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The John Galliano Handbags

The John Galliano handbags are not my typical fan though, but as I browsed their collections at, I was totally amazed how beautiful these collections are.

I love the newspaper prints that once he said last 2000, he had found his inspiration for the couture collection of boho-meets-hobo chic.
I think most of us really reflect in the current collection. The handbags are very expressive and lively with the words”John” and “Galliano”, his name itself are not blatant but sneak in all over the place that created a big buzz to a fashion world. They are subtle yet super distinctive!


The designer continued developing his own image in today’s fashionable era. The label, John Galliano became stronger and stronger, and his inspiration became more and more eclectic.

After he became the new designer of Christain Dior in January 1997, John Galliano brought his modern and glamorous perception of woman to the famous Christian Dior Institution. He religiously worked with the same energy and intensity on both fashion houses, the John Galliano and Christian Dior Collections.

The Galliano customer can find a wide range of products in his signature line, including Women’s Ready to Wear, Bags, Shoes, Scarves, Gloves, and the latest on eyewear lines. Find more of his handbag collections from your trusted and favorite online boutiques.

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