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Ferragamo Clutches: Style That A Woman Carries Along

There is no doubt to the fact that women simply cherish their clothes and accessories. Not only that, some are so possessive about their belongings that they simply can’t stand another woman wearing or carrying something that gets more attention and compliments from the others.

And some blessed ones would spend any amount of money on luxury brands to stay ahead of the race. The clothing accessories play a dominant role in crafting the complete body appearance. One such important accessory for woman is the clutch.

There are numerous international brands that offer clutches with myriad designs and texture. One can pick from a wide range of sizes depending upon personal taste and preference. The basic idea behind clutches is to feel free when going outdoors, especially for an evening party or a romantic dinner with hubby or boyfriend.

No lady would like to be disturbed by the nuisance of carrying heavy and big bags when out for fun and entertainment. And they are supposed to compliment the evening dress and get almost the same number of compliments as the former. One of the most renowned brands offering this accessory is the Salvatore Ferragamo. The Ferragamo evening clutches are amongst the most luxurious clutches across the globe.

However, there is a small concern that needs to be taken care of as far as the clutches are concerned. They are not that spacious and you can’t stuff it with cosmetics and other items as you can do with your general big sized bags.

They are supposed to carry the very essential items like money, credit/debit card, mobile phone, lipstick, eye-lasher, etc. That counts for the basic items required for quick final touches to the make-up right before entering the venue. You can’t stuff with the complete kit of cosmetic products.

Evening clutches make up for the complete style statement for any lady. They can be reasonably priced as well as can have sky rocketing prices, all depending upon the brand name and quality of the material used. The gorgeous ladies out there have to decide for themselves.

I would just recommend the husbands and the boyfriends to be more cautious when their love tells them that she is thinking of buying a clutch. On the other hand, they make up for a nice present for the girl of your dreams.




Green Fashion In With Gucci Bamboo Handbags

Every woman is fetish to have Gucci bamboo bags as they are famous for their innovative design and high quality. This handbag is known for its classic style. In 2010, this handbag came up with its new avatar reinvented by Frida Giannini- Gucci design director. He integrated advanced technology in its traditional design and re-defined the classic features of the bag.

The original Gucci bamboo bags have finely crafted lines. This designer bag is made up of pig skin which has curved bamboo handle. This new fashion style was immediately perceived by fashionistas. During 60 century, Gucci bamboo bags became hot favorite among Hollywood celebs.

The designer has intelligently blended extraordinary and excellence of craftsmanship. This bag is made up of 140 parts and is hand-sewed by professional and experienced workers. The bag is so perfect in its detail that it requires nearly 13 hours to finish.

The new collection has diverse selection of choices. The original sewing of the hand bag has been interchanged by a bulging leather trimming bag. Previously Gucci used nickel alloy to make the bag look cool and stylish. The new collection has shoulder handle and simultaneously comes with a metal chain which is embellished with bamboo and tassels.

Since bamboo is an eco-friendly bag, the colors and textures have a perfect combination. Apart from being fashionable and modern, the bag has high-utility quotient. It has a flexible design which is made by joining together the rivets of bamboos with canvas.

Today bamboo products are being reinvented and encouraged due to its green material. This way it is in vogue and fashionable among women. Added to all these, the natural hue of the bag make it attractive and fashionable.

Bamboo handbag is quite useful to accommodate lot of things without making the bag look shapeless. Therefore it is a dynamic bag and quite accommodating. After you have used this bag you can flatten it and keep it aside. The introduction of green bamboo is the fashion arena has made it quite popular. This way it looks natural and classy.

No doubt the classic the humble bamboo has evolved all these years and lot of formidable things can be made out of it starting from bags, furniture and toys. The older the bag becomes the classier it is, therefore it is worth investing in it. The material is entirely biodegradable and does not harm the forest as bamboos grows very fast and get replenished again. So go for Gucci bamboo bags!




Beautify Your Look With Designer Handbags

The annoying situation is unbearable when it comes to one’s personality. It can really disturb the mood and may be a reason of insufficient work or lack of concentration. Hence it becomes necessary to consider this aspect seriously and make appropriate changes in your life. Buying daily use accessories like handbags can be a great deal for you, if they boost your confidence and improve your personality.

In today’s fashionable world, the market of designer handbags is on peak. Customers want new collections to meet their necessities and designers also try their best to meet their expectations. So, you have a good chance to review a number of accessories in the market.

There are several things that you need to consider while buying designer handbags to meet your requirements. Many people have misperception that they can carry the designer handbags in parties or special occasion.

But it’s not the same case with every designer handbag. You can use designer yet formal handbags in your day-to-day life like carrying them in office.

Designers keep this point in their mind and come up with different designs. Most young girls have different choice for handbags than elderly women. And, handbag companies produce various sorts of collections as per the age groups.

Though, this totally depends upon individuals and their likes and dislikes. To broader your choices, you can also have a good look at Paul Smith handbags. These are not only popular among normal customers, but celebrities too.

If you are a fan of any model or film star, you can also find out the branded handbag which she loves to wear it. But, ensure that you keep an eye on the price because celebrities used to buy expensive accessories. Moreover, it is important to thoroughly consider whether the particular brand meets all your requirements.




Square Bags Are In Fashion

At the moment, square bags are in and everything else is out. I kid of course but these bags have taken the industry by storm and everyone seems to be sporting them. They are an ideal option for everything from a night out with the girls to a day with your newly found lover. These bags emphasize clear lines, perfect corners and rigid structures.

Unlike normal bags they are not loose and nothing moves inside them. Most of these are quite small and you won’t be able to carry much in them. However, they are perfect for lipsticks, blush shades and even a small can of pepper spray (you never know when you might need that).

Square bags come with a small handle or strap and this makes it easy to carry around. Unlike a purse or clutch you needn’t hold it all the time and you can simple hang your square bag on your arm or shoulder.

For those who are fashion forward, these are a must have and host of celebrities have been spotted with them. 2012 is all about colors and these bags are not exception. They come in a myriad of colors ranging from safe black to shock purple. Every brand from Italy to Nigeria has come out with its own line and top brands such as Prada, Fendi, Luis Vuitton and so on have some exciting options.

Square bags are for a new generation of women who live a fast paced and exciting life. They are the perfect arm candy for women who seek something other than functionality with their accessories. Moreover, square bags are available in a variety of fabrics and skins such as plastic, leather, and many others. Keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it chic and keep it square.




A Woman Carries Around Her World In Her Bag!!

For a woman, her handbag is not only a means to carry around her cash and keys. It is so much more. It needs to make some sort of statement, to give out a certain kind of impression. It might all sound gibberish to men, but they can never even begin to understand the relationship between a woman and her handbag. That is something the female population can only ever comprehend.

Many women have a fetish for huge, bulky handbags. Then there are others who go for classy, chic ones. Some like plain shoulder bags; some go crazy over glittery, evening bags. A woman who carries around a loud, bold colored bag gives out the aura of a sensual, self-confident, independent lady.

Those who carry dull, boring bags are the ones who wish to blend in, and not stand out in a crowd. There are different bags for those who wish to portray a tom-boyish impression and yet others for those who are girlie girls. There are different bags for different personalities, different occasions, different get-ups, in different shapes and colors!

Designer bags fulfill every little demand a girl can possibly make from a handbag. She can opt for any of the aforementioned varieties and there are numerous designer bags she can choose from. For instance, she can go for Jimmy Choo Handbags, if she wants an impressive collection of handbags to choose from to satisfy her every need and mood.

For a woman, her world resides inside her bag. If she carries a humongous bag, she possibly carries everything she’ll ever need throughout the day. Be it an analgesic or a comb, a perfume or a pen, a chap-stick or pepper spray, she is prepared for every ‘contingency’.

She is a responsible woman, prepared to face just about anything, and she does this with aplomb, making an impressive fashion statement at the same time. Even if it is a small clutch purse she carries, it adds to her appeal as a beautiful, elegant woman. A bag is not just a bag, it’s a lot more!




The Cool And Sturdy Men’s Bags In Fashion

Just like women carry their fancy bags along with them when out for shopping or any other purpose, men also require different types of bags for different requirements. I have tried to select and discuss about some of them that are in fashion and have a huge demand in the market. So, come on guys! Walk with me through the best of men’s bags out there.

1.  Chapman Bags ( – These bags have some size limits to carry the items but really good on the durability factor owing their brass feet. These bags will last longer and will not be costly, starting at just about 150 pounds.

2.  Simon Carter Bags ( – You want your bag to be easily identified on Carousel at airports and want a quick fix luggage bag for the essentials on your next flight, Simon Carter should be your pick. Snap closed interior pockets will keep your stuff intact during transit.

3.  Oliver spencer Bags ( – These sturdy bags made of 100% leather are good for heavy and ruff-and-tuff use. Can be slightly high on the price range (around 350-400 pounds) but are worth the buy.

4.  Barbour bags ( – Perfect for a getaway on a rainy day. Being thorn-proof, lightweight and 100% weatherproof along with big pockets that make it spacious are the salient features to look for.

5.  Bric’s bags ( – The strong leather made bags protect them from the normal wear and tear for a long time. The company also gives a 2 year warranty to the buyers. What else could you desire in a price tag of 250 pounds? I would recommend these men’s bags for one and all.

6.  Burton bags ( – If budget is your concern, then Burton bags are your friends indeed. The British-woven tweed suggests you of a perfect buy for a low price without compromising on the quality parameters. The price ranges just around 100 pounds.

7.  Filson bags ( – Made up of canvas, these water-repellant bags are a perfect choice for the weekend outing. Strong buckles and oversized flaps will ensure that your items remain dry. They will not cost you more than 250 pounds.

This was my collection of bags best suited for your weekend trip after a week-long pressure times at work or simply a carry bag on your way towards the gym with your essentials, no matter what’s the occasion or purpose. I hope that my fellow reader friends would like this post and the selection of bags.




Buying Formal But Appealing Ladies Handbags

There are many fashionable and trendy items available in the market for those who look for comprehensively better clothing than others. These may be formal or causal, but the choice totally depends upon you for anyone of them. If you want both, you can look for the collection of semi-formal accessories.

In order to buy formal ladies handbags that also look appealing, you can try some new collections of couture stylists. Before selecting the best design, ensure that you are aware of the matching materials with your appearance. Moreover, it is also important to know the items which you carry in your handbag. This will give you a good idea about the exact accessory that you want.

Many office going women seek those handbags that also make their other requirements. To reach the workplace, people travel through various places. On the way, they meet other people (including those whom they know properly) who are not their colleagues. If you want to make your good reputation in front of someone special among them, you can consider some formal but attractive handbags.

Can formal ladies handbags be appealing?

Of course! For this, you just need to take of some important points while shopping such as:

Brand: The fame plays an essential role to attract others toward you. Whatever maybe the appearance of a handbag, people have a tendency to first ask for its brand name. So, ensure that you buy a well-known company’s handbag from the market like Jean Paul Gaultier handbags.

Finishing: A decorated formal handbag also draws favorable attention.

Design and Style: If something is designed in a good manner, people will also appreciate it. And, if you have certain taste for handbags, you can look for their collections.

Apart from these, it is important to consider the quality of accessory. This aspect not only makes your handbag attractive, but also gives you a comfort level to use it.

Know The Pros And Cons Of Designer Bags

We all know that everything comes with price but all pricey things have their own pros and cons. This also goes down for designer stuff too. Most gals and women love to own a designer handbag because it tones up and enhance their look. But on the other end they can be expensive items making you pay thousands of dollars. So, here are the pros and cons of different designer brands of handbags:

Pros: No doubt they look good and are exclusive.

Cons: Who can actually afford them every weekend?

Pros: Made from good quality material and manually hand stitched not machine made.

Cons: Markets always come up with replicas demarking the price tags and making them affordable.

Pros: Fashion-curious people might not accept replica bags

Cons: The common masses do therefore the sale at flea market is higher than a designer store.

Pros: Authentic and marked by designer logos.

Cons:  Can be replicated quite easily.

Pros: Certain handbags come with money back policy on certain conditions

Cons: You can designer bags at much cheaper rate.

Pros: Designed by top label designer according to fashion trends.

Cons: Becomes obsolete once the trend dies out so will you spend a fortune to purchase them?

Pros: Durability is another factor because the bags are designed dedicatedly to give best experience to their customers. For some people buyer designer bags do make sense than going for replicas

Cons: Even replicas can give a tough competition which only an experience eye can spot the difference

Pros: Designer stores employ only professionals because that is the demand of the product

Cons: With little knowledge and the keenness to learn the art, one can be employed in replica bag industry.

Well you must have seen the designer bags dangling in the arms of the rich and the famous. But the price is major drawback which cuts back your affordability. Replicas and this becomes an offshoot for designer bags.  No doubt there is a thriving market for duplicate handbags which is much affordable which you too can flaunt without any guilt.




Flaunt The Latest Handbag From Prada’s Saffiano

All women love to carry a latest and trendy handbag. But let’s face it that since play the different roles of being wife, mother and working women it becomes difficult for them to keep up with latest fashion.  It is virtually impossible for a women go leave her place without a handbag.

Designer handbags are known for their exclusiveness and quality material so no matter they are pricey, women purchase it. The best thing about handbags is that you can possess one irrespective of your size as they are one-size-fits-all. Therefore women love to buy handbags.

Who does not like to flaunt a designer handbag? And if it is from prada’s saffiano you are certain to make other gals envious. They love this bag due to its soft leather and spacious interior. Additionally it looks stunning and come in variety of colors. Become talk of the town when you carry this stylish original leather bag.

Well a girl carries her whole world in her bag but she often sees that every handbag that she carries portrays her style and personality. No doubt these are integral part of a woman’s outfit and help to make her look complete.

As fashion is never stable therefore the sequined clutch bag might had been the trend last season but not now this summer. It gets banished in your wardrobe once the trend fades away. Therefore buy a handbag after careful scrutiny and go for classic ones so that they never become outdated.

Today outsized designer bags are in trend because they not only look fashionable but serviceable as well. This does not look cool but makes you feel classic and stylish even in your casual look. Whether its hobo, shoulder bag or satchel they can enhance your look. Well buying from an onsite designer store might cost you bit more but just log in to its official website and get unlimited discounts.

Why Are Women Crazy For Designer Handbags?

If shoes make a man then supposedly handbags make a woman. Handbags are an inevitable part of woman’s outfit. They reflect individual style and personality. But do you think does it make a difference between a regular and designer handbag? Yes it does because of the quality and make. Further they are exclusive master pieces from famous designers. They always come with huge price tag which defines the time and labor cost spent on it. They showcase the creativity of the designer.

Therefore, Dolce & Gabbana handbags have made a niche crowd for it as you can often see Hollywood celebs carrying them. It is must have for every woman and this super elegant handbag adds elegance to every outfit. Designer handbags play an important role in fashion industry as they set fever and craze. Everyone wants to have but the cost remains a concern. For some outward appearances women are ready to pay heavy prices which will project their glamour, style and status.

Some people argue that when women can spend thousands of dollars on wedding dresses then why not on a handbag? So it does make some sense for a woman who will buy a handbag for two thousand dollar. It is true there is a bag for every occasion and every mood. When you are shopping for a handbag remove the options from your favorite list and narrow down your choices.

There is always a general rule while shopping for handbags. Choose handbags with line that are in contrast with your own body shape. In this way it will balance your overall body instead of grabbing all attention. It is obviously inappropriate when a tall or large person carries small handbag and vice versa.

A tote style or long clutch is perfect for a person that needs to have a spacious handbag. This helps to add height to a short person. Tall thin person can choose round shaped handbags. You can also go for slouch style or hobo bags. You can find some remarkable Dolce & Gabbana handbags on its official website.

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