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Ways To Spot A Fake Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana, the luxury Italian Fashion house, is famous for its wide ranges of fashion accessories and ready-to-wear. The brand gives a tough competition to many luxury fashion houses such as Prada and Gucci. Celebes and urban elites find Dolce & Gabbana shoes, handbags and sunglasses appealing and up to par. They feel that the brand has different views about fashion and that clearly show in its collection.

Looking at the popularity of this fashion brand, there are some manufacturers trying to imitate its collection to cashing in. No wonder, its each accessory is quite expensive and before you fork over your hard-earned cash, let’s know how to differentiate between real and fake.

Dolce & Gabbana knows for its rich quality collection. Being a real lover of this brand, you should not forget to check its fabrics and materials. Handbags are made of good quality leather and are soft. You can feel the leather quality and can judge the real one.

Evaluate the craftsmanship. You cannot find irregular stitching and any loose threads. The stitching is of same color and is durable.

Thoroughly go through the logo of the accessory. A real Dolce & Gabbana has no space in designer names and logo name. If you notice space, it means you are on the way to purchase a fake accessory.

Check the reflection of holograms. If they react to ultra-violet light, it means it is real. If it doesn’t, you know what it is…

It is advised to buy any branded wears from their official website. You don’t need to do lots of search for authenticity and you can take a peace of mind that you are going to get a real thing.

Tips to Pick The Right Shoe

Finally, you have bought a wardrobe for shoes. Now, what will be your next step? Of course, it will be to shop for shoes that play undoubtedly a major role in uplifting your personality. Hovering one store to another, you are failed to find the shoe suits well to your personality. Now, what will be your next step? Are you thinking the same what am I?

If yes, let’s move to discuss

I am planning to shop from an online store. This is one of the best ways to find quality pair at contended prices. Today, tens of thousands people find online shopping best to maintain their style as well as budget.

Getting head-to-toe list of comfort, style and sizing shoes from a well-reputed online store is as easy as making a cup of hot tea. You simply need to do search of the site that has good reputation in selling branded shoes. Once you get the site, browse the products.

Make sure about the size before purchasing online. Measure your feet first and jot down. It’s good to measure each foot individually. If you are unable to measure, go to the nearest shoe shop and request for measurement.

Determine your purpose for which you are going to buy. Shoe styles range from stilettos to flats and special boots for athletics. Dolce & Gabbana shoes are quite popular among girls as they are stylish, comfortable and durable. If money is no object, you can go for the brand shoes to enhance your personality and to make exclusive collection in your wardrobe.

Make sure about the detailed description of the pair you are planning to purchase. Without reading the description, it is not wise to order the piece.

Also, confirm about any hidden or shipping charge.

Once you are sure about the shoe you want to buy, you next step is payment. Pay the bill through your credit card as it is the safe method.

These tips will help you to buy the right pair.

Dolce and Gabbana : 20 Years of Fashion Clothing

I recently bought a dolce and gabbana blazer and it instantly gave me macho- glam attitude. This is what they have always known for. Some consider their visual is divisive, some says it is rich and others simply call it prototypical Italian look. No doubt, they display their clothes on Buffy men in their catwalks but the only point they want to make is that these men look affording the clothes they are wearing.


They might show unbuttoned, six packmen’s in their shows but the truth is their clothes are actually wearable. Especially their traditional suiting with nipped-in waist is very sexy and a mature way of wearing suiting.

Dolce and gabbana clothing is so influential in high streets that it is easily noticeable and copied by others in the high street. They not only present trendy wardrobe but they are also comfortable. Extra large sweatshirts, wide necked tees, short skirts are some of token items of schoolgirl fashion.They are lovers of sports too. their connection with sports dates back to 2003 when they published a book,” calico” means soccer and hired five soccer players for their underwear campaign.

They are also favorite brand of Hollywood celebrities. Lady gaga, Taylor swift, Rihana, Katy pary make bold fashion statements at big award functions flaunting dolce and gabbnana clothing. They have further strengthened the ties by making Madonna as their brand ambassador. She being one of most famous singers in the world has helped them climbing the ladder of success.

They just do not make designs for models on ramp but keep’ real’ women in mind. Their sensual women wear give rise to a charming women who is successful, free and proud of her identity .D&G figure hugging clothes are tantamount with Italian sensuality and Mediterranean savor, which make their clothes unique and distinguishing.

Over 20 years of existence, it has contributed a lot to fashion and trends it is surely a inspiration for others.

Things to Notice While Buying Dolce & Gabbana Handbags

Dolce & Gabbana is a one of the best online sellers of fashion wear. The firm is successfully running by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Both partners have work hard to rich company in a high label in the fashion world. The brand serves a wide range of stylish handbags. The luxury brand handbags starting range is $500 but can go well into the thousands.

You can count the popularity of the brand by seeing multiple sites involved in selling fake Dolce & Gabbana handbags. So, you should take precaution if you are going to buy an authentic handbag of the brand. Here are some essential tips that may help you to get the authentic bag of this famous brand.

Gabbana Handbags
1. Try to buy the brand bag from a well renowned store. To check the authenticity, it’s good to check first the emblem on the front of the bag. The logo font is needed to be noticed. The logo of an authentic bag consists on the zippers, metal rings and handle.
2. Pay close attention to the pockets of the bag. If they are not properly attached with the bag, it means you are going to buy a replica of the brand. Also, pay attention to the finishing of the bag. It should be neat and clean.
3. If the price tag is lower than $500, the bag is a fake.
4. Before buying a Dolce & Gabbana handbag from your local city shop, try to read the review of the brand handbags from the internet. There are many sites that can help you to identify the authentic bag.

Dolce & Gabbana and Martini team up to create a drink

Have you ever heard about the latest news of unveiling the new drink launched by the Dolce & Gabbana? These Italian fashion designers get involved with the latest Bacardi’s vermouth brand Martini who will launch their first co-branded drink ever this year!

The said designed drink will be unleashed in their upcoming men’s fashion week at Milan.

They once said, “As a result of a joint commitment, this new co-branding project strengthens a partnership started more than 10 years ago.” The name of the drink is yet to unveil soon by using some of their celebrity powers to introduce the said fame drink!

Some of the stars involved were Madonna, Scarlett Johansson or Matthew Mcconaughey and we are expecting them to see drinking the new Dolce & Gabbana Martini in their next campaign. They are the new faces of various Dolce & Gabbana product lines so it would be much to the brand to utilize their campaign.

Studded Dolce & Gabbana Wallets

Luxury and style are what Dolce and Gabana fashion connote. D&G house of fashion never fails to give its customers studded and edgy wallets and purses. Recently D&G released a luxury wallet sold at $695. It can’t make me believe that it is ever just alright to spend that much on a wallet. The item was just made of soft goatskin leather and row upon row of rock chick metal. I’m just probably biased because I don’t have much in my bank account.

Anyway, its created by Dolce and Gabbana.Expensive may it be but the style and quality are cut above the rest.Absurdly high price aside, I can’t deny that this wallet is absolutely stunning. It stands miles apart from the boring purses and wallets that grace our handbags, and it is even kind of unisex, perfectly fitting modern girl and grungy boy to a tee. It is also functional, although not especially so; you get no more than the typical card slots, and not even space for some change.

Maybe you just aren’t meant to have any cash left once you have bought it! Ridiculous but stylish, this is the wallet for a true millionaire.

In addition to, luxury Dolce & Gabbana Wallets have multiple interior slots and compartments made from soft goatskin leather, and studded exterior.

Dolce & Gabbana Handbags for Spring/Summer 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Handbags for Spring/Summer 2010 was all about glam, fab in very eccentric Gothic and Victorian inspired collections.The Dolce and Gabbana Handbags concepts were mainly focus comparatively on coarse laces made by weaving or knotting cords, patterns and macramé handbags. They had a few new designs and variations of previous designs like the large flap handbag. This handbag is a design made last season but the colors, the materials used are new and the gold metal template as well.

I really love the nameplate as the other label, Louis Vuitton did.They added a nameplate to some of their handbags and the reviews were hugely accepted as it will be with the Dolce & Gabanna handbags. Jewel strap shoulder bags are also a repeated design and the fresh colors and materials used like raffia and knit.

I am a fan of Dolce & Dabanna and I am very particular with their collection every season. Im not familiar to the basket style bags and it seems this is new to the collection which aren’t very appealing in my fashion taste.

Generally, I still love the Dolce and Gabanna handbags collection. The collection is really great and the shoes added more color to the show. Have an eye on one of the D&G handbags below!

Dolce &Gabbana Women’s Collection for Fall/Winter 2009-2010

Inspiration: The captivating world of theater in its overall aspect, from the dramatic costumes to the lavish gowns worn by the ladies up to the elements of the theater structure itself.

The Dolce&Gabbana Women’s Collection for Fall Winter 2009-2010 portrays the most memorable and important operas, taking the artistic differences given by the original eras of release, and celebrates the iconic Maria Callas for her musical shows featuring the grace printed T-shirts, and the recorded Bellini’s Norma at the Metropol in 1954 where the D&G Show takes place.

The Styles are very delicate and superior. Brocade, upholstery and capitonné velvet bustier dresses with internal petticoats, covered with precious stones. Duchesse silk gowns with trompe-l’oeil effect prints. Bustiers were made of golden passamenterie ropes to wear with skinny jeans. Velvet coats and dresses with tapestry prints. Tapestry-printed chiffon blouses and jewel brooches tmatch with tights.

Fabrics and materials used are brocades, smooth velvets, matelassé velvets, upholstery velvet encrusted with glitters and stones, silk, mink, printed horse skin, chiffon, printed cashmere, denim adorned with stones and precious passamenterie details, tulle, grosgrain ribbons.

The season’s colors are almost black, burgundy, blue, mélange grey, ochre and gold.

When I see these hippie models wearing chic dresses I remember my childhood and my mother reading fairytales to me. My imaginative mind pictured lovely queens and princesses wearing pretty gowns similar to the ones we see on models of Dolce and Gabbana Women’s Collection for Fall/Winter 2009-2010 toting Dolce & Gabbana handbags.

DG Fall Campaign

DG Fall Campaign1

DG Magazine 2009 def?.indd

DG Magazine 2009 def?.indd

DG Magazine 2009 def?.indd

Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2009 Campaign

Designer ad campaigns are getting hotter and hotter with flocks of masculine men and sexy women models ramping up the desired theme of the season. Jump forward to Spring/Summer 2009 as the real models ruled the fashion world.

The fashion duo, Dolce & Gabbana has just opened the new Spring-Summer 2009 fashion ad campaign for their D&G Collection from footwears, dresses and other set of fashion ensembles and accessories.

D&G Women



D&G Men



The sunny D&G Spring/Summer 2009 ad campaign was shot by Mario Testino with the theme of the sea, the yachts and featuring the devastating sexy, fetishistic beauties in an Italian aesthetics and masculine bodies of models Julien Quevenne, Danny Schwarz, Zuzana Gregorova, Constance Jablonski, Imogen Morris-Clarke, Ariel Meredith, Tanya Dziahileva, Anna Gushina, and Cato Von Ee.

The Perfect Women’s Handbags

Women consider handbags as the expression of fashion and their total personality rather than its functionality. I reckon, there are approximately five fashion houses that cater stylish handbags that are worthy of ownership which includes Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gucci and Burberry.


Every woman has different brilliant opinion and fashion statement. They have different taste towards colors, styles, sizes and materials used. It is more startling how fashionable women’s handbags in today’s fashion world. Takes for instance, if brown is your favorite color, you might choose the choco brown colored Louis Vuitton handbag with the clip-art style allegory in a check pattern that everyone deserves. If you wish a lighter version of brown checks, the Burberry handbag might suit your taste.

If a bag is really attractive definitely you are confident and wonderful but the real perfect handbag is all about proportion, shape, line, finish, fabric, and balance or its inferior craftsmanship. The perfect handbag is very important than your shoes to accessorize your entire wardrobe. Handbags are more closely tied to a woman’s rousing characteristic rather than any other piece of accessories.

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