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Shoes Freaks Beware While Choosing Heels

When it comes to glamor, how can one forget about shoes? You feet need care and style at the same time. Like your clothes, you should give special time for selecting the best pair of shoes. The recent survey from all across the world has come with a quite astonishing data. According to the survey, around 70% women love to have shoes for the sake of fashion. They take comfort in the corner when it comes to style. What is in the latest trend and to follow it is their prime motto whether it is comfortable or not.

Age doesn’t come in front of fashion whether a 40-year-old woman or a sweet 16-year-old girl loves to slip into the latest trendy pair of shoes. Women who are conscious about style and comfort are a few and they are known as Pointy Heel-Loving Ladies. Do you want to keep yourself fit into a women who is obsessed with shoes, but don’t deny the level of comfort.

The first lesson of buying a pointy-heel sandal is your habit to wear it comfortably. If you are a first buyer of heels, it’s better to invest in a local brand first. The local brands are not so expensive and will help you learn how to wear heels comfortably. It’s essential to wear your heels every occasion to pick up the best balance in every situation. Try to wear your heels when you go for night outing, shopping and even for casual meet. Once you are become confident to wear heels comfortably, you can switch to designer wears.

Don’t go with style and choose the one that you feel comfortable and suits to your personality. Well, point heels look very appealing. You don’t need to prod your mind to choose the style. You just need to give special care to the size and color. The shoes you are going to purchase should match with you outfits. If you go with black heels, you can flaunt them with different outfits.

How to Find the Best Style with Shoes

Gone are the days when women didn’t give a special time to select their shoes. But today’s women are quite conscious about their shoes. They want to maintain their style with the right selection whether it is shoes or dresses.  If the dress color is red, the pair of shoes should be red. The style of shoes also matters a lot.

Pumps look good with mini dresses or floor-length gowns. Strap sandals and pee-toe sandals too look good when you combine with mini dresses and gowns. Boots find their proper look when you combine them with jeans and cow boy looks. However, there are certain shoes for certain types of dressings.  Women have verities in terms of shoes. They don’t need to confuse with the selection of the right pair if they know how to find stunning looks.

Today, there are many fashion houses like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Westwood want to give their consumers new style. It is why these fashion houses are always in try to present something unique and innovation. Talking on Westwood shoes, the brand has created a revolution in the fashion world with its plastic shoes in 2010. You just amaze to know that the jelly shoe is made of only plastic.

The flat shoes are considered an ideal beach wear. Each pair is known as the holiday footwear because it doesn’t require enough space in your bag. Just mold the shoes and pack them for your beach holiday.

The 2012 collection is also amazing as the Westwood comes up with check shoes. Checks boots, check sandals and even check jogging shoes. Combing red with blue to create some innovative check shoes is all about to enhance your style. So, are you ready to change yourself with these designers innovative collection?

Take A Look On Men’s Street Style

With changing times, not only women but also men are changing their style. A large majority of men do want to look stylish and attractive. They want to come up as a man who can give a tough competition to women in terms of fashion. Looking at the craze for fashion in men, there are several fashion houses offering a wide variety of men’s wears. The interesting thing about designer wears is that pink, red and violet colors are no more for girls only. In other words, designers are trying hard to give men’s fashion a new turn with adding shiny colors, fabrics and textures.

Gone are the days when cottons shirts were considered an ideal wear for men. Today, instead of cotton, silk and polyester are using to give men outfits a new look. On a cool Men’s street style, you can notice a silk muffler and a flower print tee teamed with a blue or black color jeans with a hope to get something unique.   Yes, that’s the unique style you are hunting for.

Recently, Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton men’s spring collection has got much appreciation from urban elites. It is just because of their uniqueness. These brands have tried hard to add a new kind of flavor to men’s spring fashion.

Wallets to shoes, a kind of modernization have discovered in all accessories.  Belts, the most sought after fashion accessories for men’s, have also found a new turn. Big and shiny buckles are used to team with chic shirts and pants. Talking on the last year 2011 winter collection, you just amaze to know that men’s court weren’t spared to accessories with faux. It is believed a kind of revolution in the fashion industry will soon to be discover.

Spring 2012’s Most Wearable Fashion Trends

Spring, the season always excites fashion lovers from all across the world. Fashion in spring is always at its peak. It’s why fashion industries try put their best for the season. Every year designers come up with varieties of colors and stylish outfits. Weather it is a bag or a ready-to-wear, a sense of fashion has always been shown in fashion houses like Gucci, Prada, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein. It is safe to say every design house tries to come up with something new and innovative collection. A tough competition goes on the runway in every spring and the winner is who has topped to create something unique and outstanding.  Though, the result is beneficial for consumers who have got opportunities to soak themselves in fashion.

 Marc Jacobs

This year spring collection is something very special for Marc Jacobs. Shiny fabrics and use of sequins have made its collection unique. A fabric looked like a translucent plastic is used in many of its creations. Paper-thin leather coats and leafy sequins give illusion of windswept fur were the center of attraction in the runway when Marc Jacobs collection were unveiled by 42 models. Bags and shoes have the fabric seems like a clear plastic. Colors like ice blue, lemon, maroon and Nile green have been used greatly. You can say Marc Jacobs collection “spring 2012’s most wearable fashion trends.”


The spring 2012 collection for Gucci is to play with shines. Most of its designer wears have golden work perfect for evening parties. A short metallic jacket embellished with gilt buttons can be worn with a black pant to get the style you are expecting.

So, it’s time to revive your outfits with Marc Jacobs and Gucci innovative collections. There are other fashion industries too from where you can get unique and outstanding outfits. Ready to shake your legs with these designer wears.

Fashionable And Affordable Melissa Shoes

You might look as fashionable as Angelina Jolie or other Hollywood Divas. But if a pair of shoes doesn’t fit well, what will you do.

Recently, the question asks to a good majority of women in Britain and 5 out of 10 women have answered “I buy it anyway.”

The recent survey has been taken from a reputed website and they come out with this shocking fact. According to them around 37% percent women love to buy an uncomfortable pair of shoes if the pair is high in trend.

The fact is not only related to women, but around 17% men also love to have ill-fitting shoes if they are in trend.

No wonder, the wrong size shoes tend to create foot problems like bunions, ingrowing nails, corns and cracked heels. Women who choose to wear ill-fitting shoes often suffer these problems and among them only 20% make a visit to a doctor to get relief from them.

Doctors suggest women to think 10 times before purchasing a wrong pair of shoes, because by buying such shoes they are not only going to end up in discomfort, but they are also putting their health at risk.

Now, the question is how to buy shoes that fit well and are in trend. The simple answer of the question is to buy branded wears like melissa shoes. These branded shoes are comfortable and are made in keeping mind the width and length of women feet. They simply produce feminine shoes. The interesting thing about branded wears is that you can think of buying flat shoes. Pink, blue, green and animal prints are some interesting color use to make women shoes fashionable. Even wearing flat shoes, you can count as a modern and smart girl.

To get the right pair, you just need to measure your feet separately that you can do yourself or visit the local shoe store for measurement. Once your measurement is over, you can easily shop for branded and fashionable shoes from the online world. After all, this is the foremost way to find the latest collection.

Ways To Spot An Authentic Chanel Bag

When it comes to high-end fashion brands, Chanel comes up in the list of top ten fashion houses. The brand has been serving designer wears for more than 100 years. It was Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel founded the Chanel fashion house in 1909 in Paris, France. Today, the brand is world famous. Under the lap of the fashion house, there have been 1,027 people working for producing out-of-the-box exclusive haute couture, perfume, shoes and handbags.

Every year, the brand tries to come up with something very exclusive for their consumers. The spring 2012 bags are truly fantastic for Chanel. Designers have presented different colors and styles bags that can easily team up with any types of dresses.

No wonder, the brand is always very demanding among urban elites.  They find Chanel collection innovative. Though, getting a Chanel bag is a dream of many girls, looking at the demand there are many manufacturers come with replica of it. Here are some of the best ways to identify an authentic bag.

Go through the logo of Chanel bags.  Chanel bags carry the logo that is different from its other products logo. Check the brand official website to notice the logo of Chanel. The Chanel logo has 2 interlocking “C” letters that face away from each others.

Go through the bag card to check out the serial number. If you don’t notice any card or card has no serial number, it means you are going to purchase a fake bag.

The serial number should be placed somewhere within the bag- lower left or on the zipper pocket. The sticker that carries serial number should be white and has 2 gold Chanel logos.

Carefully examine the serial number of both in the bag and in the card. They should be matched.

Here comes the quality of the bag. The bag fabric should be of good quality. You can easily notice a kind of luster.

Don’t forget to look at hardware of the bag. There should be logo engraved in the hardware.

The last but not the list thing is to buy from a well-reputed store. Don’t take risk to buy this brand bags from any local store or a new online store. Before purchasing from an online store, don’t forget to know the authenticity of the site. Remember, you are going to pay a hug bucks for a Chanel bag.

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