above the navel to accentuate the thinnest waist of yours. Make sure about the fitting of your skinny. It’s should be loose and too tight. If you are petite woman and is healthy, try wearing a skinny belt through pant beltloops or around the hip.

Stylish Hogan Shoes – Bringing Perfection in Personality

My friend has shoes mania; she keeps looking for such places where she can get shoes of the latest fashion. And to surprise her, I planned to gift a pair of shoes on her birthday and then start searching the best pair for her. Though, it seemed difficult to find the peculiar one because she already has a good collection, but finally I decided to go with Hogan shoes.

As I have heard a lot of about this brand from some of my friends and am also following it since one year. I started spending quality time on the internet to get a unique pair of shoes of the brand to match her taste.

I was looking for the best quality; although all were very nice but, still it was difficult to choose a brighter diamond from a box of diamonds. I glimpse over the page and saw that there were many options for filtering the thoughts like color, heel size, price, shape, men/women etc. I was shocked to see the huge collection of both male and female Hogan shoes.

I felt myself a little bit confused but I had a clear picture of her wardrobe, so I decided to buy the blue one. It is because she doesn’t have a blue pair of shoes and she decided to wear a blue gown for her birthday party.

After clearing my doubts, I selected two pairs of shoes; one is for my friend and another one for me. I don’t want to compromise with my choice and decided to buy both. And a simple click on “Buy Now” made the ways much clear for me.

After entering the formal details of billing, I was done with my job. And all was set to make my friend surprised. The day came and after opening my gift I observe, she was feeling the fragrance of joy and happiness. And the same I felt to see a broad smile on her face.

Bows – Developing Personality In Men

My Friend was going for a party on Foundation Day of his company, he asked ‘how I m looking dude’? After having a look over him I thought that something was missing, then I suggested him to wear a black bow on his white shirt and he did the same. As he saw himself in the mirror, he found an amazing grace of his dress. He gave me a five with a broad smile on his face.

The trend of wearing bows is booming in the today’s fashion world. Male and female both are being greatly impressed by the bows style. The craze for the bows has made them an important part of one’s wardrobe. Today, varieties of bows are available in the market. You can choose anyone according to your need. I am going to explain the widely used bow tie to make the picture more clear to you.

Free Style Bow Tie

This style of tie comes with a fabric ribbon tied around the collor. The ribbon ends with a clip which in turn forms a loop when tied together. You can try this kind of bows style when going for an occasion where you have to look your best. One thing worth to mention here a bow tie should not be wider than your neck.

An occasion does matters a lot, means if you are going at a formal occasion you can use black color. If you’re going to a family function however, the color may be different according to your choice or mood.

Tying a bow tie is a little bit difficult than the ordinary neck tie. But with a practice you will be expert in tying. Hope the knowledge is worth for you and will help you in some ways.

Female Politicians Outfits

Being a politician is not a child’s play. There are lots of responsibilities- from taking care of people needs to self care. Today’s politicians, especially female politicians are no more behind in ruling efficiently and spend a few time for their self development. The blog is going to throw some lights on stylish women politicians those who have beauty with brain. These women have the credit to break the stereotyped image of female politicians.

Today, it seems that women all across the world realize that not only brain power helps them to be a leading politician, but should have style to say the world, “I am a lady to rule the world with my beauty with brain power.”

While talking about stylish politicians, it is Hillary Clinton comes up first in mind. The lady has well-maintained figure and charming personality. Her fascinating personality will surely influence the American voters in the next voting. Hillary has always seen in formal dress. She loves wear blue and red jackets with trousers. Her accessories are mainly medium heels and a well-matched necklace. Sometimes, she loves carry sunglasses which makes her a step ahead in fashion.

Talking on Political women’s favourite Bags, many love to have a beautiful clutch for evening parties. Nancy Pelosi, the 60th speaker of the United States, saw many times carrying beautiful clutches at the evening parties. Michel Obama who is although not a politician, but her husband presidency has made her famous, also loves to have a good collection of clutches.

Female politicians like carrying medium-sized bags which are sufficient enough to carry a few items.  They generally avoid bulky bags. They are with minimum accessories, but they carry in the way that make them attractive as well as professional.

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