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Check Out Some Iconic Fashion Designers

Writing on fashion is our hobby. We are here with one aim to make you fashionable, but we feel that something is missing. Yes, you are thinking write. We miss to discuss briefly on fashion designers who have changed the face of fashion drastically. This write up pays tribute to those iconic designers who have changed the definition of fashion with their designer wears.

Alexander McQueen

The British fashion designer is no more with us, but his designer wears is still getting a great hit in the Paris fashion weeks. From Kate Middleton to Hollywood divas, they love to wear Alexander’s creations. The designer has always been in memory of fashion designers and fashion lovers due to his in-depth knowledge of bespoke British tailoring. Alexander worked as chief designer at Givenchy from 1996 to 2001. The great designer was awarded with British Designer of the Year awards in 1996, 2001 and 2003. His designs were truly unique.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Richard Klein is another very famous fashion designer who launched the company that is later known as Calvin Klein Inc. In addition to clothing, he is master in selling a wide range of fragrances, watches and jewelry. In 1981, 83 and 93, he received an award from Councils of Fashion Designs of America. Apart from designing, he is master in acting and appeared in cameos like Episode 15 and Season 3.

Giorgio Armani

The Italian fashion designer is particularly known for his menswear. His clean tailored lines are appreciated by fashion lovers. From 1975 to 2001, he was considered one of the most prominent designers of Italy. The designer artistic style is fresh in the memory of fashion lovers. Armani business is still adding so many giant leaps.

Like them, there are so many fashion designers from different corners of the world that have changed the face of fashion world.

Tips to Buy Designer Handbags at Cheap

Every woman dreams to have at least one designer handbag in their wardrobe but a few of them able to fulfill this dream. Urban fashion elites and divas find designer handbags impressive. Women who are in a tight budget or limited earning unable to purchase these stylish handbags because they know the fact that purchasing one designer handbag is enough to burn hole in their pocket.

But it doesn’t mean that they shatter the dream of having a designer bag. They can buy a used designer bag at an impressive price. Let’s know the tricks to buy used designer bags.

The first tip is to expand your online search to look for the designer bag of your interest. It’s good to find out the off season bags. It means if it is 2012 summer collection, you can do search for 2011 summer or winter collection. Designer handbags do have stocks of previous collection that they sell at a lower price. Choose the one that could be used year-round.

Your local stores can also help find the best deal on handbags. Visit the consignment shops in your local area where you are free to carefully examine the quality of handbags for wear and tear, and request for the best deal. A consignment shop offers to negotiate for the price.

Shopping from online auction sites is one of best idea. Remember, these shops don’t give flexibility to return back the product, so take your time to find the best used designer bag. Carefully read the bag quality, examine the picture and negotiate for the price to get a good designer handbag. It may possible that you will find a brand new bag which was used not more than 2-3 times.

Make Your Own Style Statement

‘Style’ is the buzzword these days. Everybody wants to be stylish… be it kids or elderly. Previously fashion and style was supposed to be more of females but this distinction is no more there now.

You must have seen college guys in funky clothes, weird hair styles, latest accessories and some other trendy stuff… just to look stylish and fashionable.

You must also be looking for ways to be chic. Actually there are several things you can do and see a wonderful change in yourself.

You can change your style of clothes, hair style, and pick up some latest accessories to make way for yourself.

Speaking personally, I usually go for accessories whenever want a change. There are many trendy footwear, designer handbags, stylish clutches, chichi shoes in market to help you out.

There are many top notch brands you can for provided your pocket is greasy. I remember visiting Gucci showroom few days back. It was having very good varieties of handbags for men and women both. Stylish footwear, glossy clutches and other accessories were sufficient to entice me, and of course you also!

Apart from Gucci, there are other brands namely Dior, Diesel, Reebok etc to cater to your ‘stylish’ requirements. Every brand has their own specific features. For example, Dior is known for leather folds in their women handbags. I am just crazy about their leather bags. Similarly, every brand has its own specifications.

But before buying branded products, you need to check the originality of products as many sellers are befooling customers by selling replicas in the name of brand. You need to thoroughly judge the quality of material, finishing etc to make sure that the product is original only.

Visiting the websites of brands can help you out in it!

Top Quality Italian Handbags

When it comes to fad, Italian fashion is always on top of the notch. From clothes, perfumes, jewelry, to other accessories, they sure give a tremendous impact all over the world. One of the most talked about and collected are Italian handbags.  Designer handbags such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Sergio Rossi and a lot more are being collected by many because of its uniqueness and extravagance.

Cost and Maintenance

Authentic branded handbags from Italy can costs from $ 800 to $1,500 and above. Expensive indeed but it is really worth the buy. These bags can last longer than you think granted that you take good care of it. There are shops now that offers care and retention for our precious Italian bags. They are like the doctor of fashionable bags.

So if ever your bag needs a minor or even major make-over, just go to their shops and let them do the rest. Having it retained to its original form and making it look brand new again of course comes with a price. Personally, I’d have it done to bring back its beauty.

Italian handbags come in a wide variety of materials, designs, and colors. However, the saleable type up to now are leather and suede. Though leather and suede nowadays can be dyed, the classic look and natural color are still the most profitable because it can easily be matched with any clothing. As they say, nothing beats the classic.

Italian bags are without a doubt classy, sophisticated, and made with top quality materials. Whether you are buying luggage, purse, handbag or shoulder bag, opt for those made in Italy.

Though there are some countries producing quality bags, handbags made in Italy still stands out and lasts a lot longer. So if you want to be sure on the quality and authenticity of the leather, opt for Italian bags.

How to Care for Leather Handbags

Being a woman, you cannot imagine going out to work, shopping or just meet a friend without a handbag. You have to keep numerous of articles into it. These articles may not be necessary for your survival but surely for your living in this world. When you need a handbag so much, you might want to have it the best of the types available. Leather handbags are something which has been on for a couple of decades now, and are still gaining popularity.

If you yourself own one, you might be interested in taking good care of this valuable possession. The present blog suggest you some tips on taking good care of colourful leather handbags. Do it once a week or whenever needed. Turn the bag inside out. Shake it to detach debris and dirt. Now, turn it back the way it was. Take alcohol-free baby wipes to clean the outer side. There are products specifically designed for cleaning and moisturizing leather. Make sure that you use kit meant for the type of your bag’s leather. Follow the instructions on the label of the product.

Always keep your colourful leather handbags resting on a shelf. Avoid hanging it as it might spoil the strap over a period of time. If you have to store it, fill it with papers and put it inside a pillow cover prior to it. It will keep the handbag staying in usable state for long. Follow the tips and advises suggested in the above account to use your possession in good condition for long.

Essential Tips For Designer Warm Handbags

Designer warm handbags are valuable because of the expense involved and secondly and secondly these reflect the lifestyle of the person. In such a case, it is advisable to keep these luxury items clean and in good condition. Important points that will help to maintain designer warm handbags are –

Warm Handbags

1. The bag interior deserves care. Before cleaning, the entire interior needs to be pulled out in a gentle manner. For complete cleaning of insides, you can use the soft brush. These bags are made of nylon material and generally chocolate particles and food crumbs get stuck inside. The stains on the outer as well as the inner surface can be cleaned with the help of soft rag and warm water.

2. If the warm handbags contain zippers, you should maintain it in a good manner.  The fact is that these bags are of no value without zippers. You can keep these away from the water exposure and can be lubricated with the help of beeswax. This material is generally available in the hardware stores.

3. the third factor that is important is the attention towards the handle. Do not put extra stuff in the bag. It can damage the handle. The handle of these bags generally does not have the potential to hold stuff beyond any particular capacity. If there is a stain on light colored handles, lotion can soften it.  I is important to clan the exterior with help of light brush.

Cheap Designer Handbags and Purses

Cheap Designer Handbags
One of the important items in any woman’s wardrobe is accessories. Choosing the right accessory enhance any plain outfit. Some of women accessories are handbags and just to acquire the latest and trendiest designs of handbags many of them will go to great lengths. Among women’s most wanted handbags are of course those which is made my known designers but not all women can afford this item because of the high price. Splurging all your monthly salary just to own this piece of designer handbags is no good reason anymore for there are less expensive designers bag available. All you need to do is just find the right place where to buy these items. Just check out the following guide for you to find out how you can acquire less expensive designer’s handbags and purse.

Cheap Designer Handbags and Purses

There are many cheap designers bag available and you are free to choose whether you like totes, clutches or satchels. Different department stores give discount or held annuals sales of designer handbags. Just be a little bit alert for this sales are seldom advertise for even a best friend won’t inform you about it. The best thing you have to do to be able to know if there are sales on designer handbags is to inquire from the stores or be privileged member of their online costumers. Through this access one of my friends acquired a great Fendi clutch bag with a 70 percent discount. If you purchase designer handbags from sales the best thing you can acquire is that aside from the discounted price you’re sure that the item is made from genuine leather and it wasn’t just an imitation.

If you don’t like to wait for the discount sales, you can still purchase designer bags in some less expensive ways. Just like anyone else, it’s good to see our hands carrying with Hermes Berkin bag or a Channel 2.25. Undoubtedly to say, these designer bags are much expensive. Best choice to consider is to purchase designer bags which is less expensive compare to those brands. Designer handbags mostly are not of the same price and you can have some of it in affordable price. Sometimes well known designers are selling their old season handbags in a low price, another good reason for you to own these designer bags. Another reason so you to purchase these fashionable designer bags for less are to watch out for these clearance sales mostly held anytime of the season.

Another way to purchase women’s designer handbag in lesser price is to buy them through online. Mostly, online shopping sites gives great discount to its buyers. Only one thing you must consider if you are purchasing an item through online, you must be sure that the product they sell is real authentic designer handbags and an imitation. In some time of the year, fashion house held sales on online market with their old season bags and this is a good chance for you to buy affordable designer bags. Designer handbags are for sale less than 50 dollars. Such items below 50 dollars are designer bags like Kate Spade, Dooney and Bourke handbags, Fossil and Ed Hardy. Another thing how you can find less expensive designer handbags is to buy them in wholesale designer handbags. What you pay in retail can get in fewer fractions if it’s a wholesale.

Clearly stated, this where you can find cheap designer handbags and how you can purchase it for less. The most important thing you must consider if you are buying cheap designer handbags is that you must be aware how a genuine differs from a fake one. Scan carefully the inside lining and the zipper as well as how it is stitch. Check the logo to be sure that you’re purchasing the original item. It is reasonable to pay much, as long as the product is real authentic designer handbag.

The Best Bags & Briefcases For Men

Carrying out the best attitude and accessories with a class is what brings out the image of a successful man. How you live your life must be in proportion. When we say proportion its not the way that you look cool in public yet you had an empty wallet or your going to work with full pockets while carrying a meal inside a plastic big, well in this case you must look around and learn.

Modern fashion has set something new among men of today’s generation they go on to the handbag trend. What is in for men’s fashion accessories today are items such as complex travel kits or microfiber lunch bags lined with insulation. This is the best time to handle everything with your bare hands under control and best thing to get yourself a briefcase or a tote to hold all your supplies while on the go. It’s time to take a change, say goodbye to your old worn-out bag. Instead pick out latest case that could help bring out the best of your looks.

The Best Bags & Briefcases For Men

The Slim Portfolio
For your choices, among the briefcase you can have is a leather portfolio by Kenneth Cole. Among the items you can keep in this briefcase are your documents, magazines, PDA and some important items to carry. Fine if you can’t find anyplace in it to hold your lunch or big items, but if you’re the type who is loaded with paper works going to or out from the office, this item is best to have.
How this portfolio looks, this item makes up for lost space yet classy, it has features like suede interior, a front zipper pocket and two interior compartments

Another case where you can choose from is the sharp brief case in which you can use to hold your needs either for functions or fashion purposes. This leather briefcase is also known as portfolio according to the Kenneth Cole website. Compare to slim portfolio this bag has more divisions where you can keep your important items. It has three compartments that you can find at the back, in front and a middle zippered divider. The strap is removable, the factors that you will consider than what you bargain for.

The Modern Messenger Bag
The modern messenger bag is another item for you to choose from. This bag is a less formal yet more hip. Why choose the messenger bag? It has spaces enough to hold your important documents, books, your lunch and electronic c gadgets. It has a detachable leather case for your cell phone to keep. For a bag on casual events you can have the khaki-colored one and for a sleeker look black color is available this items were both designed by Flavio Olivera. This bag is crafted from cotton canvas and with leather details, surely with this stylish features of this messenger bag will catch everyone’s eye across your way.

The Mature Knapsack
Another coolest and practical item to hit the street is the backpacks. Carrying this type of bag, gives complement in this season’s preppy outfit as you wear your argyle sweater to sweater vest. The mature knapsack is not the one you used during your high school days. This John Varvatos vacetta leather bag will raise you to a higher level of sophistication. This kind of knapsack has a size enough to carry things and accessories like notebooks, gadgets, sunglasses, wallets and key. At the same you can still carry it with one of your shoulders safely with out a fear of someone might steal your bag because it is designed with a secure flap to its sliding hook closuer.

The Cool Pack
Another that you may find your self handling is the cool pack. Your friends may not convince to see you having this item, maybe you can just tell them why you have this item is because it was for you by designer Marc Jacobs. This purse is somewhat like to Seinfeld’s “murse,” This creation was especially made by Jacob that you can offer to a man who is always on the go.
For items that you don’t want to file in your pocket, like your cell phone, wallet, or keys this is a best thing to carry. This canteen-influenced bag will keep your needs safely and near your reach.

The Serious PDA Organizer
For sure, your PDA is one of the items you can’t live without, as important as such deserves a case. It is best to keep this item safe from the PDA organizer by Kenneth Cole. The material used in this organizer is black leather with a secure zipper to keep it close. To keep both your real world and digital world accessories safe and solid, aside from its leather features this palmtop organizer has also pen holder and zipper card pockets.

Papa’s Got a Brand-New Bag
It is known for years for women, that bags are more than an accessory; it’s a need or maybe considered priority. Well, today men’s fashion industry is catching up with this reality. Just don’t forget no matter how big the amount you had in your hands doesn’t be carried away. You may dress the best and expensive suit but look as if carrying different kinds of loads with your keys in your hands and pocket with credit card case, for sure anyone who can spot you will wonder how you organize yourself in other sides of your life.

Gym Bags For Men

The watch or shoes you wear is just as important as you choose your bag to tote or clothes you wear to the gym. This is how accessories reveal details about a man. As simple as a gym bag is not that fine for these days. Today Fashion for men is getting forward to a new look which is not seen since 70’s and 80’s. Late 90’s black and gray color is back again to give life on men’s accessories. Remaining to fit the corporate professional world are dark colors. To add flourish for a personal style, designers mixed materials to reveal textured or slickly polished leather.

To showcase your fashionite know-how is more agreeable than  stylish gym bags for men.

Andrew Marc Marshall Bag
Out of brown and gray leather, Andre Mac bag guarantee a casual but elegant look and you can even bring it for office use and doesn’t look new comer to the workplace. The style is likeable, it easy to keep it clean, still look better for a long time and can be appropriate if it is use with formal outfit. It is good to bring for a workplace crowded by like minded professionals.

Gucci Duffle
What was the message you want to relay on your fellow gym goers? Think of it, if you have a lifestyle with a sudden shift between casual and formal environment, ant still wanted to remain hip and in fashion. A dash of Italian chic to your attire with Gucci nylon bag is maybe what you need to add on your fashion style. Why let it stay at the closet for you can use it to an all-purpose carry-on. Without being overbearing, its multi-colored hand straps highlights your look.

Lacoste Tennis Bag
Lacoste is not just a tennis bag. Knowing what Lacoste is, you won’t call it for anything else. A great gym bag with a large hand and shoulder straps especially designed for gym goers. The bag is durable because it was constructed from nylon with a logo from retro 80’s but reflects modern attitude. It has enough space to hold your gears and has a color and size informing everyone that anytime you are happy to go at the gym.

Nike Fadeaway Duffel
A bag that looks way back from 1979 and imagine it with a hint of caveman-on-the-moving-airport-walkway. This is how the style of the Nike Fadeaway duffel is describe but it is not as easy to say the details of this bag is not also easy to find somewhere. Try to figure this out, a separate compartment for shoes, extra pockets for keys, cell phone and comb. You read it right: a comb. After you shower you use it instead of wearing that greasy ball cap which supposes to be you already left it during college days. This Nike bag has an affordable is affordable ranging below $50, still you can have extra cash for a pair of gym shoes as well.

Perry Ellis Weekender
Perry Ellis is making on its way back to men’s fashion and the label’s accessories. A bag made from leather and best for weekend especially for gym activities could keep you away from trouble even if you use it up to Mondays. This bag assures an affordable price that you can even dress up or down for the daily commute.

It has been an experience in fashion that for each season, men bought sets of clothes and accessories. Not anymore today, men are beginning to think and weigh their looks from the basic style and the color of what they are using. What you own is an essence of your self expression just as how you select your briefcase or work bag, as well as how you pick for your gym bag. Neither the back pack nor old-school-beer-soaked duffel that complete your look, the thing that matter is your clothes and the bag that you carry is the one that tells who you are.

Types Of Men’s Bags

For a man who is fashion oriented knows that a bag is not just a tool, instead it is style accessory as well. Today bag is not just a woman’s item, now it was design for masculine, attractive and ideal additions to any contemporary wardrobe of a man. Men’s bag is in a wide world, if you want to dabble with it, yet confuse on which is suited to your need then, take this advice: Classic type of men’s bag can’t be wrong, so stick with it.

Here are the six types of men’s bag that you can choose from to mix and matched with your business and casual wardrobes.

1- Briefcase
For men considered as the oldest form of “acceptable” handbags is probably the briefcase. New generations’ briefcases have evolved into a great look compare to your father’s sharp-edge case. The design doesn’t look like a box anymore; well this is the only traditional factor which has been eliminated in the modern briefcase. With the new look of the classic briefcase buckles, leather exterior, and practical interior compartments make this bag an ageless addition to any-working-man wardrobe.
Carry with: Business attire.

2- Messenger Bag
Traditionally, the messenger bag was designed and named after its carrier throughout the years–nobody else but the messengers. Messenger bags have taken a meaning in urban fashion, mostly made from canvas and hang across the shoulder. This bag has no boundary if who could carry it, canvas bags for students or modern leather bags for urban hipsters. The laid-back style of the messenger bag will always keep a casual look for its users. In addition, the new leather messenger tote at present is making its way to uptown sophistication.
Carry with: Slick street clothes

3- Holdall
Traditionally, the messenger bag was designed and named after its carrier throughout the years–nobody else but the messengers. Messenger bags have taken a meaning in urban fashion, mostly made from canvas and hang across the shoulder. This bag has no boundary if who could carry it, canvas bags for students or modern leather bags for urban hipsters. The laid-back style of the messenger bag will always keep a casual look for its users. In addition, the new leather messenger tote at present is making its way to uptown sophistication.
Carry with: Casual weekend wear, business-casual attire

4- Camera Bag
Camera bag is a small version of a messenger bag. Long and rectangular in shape meant to be strapped across the shoulders. It was design in discreet and severely stylish to hold your belongings, convenient for travelers and good for any man on the go. Even if it’s just hanging from your shoulders, its ability to bring a touch of masculinity to an outfit makes this camera bag stand’s out as a classic men’s bag. It is a bag with lots of functions though simple in style.
Carry with: Leisure wear

5- Tote
The classic brief case was redesign into a modern look which is the tote bag. The tote bag resembles the artisan’s bag, in which it is utmost casual business attire. Its long handles give it a contemporary design and the soft leather is what makes up its classic status. This bag can be purchased in a chocolate brown or black color so you can mix or match it to any casual work to wear that can surely add a big touch of laid-back masculinity.
Carry with: Business-casual clothes

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