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Shopaholics! Grab Your Stuff From Designer Clearance

Every now and then, particularly with the changing seasons, the renowned designers from across the globe launch their all new clothing and accessories line for the customers. In the beginning of the season with the demand is high and supply generally tends to fell short, the price of these designer collection usually touches the skyline making it affordable only for the rich and famous brand cautious individuals.

They would spend any amount to wear their favorite designer’s latest offering. But by the end of the season, with falling demands the price also tends to decrease making it affordable for not-so-rich but brand-freaky guys and gals.

At that point in time, the clothes and accessories are sold at low prices owing to heavy discounts. This is called ‘Designer Clearance’. Here I am covering some of the shoes (both under men & women categories) that are now available at discounted rates owing to Designer Clearance sales –

1.  Yves Saint Laurent women’s shoes Spring/Summer 2012 – this spectacular shoe is made from the combination of patent leather, rope, rubber and metal. The blend of gold and red color gives it a unique look. You can get it at a discount of about 120-150$

2.  Vivienne Westwood ‘Shearling Pirate Boots’ – The black colored long gum boots made of suede leather and shearling  just looks perfect for the party or when out for fun. The MRP is $899 but you can grab these awesome shoes for just $629 under the SALE offer.

3.  Christian Dior men’s shoes (Last Pairs) – made of the light fabric, leather and rubber, they can easily give you the comfort that you’ve probably been waiting for long. The main colors are grey, white, blue and red. The discount offer is simply fantastic. Grab these shoes for startling price of $399 only when the original price is almost the double at $680. Almost the twin in black-grey color cab be bagged for $329 as compared to the original price of $615

These and many more are available at great SALE prices. All you need to do is hurry up and get the one you desire before they get out of stock. Such designer clearance stock doesn’t last for long because they offer the two-in-one match of brand name and affordable low price. Grab these SALE offers before it’s too late

Ways To Tantalize Your Looks With Black Dress

Black is a timeless and a versatile color. But in 2012 it has come back in a new avatar to capture the wardrobe of pretty ladies. With this you can get sober, elegant and stylish look. This is because black makes you look slim and sophisticated.

Do you know that Punks, Emo kids, Goths and New York intellectuals like to wear everything in black? Even today black remains hot favorite among all and it is true that everybody cannot carry themselves in total black look. But avoid wearing different shades of black that removes all elegance of the hue.

The first version of little black dress or LBD as popularly it is known as was created by Coco Chanel in 1926.  It was remarkable way to get noticed and look elegant. Women looked attractive in this with bright accessories and high stilettos.

It is seamless and essential part of a woman’s closet. It looks good in any formal occasion and is available in various styles like spaghetti strap, long sleeves, cap sleeve, one shoulder and myriad of other styles. You can wear this dress in different types of ways.

There were certain rules for this kind of dress. It should necessarily cover your knees. It should not be decorated with details like embroidery, flounces or frills. The cut on the waist should be accurate. If the dress had sleeves it should be narrow without any designs.

It was obligatory to dress up with thin black stockings. Necessarily it was required to wear closed finger shoes. You could pair these with the help of large ornaments. Ladies usually carried a classical handbag with a chain.

Here are some ways to wear LBD to get a total black look.

Audrey Hepburn was the first lady to rock this dress with a sparkling pearl set in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Most girls are inspired by this classic style and pair it with fabulous set of pearls. This is a perfect look for any occasion including fancy dinner and formal occasion.

Get a casual look by pairing it with a scarf. Wear bright colors of the season like pinks and teals or go for neutral colors like sand or grey color. The outfit goes perfectly with a pair of flats or broken in boots.

If you get conscious if that little black dress might be bit bland for a party then put some sparkle in your little black dress. Accessorize it with shiny vest to make your black dress from plain to fabulous.




Celine Handbags: For Stylish Looks And Cozy Feel

It has been long since the brand Celine was incepted in 1945. In the beginning, it started with children’s shoes and gradually became a renowned name in a wide range of products and accessories for its characteristic persuasive and chic style. Celine handbags are particularly popular among fine women.

It was a milestone in the history of the company when, in 1963, it launched leather products for modern sophisticated ladies. In fact, this line made the name Celine global in its truest sense.

The next major turn happened in 1969 with the expansion of the series including an introductory ready to wear elegant and fashionable collection.

Now, it is a known name for sunglasses, perfumes and handbags among other products. Here, let us have an eye on the range of its handbags that are in vogue these days. And for having a detailed look on the products you may readily like to opt for browsing certain websites as it would save your time visiting the showrooms and interacting with the salesman for any minor detail.

These online showrooms have each and every detail on any product and you can know anything about the products from the dimensions, material used in making them, the close up pics of the products, terms of delivery and so on. You can get it just through clicking on your mouse.

Black color with comparatively bigger but stylish Celine Handbags is what is in vogue these days, among the collection from Celine. Interestingly, the emphasis is on styling the straps in various curious ways to lend the bags a unique beautiful look. Followed by black in popularity are the cream and other contrasting colored bags. Suede leather, leather and metal are the materials employed to give them a fine touch, feel and look. The popular sizes are about 1ftx1ftx9in.

However, prior to moving on finalizing any deal on the bags through the online shopping, you need to make it sure it sells just real Celine products. The authenticity of the transaction matters a lot.




Fashion Never Seems To Fade With Celine Phantom Bag



The craze over Celine bag has been seen for some time now. This simply does not seem to stop because the look of the bag is contagious. In fact it has simply walked out of the ramp to Hollywood. The industry has accepted it that everyone seems to carry this bag from Kardashians to top actresses to pop stars.

They all have been spotted carrying Celine Phantom Bag. They pretty much carry it 24x7and love it’s original design.

It is a perfect casual bag which can be carried on all occasions. This even matches with your night out. Even Kim Kardashian was seen sporting this bag. She matched it with bright tangerine dress and a pair of nude high heels. In fact this is not an ordinary casual travel bag where you can dump all your belongings.

It is not only classic and fun but functional as well. It has a smooth leather finish which makes it apt to be carried during day or night. You can carry it while shopping; and during night or pair it with your club outfit.

Celine Phantom Bag works best with a pair of jeans, cute LBD (Little Black Dress) as well as with boot and blazer which helps you get that amazingly gorgeous look. You will be surprised to know that it is a chic accessory to add to your wardrobe.

It is not only stylish but large enough to carry all knick-knacks for a perfect night out without feeling awkward or clumsy. Girls for sure are not going to be disappointed  with this bag.



How Old Is Your Hand Bag, Lady?

You might naturally ask what difference it actually makes. But you know from very inside of your heart that it matters. Handbags are something that no more a means to protect or carry your goods; these have to lend a feel of wearing something admirable and satisfying.

Do consider your hand bag matches your dress and personality well before others start pointing out or noticing that it does not. Following is a description of the latest Fendi handbags in the market that are always worth shedding an eye on.

When you consider a new hand bag, the most confusing as well as admiring aspect is color. Silver and sky blue is in trends these days at Fendi showrooms. Apart from these, classic black and cream colors are in fashion this season. Ochre color with black beadings also looks fabulous.

There are different shades of red, coral and rust. Those with fine artwork also lend a charming look to the lady carrying the bag. There are also some tricolor bags with straps having the contrasting colors. For example the bag may have white and light brown color with its long straps having shining black color.

While choosing the bags you have to consider your dressing sense as well as the occasion when you are heading to buy Fendi handbags. The company is a well known manufacturer of ladies’ handbags along with other fashion accessories. It will be interesting to note that the company is on its way to offer up to 25 percent discount on its selected products including handbags.  So, it may be high time to consider that your handbags have become older and you can think to change the existing lone with a couple of trendy and glowing bags.

Do consider the size of the bag depending on the occasion you tend to wear that. If you are looking for a bag to carry that to your office, it must be spacious enough to carry the goods of daily office use. Conversely, if you tend to buy one for parties, it needs to be colorful and lightweight so you may carry it like an ornament.

Prada Sunglasses: The Effective And Fashionable Eyewear

There is a significant change in the mindset of the people towards using sunglasses. People may have used the sunglasses for the stylish looks but the fact is that these are even more important today for the protection of eyes.

Walking in the bright sunlight is a difficult job; it drains the energy of your body. I was amazed to see the difference after using the sunglasses (I used them first a few years before). You definitely feel lesser taxed nerves after walking in the bight sunny day.

I have used many over the years and felt really good about Prada sunglasses. These glasses are probably the best available in the markets, in offering the optimal value to your money. It doesn’t matter why a person is using sunglasses, these sunglasses are the best. There are, in fact, only two reasons a person may use these. He or she may either use these to look stylish or for the protection of eyes and more often it is a combination of both.

The sunglasses from Prada are unique in their designs and are available in large number of shapes, sizes and colors. You can be sure of finding one that seems to be “just made for you”. Users will agree with me that the facial structure plays a pivotal role in determining the sunglasses that suits you better.

Similarly, the choice of sunglasses varies from one activity to the other. With Prada sunglasses, you can be sure getting the most befitting one for you or your loved ones.

The sunglasses from Prada are excellent in providing the protection to your eyes. The main reason behind this is the use of high quality glass used in these. This is instrumental in reflecting back the ultra-violet radiation, which have the potential of causing the cataracts and other defects.

Looking at all the benefits associated with these, you might be thinking that these may be associated with huge price, which is not the fact. These sunglasses come unexpectedly with low prize. This gives you the option of having a few of these to use at different occasions. This will help you create a very good and stylish image of yours.

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