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Find Distinctive Sense Of Fashion With The Duchess Of Cambridge Fashion Outfits

Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is admired for her fashion sense.  The Duchess of Cambridge gives a very tough competition to Hollywood divas in terms of fashion. Her dresses are a perfect blend of fashion and sobriety. She loves to wear red, nude, black, grey, white and blue color dresses. All her dresses are designer wears. The sober lady doesn’t mind to wear the dress more than one time. At many times, she spotted with the dresses that she wore when she was a common girl.

Kate and her sister Pippa, both are now considered a leading fashionista. Girls all across the world love to imitate these royal beauties. The greatest example of Kate’s imitation was her wedding gown that was designed by English designer Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. Right after the wedding, there were many wives-to-be imitated her wedding gown.

It is believed that Kate Middleton’s wedding dress will display at Buckingham Palace during this year’s summer opening.

The media has always been keeping an eye on her latest wears. The royal fashion sense is sure to get attention of media whenever she goes out. Now, the good news is that imitating the Duchess of Cambridge style is so easy.

You just don’t need to spend your precious time in moving one fashion store to another in order to find out dresses like Kate loves to wear.  To copy her style, there are some new clothing lines available in the online world that keep an eye on duchess latest style and bring to you that with no time.

All dresses are available at an affordable price. You just need to give inspiration to your thoughts that you want to look like the Duchess of Cambridge.  From her small accessories to ready-to-wear, all you can get at an unbelievable price. In other words, these stores are one stop shopping destination for buying the Duchess of Cambridge style clothes, bags, shoes and even earrings. So, when you are going to shop.

The Right Measurement Technique to Make Shoes Shopping Easier

Buying a pair of perfect size shoes is a tougher job. There are many things that you cannot avoid while shopping for shoes. According to the latest study, it has been proved that men are careless for their shoes shopping. They avoid measuring their feet which in result able them to get improper fitting shoes. Remember, measuring the width is crucial for getting the correct size shoes.

If you only measure the length, it’s totally impossible to get the exact size. Calluses, blisters and discomfort are some not to be avoided causes of your incorrect selection. There are many who have experienced deformities due to this vary reason.

Let’s know how to measure the width of your feet.

Place a white large paper on the floor that is large enough for your feet. Secure the paper with tape to keep it from moving.

Wear socks before measuring and stand easy on the paper. Bend your knee to trace around your feet with the help of a pencil. Make sure the pencil is straight while tracing. Don’t forget to trace your feet properly- from the top of toes to around the heel.

When the tracing is done, it’s time to get off the paper and manages to draw a straight line in the areas left where you have left tracing.

Now, measure the widest area of your drawn picture. You need to note down the measurement of each foot. Measure them separately to get the right size, because both legs carry different sizes. The difference is very minor that you unable to notice without measurement.

Finally, shopping time has come. You can do local and online shopping. While shopping online, your measurement will seem to you a worthy decision. Whether you are purchasing designer shoes Clearance or common formal shoes, you measurement will help you buy the perfect size shoes. So, when you are going for shopping something special for your feet.

Find A Unique Style With Spring 2012 Shoes

No wonder, girls with different minds has one common weakness that is their love for shoes.  It is not very surprising to say that this phenomenon can start at a quite young age and at their teens the love of shoes is at its peak.  However, to keep continue their obsession of shoes, there are hundreds of shoes manufacturing companies. But in hundreds, there are some like Gucci, Prada and Chanel have known for quality with style.

Every year, these fashion houses try to bring new style shoes. You can find varieties in colors, styles and fabrics in women collection. The spring 2012 shoes of many brands are unremarkable. They have experimented with colors, heels and styles.  You can find a peep toe 5-inch heels embedded with sequins and have complicated straps to find a unique look.

It is simply no wonder to say that fashion industries are quite picky for their shoes collection. From boots to simple office heels are styled to make women stylish and fashionable.

Different styles of wedge shoes…

The lower wedge is one of the most popular styles. It has a plastic lower that makes a lower wedge perfect for casual applications. Combining wedges with shorts, casual skirts and jeans is really a good idea. No wonder, lower wedges are an ideal choice for people have trouble walking with heels because they provide comfortable walk.

Cork wedges are for women who want to get back the 70s style. These wedges can easily go well with both casual and formal outfits. Corks looks appealing with shorts, but also gives cool looks with skirts as well. If you are looking for a wedge for more formal looks, it’s good to buy the pair that has a seamless heel. These types of wedges are perfect for short dresses and are comfortable if you are planning to spend quality time with heels. So, this spring gears up your style with cool wedges.

Find Evergreen Style With Pastel Color

While shopping for a perfect dress, you give special consideration to the style and color of the dress. No wonder, the color of a dress is as important as the style. Choosing the right color makes you look simmer, brighten your face and eyes. It is a color that makes you look beautiful and attractive.

Let’s see how to choose the right color…

Light Cool Tones

Women with light skin, eyes and hair look best in dresses that are muted and light pastels. The light skin color women should try to choose soft color dresses that will not overpower their skin tone. Today, pastel color trend is high and colors such as heather gray, slate blue, rosy pink, lavender and pale yellow are nice choices for women with light skin tones. They can complement their looks with white, off-white and cream.

Light Warm Tones

Aqua, peach and gold are some of the best colors for women with light warm tones. They should strictly avoid dark or muted color dresses as these colors don’t complement their looks. Fashion designers suggest them go with off-white and cream. They should say not to pure white and black.

The discussion of pastel colors cannot over. Day to day, designers try to bring something new and innovative color dresses for their consumers. The interesting thing is that there have revolutionary changes seen in terms of color choices. More and more young women love to go with pastels. They feel light color dresses comfortable, stylish and adorable. Not for casual outings, but also for evening parties, they are opting pastels. Now, the time has come to say that pastels are no more choices of only middle-aged women. These colors are for youngsters who want to maintain their style forever.

So, this summer season you can switch to pastels. No matter, how your skin tone is, try pastels at least once to see a great difference in your personality. I am sure, you will love these innovative colors.

How to Purchase Authentic Marc Jacobs

When it comes to fashionable and durable shoes, Marc Jacobs is one of the most famous brands, gives a tough competition to Gucci, Prada and many other well reputed brands. Each season, customers from different corners of the world desperately wait for marc jacobs shoes, ready-to-wear and accessories. The brand stands for high quality cutting-edge clothes and shoes.

If you are a real lover of Marc Jacobs trendy wears, it’s good to know from where you will purchase its authentic collection. There are many replicas of the brand and don’t take risks to buy its collection from a local or a new online store that you think can cheat you.

Marc Jacobs sells its trendy wears through scour department stores like Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. Search out these stores in your area or state. If they are available, you will be the lucky one.

Marc is one of many brands that respect the feeling of children. It is why it offers cute and lovely dresses for kids under the “Little Marc” brand.

Purchasing from an online store can be a wise idea. Make sure about the online store authenticity. Knowledge on how to identify Marc’s collection can make your online shopping full of fun.

To discover the website authenticity, it’s better to check the client tales. Every online store wants to make their good reputation and reading the client comments, you can know the online store authenticity. If you notice more than 2-3 negative comments of an online store, it’s better to say no to the store. Another important thing is avoid purchasing from a new online store. Carefully read the company terms and policies. Go through the payment mode and the shipping charge. Noticing everything alright can make your online purchase easy and full of satisfaction.

To go for profound checking, you can check the logo of Marc Jacobs. Compare the logo with the Marc’s original website.

Don’t buy from an online store that offers astonishing discount rates. It might be selling unauthentic Marc’s collection.

Check Out Some Iconic Fashion Designers

Writing on fashion is our hobby. We are here with one aim to make you fashionable, but we feel that something is missing. Yes, you are thinking write. We miss to discuss briefly on fashion designers who have changed the face of fashion drastically. This write up pays tribute to those iconic designers who have changed the definition of fashion with their designer wears.

Alexander McQueen

The British fashion designer is no more with us, but his designer wears is still getting a great hit in the Paris fashion weeks. From Kate Middleton to Hollywood divas, they love to wear Alexander’s creations. The designer has always been in memory of fashion designers and fashion lovers due to his in-depth knowledge of bespoke British tailoring. Alexander worked as chief designer at Givenchy from 1996 to 2001. The great designer was awarded with British Designer of the Year awards in 1996, 2001 and 2003. His designs were truly unique.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Richard Klein is another very famous fashion designer who launched the company that is later known as Calvin Klein Inc. In addition to clothing, he is master in selling a wide range of fragrances, watches and jewelry. In 1981, 83 and 93, he received an award from Councils of Fashion Designs of America. Apart from designing, he is master in acting and appeared in cameos like Episode 15 and Season 3.

Giorgio Armani

The Italian fashion designer is particularly known for his menswear. His clean tailored lines are appreciated by fashion lovers. From 1975 to 2001, he was considered one of the most prominent designers of Italy. The designer artistic style is fresh in the memory of fashion lovers. Armani business is still adding so many giant leaps.

Like them, there are so many fashion designers from different corners of the world that have changed the face of fashion world.

Jazz-Up Your Style With Balenciaga’s Colorful Collection

Fashion repeats itself. Today, there are many fashion brands that don’t hesitate to repeat the style that went almost a century ago. A fashion house called Balenciaga 2012 collection of handbags are somewhat inspire from 60s colorful collection. Leaving the stereotype colors like black and white behind, the brand comes up with blue, red, green, off white and many shades to woo the handbag lovers.

If you are in the queue of colorful bags, you can choose summer 2012 Balenciaga colors. There are 13 hues added in its 2012 summer handbags so that your wardrobe will get rich collection.

If you want to continue your glam quotient, here are some ways to buy authentic Balenciaga handbags.

Balenciaga knows for its rich quality fabric bags. The brand never compromises in quality and its bags are trademarked by their soft, extremely thin leather that can distress but cannot crack.

It doesn’t matter what color bag you are purchasing. The thing to notice is the leather shine. The interesting thing is that Balenciaga bags are not shiny, but look natural with a craggy appearance.

Take bubbles out from the bag and stand it alone. If the bag doesn’t stand, it means you are purchase a real Balenciaga bag. It is made of thin leather and it cannot stand.

Carefully check the hardware of the bag. If you notice gold or silver zippers, it means the bag is unauthentic. Real Balenciaga has brass or matte silver hardware.

Remember, if you want to enjoy authenticity without any fear, you should do shopping from the Balenciaga official website or from the online stores that have got a good reputation. Shopping of branded garments or accessories always gives pleasure. If you know some shopping tips, it will be enjoyable. Today, tens of thousands fashion lovers are getting smarter day by day. They have understood the value of branded wears. They are chasing quality instead of quantity. Now, it’s your turn. So, go ahead to find the new trend with Balenciaga.

How to Stretch Your Gucci Loafers

When it comes to know the name of famous loafer manufacturers, it is Gucci name comes first in mind.  Gucci is known for its stylish and durable loafers. Though, loafers have always been a favorite accessory of men, but Gucci has brought a new turn in the trend of loafers. Black, brown and different color loafers are introducing by Gucci every year.  It is no wonder to say that Gucci shoes are designed to give comfort and style together.  The Italy fashion house has put its own spin on the classic shoes by adding tassel and metal ornaments and now its loafers are known as “the Gucci Loafer.”

If you are interested to your Gucci loafers, please do it carefully. The thousands dollar shoes need care. No wonder, they are made of premium quality materials and to stretch the loafer, you also need to use quality materials.

It is advised to use a wooden shoe stretching kit in order to get a uniform stretch. Some apply plastic to stretch loafers, but the material doesn’t give the desired result. It bends and ruins the actual shape of your branded Gucci loafer. Carefully, insert the wooden stretcher as this is the first process.

Measure your leg and with the help of hinge-set screws stretch the loafer slowly. Make sure the loafer is not over stretched because there is no chance of undo.

To get the actual stretching size, you can use a sand paper to shape the wooden stretcher.

These are a few tips to stretch shoes. If you don’t want to take any risks of stretching, you can take help from a cobbler in your area. They are expert in this field.

One more important thing that can escape you from stretching your shoes is to carefully measure your feet. It is always advised to measure feet separately. Branded shoes are expensive and a little misinformation will detain you to get your desired shoes.

How To Find The Perfect Style With Handbags

Handbags are such that women cannot avoid. No wonder, there are leaps and bounds competitions in the fashion market in terms of handbags. They give 110% warranty of bold and stylish look with their collection. Some famous names like Gucci, Prada, Chanel and Burberry bags are style statement. With changing seasons, you can see new colors, patterns and designs modify women handbags. Though, there are some handbags that accentuate your physique while some are utilitarian. Take your time to find the perfect bag that suits your personality.

Remember the way you accessorize your outfit is as important as the clothes you wear. You cannot achieve the style you are longing for until you select the right accessories. It is no wonder to say that women tend to notice the awkward mismatch earlier than men.

One should try to avoid the bag that is not matching her outfit. Try the one that blends in beautifully and easily.

Considerably, you should try to choose the handbag that goes with more than one outfit.

Let’s see the ways to go for the best handbag.

If you want to get rid of the attraction from your waist down, then the superb idea is to switch to small purses. Choose the one that has a short strap and is easily tucked in under the arm. A small purse draws observers’ attention upward.

If you want the attention to your lower back, you can choose a longer strap bag.

Sleek and tall figure girls can go in for a large tote bag to add some volume to their styles.

Women with normal height but impressive figure are free to go for any size and style bags.

The general suggestions for women is that they can choose a medium length strap bag if they want to draw attention to the upper half instead of full body.

How To Shop For Prada

Prada, the luxury Italian fashion label has got fame for its unique fashion accessories. Its collections are hand-picked and examined carefully before introducing in the fashion market. To match the taste of fashion divas, the fashion house doesn’t hesitate to experiment with colors, patterns and designs. The 2012 spring collection is also the hard labor Prada fashion designers.

No wonder, Prada shoes which inspired from American tailfin cars are high in demand and the Prada’s New tweeds are also expecting to be high in trend. Black and white shaded combination makes the new weed bags different and unique. The interesting thing is that these bags can easily run for both parties and office. Tote and clutch styles are available to meet your needs. Neutral tweed with satin trim is ladylike.

The dual purpose bag is ideal for fashion women who have desire to get a Prada bag that goes well with formal and casual outfits. If you want to buy its new collection, it will be good to buy from its official website. There are so many replicas available in the market. In no time, the new collection replicas are available to make your fool.

You just think that there is no photocopy of the new collection, but you are absolutely wrong. Replica manufacturers take no time to introduce the photocopy of new collection.

Being a smart shopper, don’t forget to check the quality of the bag before purchasing. Go through the lining, fabric and logo to buy an authentic Prada bag. No wonder, the brand collection is exclusive and expensive, so avoid buying the one that is available in a great discount. It could be replica. Try to feel the leather quality. Stitching of the bag should be cleaned. Noticing the loose thread means, you are on the way to purchase a fake bag.

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