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The Right Measurement Technique to Make Shoes Shopping Easier

Buying a pair of perfect size shoes is a tougher job. There are many things that you cannot avoid while shopping for shoes. According to the latest study, it has been proved that men are careless for their shoes shopping. They avoid measuring their feet which in result able them to get improper fitting shoes. Remember, measuring the width is crucial for getting the correct size shoes.

If you only measure the length, it’s totally impossible to get the exact size. Calluses, blisters and discomfort are some not to be avoided causes of your incorrect selection. There are many who have experienced deformities due to this vary reason.

Let’s know how to measure the width of your feet.

Place a white large paper on the floor that is large enough for your feet. Secure the paper with tape to keep it from moving.

Wear socks before measuring and stand easy on the paper. Bend your knee to trace around your feet with the help of a pencil. Make sure the pencil is straight while tracing. Don’t forget to trace your feet properly- from the top of toes to around the heel.

When the tracing is done, it’s time to get off the paper and manages to draw a straight line in the areas left where you have left tracing.

Now, measure the widest area of your drawn picture. You need to note down the measurement of each foot. Measure them separately to get the right size, because both legs carry different sizes. The difference is very minor that you unable to notice without measurement.

Finally, shopping time has come. You can do local and online shopping. While shopping online, your measurement will seem to you a worthy decision. Whether you are purchasing designer shoes Clearance or common formal shoes, you measurement will help you buy the perfect size shoes. So, when you are going for shopping something special for your feet.

A Blessing in Disguise: That Savior Clearance Sale

I just love shoes! I simply can’t ignore a good pair. In fact Adam (my sweet and sexy honey!) is simply fed up of my collection. He hates to see me get more of these and in general we end up in a bitter discussion whenever I ask him to get more for me. So over the time I have started getting these myself and I refrain from telling him (and trust me it is working!).

It was just a day before Adam’s birthday that I went shopping with Angelina (yeah she is the same neighbor I hate, but you see anything for I was looking for a gift very desperately when something caught my eye. It was a super cool pair of sandals (and trust me being a girl you don’t want to miss that!). Though I did not have lots of extra money but still I just rushed to check on the size.

I tried it on and it was looking simply gorgeous! I just fell in love with it. But then I checked its price and my heart broke literally! It was way too costly (especially with little money and Adam’s gift still waiting in the queue). But then, to my surprise this young man (who was a complete package with his sexy looks and cute smile!) came and informed me about the ongoing designer shoes clearance sale going on.

My reflex reaction made me smile sheepishly. His words stating 50% off were all around me. I calculated the cost quickly in my head and came to the conclusion that now I can buy these (I was so relieved). I was so happy that I quickly told him to pack them for me. I paid and then we left. I was really happy that I got a great pair of shoes for myself.

But the major task of finding a gift for Adam was still left (and trust me keeping in mind his choice it was going to be a tough task!). but I guess it was my lucky day as while getting out of the store I got a glimpse of this book (it is very rare and Adam’s favorite!). I quickly rushed there and got the book.

While returning I was really happy for both of us (and grateful to the clearance sale)!

Pamper Your Feet With Branded Shoes

Designers keep coming up with fashion trends every season in the form of dresses, bags, accessories, shoes etc. For the fashion conscious it is important to follow the latest trend to be in vogue and shoes are integral part of the complete look. Women consider shoes to be an integral part of their lives and the collection keeps on increasing every year with new styles, colors and types.

branded shoes

Designer shoes are admired by everyone related to fashion and the pride and comfort designer brands provide is something out of this world. Most designer brands take painstaking interest in the timeless and unparalleled collection of the shoe range.

Designer shoes are available for every occasion to meet the requirements of trendy, sporty, casual or outdoor activities. These shoes not only justify the brand name through quality, finish and comfort but the high price associated to the branded shoes makes them an object of pride and a symbol of status for the wearer.

For women these designer shoes offer an exquisite range of styles to choose from like stilettos, peep-toes, and flip flops, flaps or styles that are flavor of the season. Most designers also get them customized to complete the look.

The shoes by prominent designers are shipped across the globe today and the elaborate and detailed websites of prominent designers provide assistance of owning them in no time with just a few clicks. These websites offer complete range of colors, styles, sizes available and the user friendly payment option ensures that you are not left out from being the proud owner of a designer show.

Timeless Gucci Shoes

A lot of designer brands are found everywhere and we all understand how important what your feet wore. In the world of fashion we absolutely admire if we used designers shoes. Designer brands give pride on their exclusive collection and their creations are timeless and unparalleled.

The styles for every occasion are in Gucci shoes which can be trendy, sporty, casual, outdoor or corporate. Gucci shoes are the right options for men as well as women who look for the wide range of collection that can cater the needs of their feet. Unlike other brands of footwear do offer different design but at a high price.

Gucci shoes offer a unique collection for women such stilettos, peep-toes, flats, flip-flops is practically endless. Women who likes to look trendy and stylish and walk like a fashion diva, Gucci shoes are a rage across women from all walks of life.

The shoes from Gucci do not compromise on the design to find a place in fashion books. A perfect blend of style and comfort it gives. Italy the manufacturer of Gucci shoes are now shipped to different parts of the world to give a large supply to any client base from anywhere of the globe.

Most people prefer shoes that are not only comfortable to wear, but are also durable and offer complete value for money. Hurry up buy now and enjoy walking!

Christian Louboutin Designs for New Anemone Barbie

One of the most renowned and highly-praised shoe designers of the generation, Christian Louboutin started to design footwear for Barbie that makes this doll a fashion icon.

Many designers make an effort to create tiny clothing for Barbie and those shoes made by Louboutin are fantastic for her!

Just recently, Louboutin created new shoe design for the new Anemone Barbie. This design has been uniquely created for Red Carpet . Barbie is dressed in a gorgeous green-violent gown with three pairs of Louboutin miniature shoes.

Give your cute little girl the best shot. Take home this new Anemone Barbiel Now!

Quality Items At Designer Clearance

Have you ever wondered what happens to the designer items when the racks comes down at any shopping stores online? Most of those items are what we called designer clearance sale.

There are so many possibilities that you can take a look when it comes to designer clearance, but it is very important to know the highest possibility before taking an action.

People tend to buy immediately the designer labels with lowest price tags in the racks without knowing the different aspects to be considered before buying the item. In most cases, this situation will end up of disappointment and dissatisfaction. You can definitely avoid this scenario by simply having a knowledgeable techniques when it comes to buying quality products at designer outlet on sale.
The brand name will not always guarantee premium or even its aesthetic quality, they sometimes gives us the benefit of the doubt. Some other designer labels might be a little difficult to trust based on their name alone.

A good factor that could help you out would be the number of people who have purchased and used this particular label and satisfied in return. Try to consider customers reviews online or just seek advices and assessment from your peers. In this aspect, you can possibly sure of the item you wish or the item you’ve bought. If this designer item does not cost you much, you can buy it and maybe share the reviews of product to potential customers.

This is the best way If you are going to invest in a designer piece. Whether you are in the market for designer shoes, handbags and dresses, Designer Clearance has an excellent deals. Shop wisely and economically!

Prada Spring-Summer 2010 Ad Campaign with Rasa Zukauskaite

Prada is one of the most influential labels you could splurge on that often associated with luxury and sophistication. The label did some chic and fabulous things with the stylist as the new Spring-Summer 2010 Ad campaign concentrates more on bright orange lipstick and trans sunglasses rather than clothes and accessories.

Rasa Zukauskaite, a young and little known Lithuanian model was chosen as the new face of Prada Spring-Summer 2010 Ad Campaign shot by Steven Meisel. Rasa is very pretty and her appeal makes the campaign look nice and more appealing.

The attention is more focused to the face, something that would be avoided in an Ad like this but the totality of the campaign was really the work of a true artist and designer.
Indeed, the clothes, lip gloss, handbags and shoes are perfect!

More Prada Ad Campaign Photos after the jump:

Chanel Spring-Summer 2010 at Paris Fashion Week

The Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld exceeded his own expectations after he prepared and launched the Chanel Spring-Summer 2010 collection at Paris Fashion Week.

The Grand Palais was full of fun and high spirit as Chanel brought down their angels and flirt things into the hay of fun. The spectators had an opportunity to see and feel the Chanel spirit that could never be forgotten. The show is very unique and amazing.

A huge fashion barn has been made and runway models had a chance to stepped out their skinny legs and bare feet. This show was really something special for me. The clothes they wore were simple and classic yet very nice and comfortable. Some of the clothes were made from ordinary cotton and others were made of chic materials. I can feel the country-inspired show due to their country-inspired garments such as aprons, dirndls, multi-colored sun-frocks, peasant-y poppy prints, etc. Chanel was born to be classic but there were plenty of luxurious outfits during the show like dresses, skirt suits, blouses and patterned tights. The show won’t be complete without Chanel shoes.

The trendy shoes for Spring-Summer 2010 were mostly comfortable clogs with chunky heels, occasionally decorated with flowers or nice patterns. Classic shoes were also present in a diversity of colors.

Accessories were very feminine and pleasantly attractive. Handbags were not only focused to signature chain-handles but also to some perfect woven items, tiny clutches and other embellishments rich in decorations.

Versace Spring/Summer 2010 at Milan Fashion Week

The Milan Fashion Week would not be memorable without the runway show of Donatella Versace for her Versace itself. She is a person of unusual vision of things and skills to personify her entire creations.
Her Spring/Summer collection 2010 was inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

I loved the idea of that fantasy land,” said Donatella.

She created her own pieces to make fashion aficionados look younger. Donatella shows her own opinion of how young people should look like. These are not only to showcase short skirts and sheer materials but also to bring the usefulness of these fashion ensembles. Versace was able to make something new and interesting for modern youngsters – something stylish, innovative, and classy yet very feminine. The collection looks fresh and sumptuous for its vivid pastels, geometric prints, baroque curlicues, super-short skirts, diverse materials and elaborate combination of fabrics.

The collection includes not only clothes for our daily wear but also for evening occasions. Floor-sweeping airy gowns with high slits are nice for semi-casual events; they look elegant and attractive.

Dolce&Gabbana Spring/Summer 2010 at Milan Fashion Week

Dolce & Gabana introduced its newest collection to the members of the press and spectators during the Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 RTW in an array of black and white with a splattering of red and pink hues. The two known designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana cast a spell of the future most desirable feature of the hottest collection of RTW.

The collections are spectacular with light of glamor that ladies love most. Whoever wears this will definitely exude their simplicity and sexiness. They are tempting with the lingerie. Experience the comfy feeling of everyday life.

“Heritage,” is the name they gave to the show, laced with a piece of tango and sate with pride of Dolce & Gabbana’s signatures.

The collection mesmerized the audience for the true mannish arrogance styled suits, sexy intimate apparels, diaphanous laces, cafe-curtain macrame short dresses, and rose-patterned outfits in Chinese fashion, striped skinny tuxedos, lace Little black dresses with bras and long fringed margins.

The collections are definitely one of a kind for the red carpet moments, appropriate for a person’s character who wants a new look for their daily wear and needs. They will say that everything is in its proper place.

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