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Best Bags for a Wedding

This is a momentous time for merging the two hearts between a man and a woman as well as a life changing event of both parties, their families and friends. The church bells begin ringing and the entourage starts parading, this is a signal that everything is all set.  Everyone is very excited to showcase what is all about this very special occasion.  This is indeed a sacred ceremonial activity and a social ritual but it is also a venue for fashion showdowns and style wars.  This is also an opportunity for ladies to showcase the best of best bridal couture fashion trends and also an eye opening for the audience to get an idea for the best bags for a wedding.

It is not just about wedding dresses and shoes but it is also includes wedding bags and the like. Bags must be designed properly according to the dresses and shoes they are planning to wear.  They must be of the same shade of the motif they have decided and should be fit accordingly to the accessories. The most important these bags must be comfortable for the ladies to tote around for the entire duration of the ceremony.

In choosing the best wedding bags for your memorable occasion in life you should consider it with a sense of sophistication with simplicity and must have a touch of functionality. There is a wide array of wedding handbags available in the market today. You must pick what is right for your day. Consult your stylist and wedding coordinator about this important accessory on your important day. The wedding is one of life’s most memorable days a bride could ever go through, so get the perfect wedding bag and flaunt it over and over.


Chloe Handbags for Fall 2013

Clare Waight Keller did her great part for the success of Chloe Fall 2013 collection. The season described as the myriad of inspirations with night buses, independent spirit, bare legs, bike sheds, flirting, cold nights, and of course the show won’t be completed without those tough girls.

The temperature in the big Tuileries tent in Paris displayed a very energetic energy and with cheerful aura. Underlying a huge line up of Chloe classics in stylish shapes, wool pinafore dresses with utilitarian details, capes and coats with large gold snaps, pants with elastic bottoms or high waists, trapeze backs, modern shoes and Chloe handbags.

The name itself carries an impeccable style when it comes to retro-modern femininity. If you are looking for something peach, blush or ivory colors but you have a desire to splurge without that overly sweet resemblance, head over to the one and only house of Chloe. Visually, the handbags of Chloe Fall 2013 are a bit stronger compare to the last season’s collection and the Chloe accessories are very functional.

The bigger handbags in monotone and bicolor are structured purposely so that you could fit your personal stuffs without looking overly packed.

For sure from the recently ended runway show brought to us by the house of Chloe, a lot of a-list celebrities are digging out those lovely Chloe handbags from their wardrobe.

A Must-Have Spring Trends 2013

Following winter and preceding summer, more and more opulence things are coming out from the fashion industry for Spring 2013.  Glamour fashion released the Top 10 Spring Trends 2013 for us to be aware that those crazy fashions are like a hotcake in the market nowadays.

spring trends 2013

Bermuda  Shorts

This slouchy short is perfect for every cool girl around the corner for  Spring.  New York fashion runways are covered with this cheek-baring cutoff as they are ultra chic, comfortable and wearable. No one would ignore this lovely Bermuda short.

 Black and White

Spring color trends are coined typically for multicolored dresses and floral prints but this season, designers are really fond of classic. They put emphasis on strong black and white colors. Designers are very economical as my impression. The types of colors they prefer are wearable to any season whole year round, easy to pull a budget and very sleek to work or any outdoor activities.

Peekaboo Pieces

There are a lot of Spring activities on list if you are a party type individual. For the trend, you have nothing to worry about what to wear in a party or in a date night.  Daring cutouts, midriff-baring separates, up-to-there splits, and sheer fabrics appeared during the international runways

Statement Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only for summer season but we can still add to our list and feel the runway look  this spring season. Pick up a pair and hit the street wearing those statement sunglasses at hand.

Bold Stripes

Pull out those bold stripe outfits in your wardrobe or start to invest because these are one of the trends for spring. Take those spring’s big, bold, uncomplicated stripes and hit the runway!

Luxe Leather
Luxurious leather pieces are more than worth adding to your spring shopping list.  Leathers are everybody’s favorite and timeless. Take those minimalistic shapes, rich colors, and a no-fuss approach to the hair, makeup, and accessories that complete the runway look.

Beautiful Beading

After a whirlwind of brocade, fur, and superfluous ornaments, it was no surprise to see a little razzle-dazzle on the spring catwalks. Take those flashy and shiny sequined dresses for a party!

Shorts Suits
Don’t forget to add short suits in your fashion investment this spring. This style was presented during the international runways and for sure it is trendy this season.

Sporty Dresses
Spring is also about sports and sporty dresses are also IN. Take those flirty A-line skirts and shoulder-showcasing bodices sporty dresses.

Flats and Low Heels

Sexy ’90s pointy heels are back and innovated to look more fashionable. These shoes are become more trendy and fashionable if you will it with those trends above.


Dolce & Gabbana SS13 Collection

From the hustle and colorful Italian market to the sophisticated sartorial mental awareness of the people lies the infamous duo where Dolce & Gabanna situated.

This Spring/Summer 2013 season, feel the Sicilian summer and its tradition applied into fashion showcased by Dolce & Gabanna during the Milan Fashion Week.  Domenico and Stefano took further to elaborate their signature every season. They wanted us to reminisce what had been rooted from their talents which really amazed us over the decades. The designer’s hometown became the runway for their sack of mini dresses, basket structured skirts, surging short sleeves and woven corsets with Sicilian stripes and a touch of painted artworks across the clothes.

Dolce & Gabbana SS13 Collection

Dolce & Gabanna mini dresses are multi-functional as we can do whatever we want to do. The cut around the bust and waist defined what the brand really is. The entire show is full of embroided beadworks, pompoms with full raffia and hessian flow.

The 86 full collections ended in a take on the crinoline before hitting the beach show by the charm and seduction of Italy’s coastal resorts in a striped vintage bathing suit finale of Dolce & Gabbana Accessories collection.

The fashion duo, Domenico and Stefano are not just doing their pieces to lift a fashion industry but to inspire and uplift the spirit of their birthplace and to attract Sicilian tourists on board.

Overall, I was very impressed by Dolce & Gabbana SS13 Collection.

Fendi Goes Hairy : Trendy Fur Sur!

It’s a furry day at the Milan Fashion Week for Fall 2013.There were a lot of amazing colored furs covered the international runways and one of them Fendi really stood up.

It was an extravagant fur for Fendi which featured everything fur from bright fur Mohawks to patchwork fur booties wore by the models when they came down the runway.  To complete the fur list, there were house’s Selleria fur handbags with fur cut and fur accessories hanging, fur sunglasses, fur collars, fur cuffs, fur pencil skirts and fur belts. Everything is fur! This is for sure the Fendi trends 2013.

Karl Lagerfeld’s collections for the house have gotten more than a little hairy. He named this as Icons Unchained. This was the reemergence of fur in the luxury collections and Fendi brought this to the market.

Check out the some of the furry opulence brought to us by Karl Lagerfeld’s Fendi collections:


Presenting Celine Handbags Spring 2013

Biggest names in the fashion industry have their own big collections very year. Just like the house of Celine, the brand is marching to the beat of its drum with their four major collections in order Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. In the context of fashion industry, Celine preferred a minimalistic approach with a lot of essence from their collections.

The house of Celine presented their Celine Handbags Collection for Resort Spring 2013 with a huge and positive feedback from their fans about their creations. There were a lot of interesting stuffs happened from their resort collections during the show.There were beautiful multi-mixture of luggage totes, trapeze bags, Celine Edge bags and Celine All Soft Shoulder Bags to name a few.

My favorite from the collection is the Celine Edge bag, a moderate structured shoulder bag with a striking black leather and red orange calf hair mixture.  The color is perfect for day and night Spring party.

A hobo-esque version of the Celine Cabas, Celine All Soft Shoulder Bag is also a head turner during the show. It has a fold-over closure that lends well to the brands signature with a mix of bright and neutral colorblocking.

The emphasis for shoulder bags during the show was very interesting. It might be the signal of the reigning trend of handbag style this Spring season.

Check out the some of the resort collection’s lookbook after the jump:

Celine Handbags Trapeze in Python Light Blush

Celine Handbags Trapeze in Python Light Blush

 Celine Handbags Edge in Pony Calfskin Bright Orange

Celine Handbags Edge in Pony Calfskin Bright Orange

 Celine Handbags Edge in Python Natural and Black Calfskin

 Celine Handbags Edge in Python Natural and Black Calfskin

Bulgari Handbags Collection Spring/Summer 2013

Dress up with the sexiest outfit you have in your closet and finish the look with flattering designer handbags this season. For most women, handbags are considered as their blood for fashion so no wonder most of them are willing to spend a lot of money to own at least one. It can make all the difference between a simple and glamorous outfit if they wear it.

One of the epitomes of high-class fashion labels when it comes to handbags that grab women’s attention is the house of Bulgari. For over a century, the brand has already set its name to the market injecting the timeless beauty of Greek and Roman style.

The brand’s latest collection is definitely worth all women’s attention. This season, dare to dazzle everyone with some of the hottest collection of Bulgari handbags for Spring/Summer 2013.

Dare to pick your Bulgari Handbags below:


Bulgari Handbags

Bulgari Handbags

Bulgari Handbags Spring/Summer 2013


Bulgari Handbags “ISABELLA ROSSELLINI MEDIUM” Spring/Summer 2013


Bulgari Handbags “CHANDRA”

How to Wear Lace in a Fashionable Way

Lace is very popular in most red carpet occasion sporting by a lot of Hollywood celebrities. Madonna wore lace to the Oscars as well as Jennifer Lopez is pretty gorgeous with her lace gown. This very feminine fabric is obviously the wardrobe favorite of the many. The list goes on… designers find an interesting ways to reinvent laces to make a futuristic fashion style.

how to wear lace

Wearing lace has pros and cons in fashion but you should not fear about it. Keep in mind these helpful tips on how to wear lace and I am sure you will be on top of the fashion trend this season.

  • Avoid too much jewelry when wearing laces.
  • Do not decide to wear flashy colors or loud prints.
  • Stick with classic or mono colors like black, white, blue or red colors.
  • Pair your lace tops with denim or simple tailored pants
  • Avoid lacy items that bring out too much skin when going to the office.
  • Do not expose your cleavage in an overly revealing lace.
  • Wear an A-line or shift cut lace dresses.
  • Create a certain balance on your body if you are sporting a lace dress.
  • Prefer to wear classic and simple shoes in nude, black and cream colors. Do not overpower the beauty of your lace.

  • The fashion world is boring is we don’t see any laces wrapping around the celebrities body. It is seldom to see every season that women don’t wear laces. With wide preferred styles out there, you can pair any styled-dresses with laces to sport in any occasions.

    Why Most People are Obsessed with the Celine Trapeze Bag

    Everyone is buzzing around the internet just to grab the newly released Celine trapeze bag. This is another classy and fabulous bag made for us by the house of Celine. A lot of A-list celebrities are spotted carrying this lovely bag in the street of New York. It seems like this bag is everywhere!

    Let’s take a break to list down why everyone is busy buzzing about it.

    The Celine is truly an obsession to all bag addicted fashionistas.  Some customers are fighting over this Celine trapeze bag even they are on the waiting list. Obviously, this bag is like a hotcake in the market where people are having a panic buying in different Celine boutiques. Some says it takes ages to collect this bag and I do agree with this statement.  You can find this bag in different colors, sizes, materials and of course the prizes.

    the celine trapeze bag

    The trapeze is known for its clean, smooth lines and extra-wide gusset on its sides. The flap located on the front adds dimension. The handle has enough space to carry over in your arm as well as you can also fling it over on your shoulder.

    The Celine trapeze bag is something unique from the other handbag brands.  Mostly they come in striking tri-colors. Trapeze is available in three sizes: small, medium and large one. Their prices depend on the material and sizes being utilized.

    Overall, the very important aspect to mind is the beauty in the simplicity of the design of this Celine trapeze bag.

    Bottega Veneta: The Epitome of Quality

    The Spring/ Summer 2013 for Bottega Veneta has already landed and it was energizing to feel something unique in Milan during the Milan Men’s Fashion Week.

    The Bottega Veneta creative director, Tomas Maier took the runway with Californian’s seventies showcasing the Bohemian collection which is very romantic with a touch of hippie-chic street style.

    Fringe is all about for Bottega Veneta this Spring/Summer 2013. The accessories are very functional with creative approach from deluxe materials. Handbags are soft, minimize and slouchy, a wide array of handbags presented have a long straps to slung across the body.

    No one can deny the artistic creations of Bottega Veneta handbags. They are so beautiful, simple and supple.  Spring/ Summer 2013 colors for Bottega Veneta handbags are shades of brown, tan, russet , red and mostly earth colors.

    Bottega Veneta
    Bottega Veneta handbag collections are exquisitely crafted, extravagantly adorned with embroidery, sewn with exotic leather, and a minimal hardware

    Bravo to the quality of its workmanship and the appeal of its no logo design angels!

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