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Tips to Buy Designer Handbags at Cheap

Every woman dreams to have at least one designer handbag in their wardrobe but a few of them able to fulfill this dream. Urban fashion elites and divas find designer handbags impressive. Women who are in a tight budget or limited earning unable to purchase these stylish handbags because they know the fact that purchasing one designer handbag is enough to burn hole in their pocket.

But it doesn’t mean that they shatter the dream of having a designer bag. They can buy a used designer bag at an impressive price. Let’s know the tricks to buy used designer bags.

The first tip is to expand your online search to look for the designer bag of your interest. It’s good to find out the off season bags. It means if it is 2012 summer collection, you can do search for 2011 summer or winter collection. Designer handbags do have stocks of previous collection that they sell at a lower price. Choose the one that could be used year-round.

Your local stores can also help find the best deal on handbags. Visit the consignment shops in your local area where you are free to carefully examine the quality of handbags for wear and tear, and request for the best deal. A consignment shop offers to negotiate for the price.

Shopping from online auction sites is one of best idea. Remember, these shops don’t give flexibility to return back the product, so take your time to find the best used designer bag. Carefully read the bag quality, examine the picture and negotiate for the price to get a good designer handbag. It may possible that you will find a brand new bag which was used not more than 2-3 times.

Why Girls Carry Handbags

Boys are often curious to know “what’s in her bag”. They want to know that when a small wallet is enough to carry their essential things then why girls carry a huge bag.

Ok boys, I let you know why girls are crazy about bags.

Women’s handbags serve a dual purpose- fashion and function. Clutches play major role in making women stunning for the evening or to a special occasion. These are small bags for holding essentials such as keys, a cell phone, a small make-up kit, a comb and a wallet. Girls always want the center attraction of a party and it is their handbags allow them to maintain their makeup.

Hobo bags are for their style as well as carrying lots of items. These oversized bags offer plenty space to carry not only a small make-up kit and a cell phone, but also a lunch box and small goods they would like to carry. Their slouchy look makes these bags popular among college girls.

Totes are another very popular bags which women love to carry at picnics, beach parties and many other occasions when they require carrying lots of items.

Most girls like to carry bags for style reason. They want to look glamorous carrying designer handbags. Many of them want to show off that they have an expensive designer bag. The sole purpose is to look gorgeous and glamorous. That’s why, you can see there is a tough competition among fashions houses in bringing something very catchy and sophisticated designer handbags.

Now, I am sure that boys are quite clear about “what’s in her bag”. If they still have doubts, they are free to ask this question to their girlfriends.

Zagliani: One Name for Designer Skin Handbags

Are you fashion conscious? Are you looking something very different and unique handbags? Are you fad up with your regular looking leather handbags? If your answer is yes for all these questions, it means the time has come when you need to expand your shopping to look for the best and unique handbags.

Zagliani is a well known brand founded 70 years ago. The brand is specialized in exotic skin bags to meet your needs.

Zagaliani designer Mauro Orietti-Carella once told about his brand, “Zagaliani is not following a fashion moment. Each bag of the brand is unique because we don’t believe in producing as much as market demands. Our main goal is to use too many skins and work in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.”

Zagliani handbags are expensive but worth to buy. Each bag is injected with silicone to add a super buttery feel to the bags. Not only urban rich fashionable women but also celebs find Zagliani bags impressive and stylish. Recently, Jennifer Lopez caught holding a Zagliani bag; it had raised the eyebrows of many fashion divas.

From ostrich to python and crocodile skins are used to create beautiful handbags. All bags are exclusive. The designer Mauro Carella who has chosen his passion over his profession (dermatologist) tries to give live look to his bags. The treatments he learned to make skin smooth and beautiful are now applying by him on his bags. It is truly brilliant approach of Mauro.

Golden, silver, dark maroon, white and different chunky colors are used to make Zagliani handbags. They are superb for any occasion. Either you are going for a night out or a barbeque party, a Zagliani bag is always ready to make your appearance outstanding and sophisticated.

How to Make it to Fashion Industry

There are a number of people today out there that want to know more about the fashion industry. Top reason for this would probably have to be because of the fact that this is considered to be one of the top paying industries in the market today.

Owing to all of the amazing advantages that this industry has associated with it, more people are interested to know how they can possibly take advantage of it. Many brands, Gucci shoes, ferragamo, are working exceptionally well in their profiles. One of the ways in which you could be a part of this industry would probably have to be by getting some fashion industry internships. These are not that hard to obtain, if you know how to go about it.

You should be pursuing your fashion degree in a reputed school that has a good name associated with it. Moreover, it might also be beneficial if you are able to get good grades in this particular school.

In order to get the absolute best fashion industry internships, you should be able to demonstrate that you do possess the knowledge and determination to make it in this industry. Unless you are completely sure about what you are capable of, this might not really be the best option for you to opt in.

There also is a need to understand more about timing and picking out an option that will help in improving your chances of getting fashion industry internships. The time that you decide to apply has a lot of say in whether or not it is possible for you to get these internships.

Remember that in many situations, applicants tend to be at an advantage because they unusually apply well in advance. If you want your application to be considered seriously, you too ought to take the effort and apply for the internship at the right time.

Make Your Own Style Statement

‘Style’ is the buzzword these days. Everybody wants to be stylish… be it kids or elderly. Previously fashion and style was supposed to be more of females but this distinction is no more there now.

You must have seen college guys in funky clothes, weird hair styles, latest accessories and some other trendy stuff… just to look stylish and fashionable.

You must also be looking for ways to be chic. Actually there are several things you can do and see a wonderful change in yourself.

You can change your style of clothes, hair style, and pick up some latest accessories to make way for yourself.

Speaking personally, I usually go for accessories whenever want a change. There are many trendy footwear, designer handbags, stylish clutches, chichi shoes in market to help you out.

There are many top notch brands you can for provided your pocket is greasy. I remember visiting Gucci showroom few days back. It was having very good varieties of handbags for men and women both. Stylish footwear, glossy clutches and other accessories were sufficient to entice me, and of course you also!

Apart from Gucci, there are other brands namely Dior, Diesel, Reebok etc to cater to your ‘stylish’ requirements. Every brand has their own specific features. For example, Dior is known for leather folds in their women handbags. I am just crazy about their leather bags. Similarly, every brand has its own specifications.

But before buying branded products, you need to check the originality of products as many sellers are befooling customers by selling replicas in the name of brand. You need to thoroughly judge the quality of material, finishing etc to make sure that the product is original only.

Visiting the websites of brands can help you out in it!

Prada Miu Miu Handbags and Shoes

Today, the brand name Prada has become one of the most sought after and has gained immense popularity in different circles. Behind this branded name is creator Mario Prada, who began the business in the year 1913. Collections in the brand include belts, apparel, wallets, shoes and a number of other accessories as well. Shoes that are not typically sportswear and those with intricate designs are his forte in footwear.

Since this brand name is now so popular, a number of lesser known shoe manufacturers have come in versions that are affordable but fake replicas which you need to be aware of.

Original branded shoes are available both online as well as offline. You need to purchase them from genuine manufacturers only. Mario Prada’s grand daughter has come up with the range ‘MiuMiuw’ which sells products like Miu Miu handbags and shoes at many of the high end stores of the world, since the year 1992. So ideally, this should be your second best choice.

To check out if at all you are purchasing original shoes from this brand there are a few signs that can indicate the tell tale signs. Boxes for containing these shoes are made in plastic as compared to traditional boxes made in card board. Also ensure to check if details like model, logo and brand are printed on the inner side of the box.  Customers need to keep these facts in mind before considering the original Prada shoes.

Insoles can be removed and replaced, which should be kept in mind at the time of purchase. If you have been saving up for a good pair of branded shoes, you should know what to look for to get real value for your indulgence. Prada designs are signature like which can be learned more about online. It is vital to remember that since these are branded and luxurious shoes, and you are going to pay a good amount of money, refrain from making the purchase in the presence of any element of doubt.

If there is a good friend who knows a lot about branded stuff and especially Prada shoes then taking this friend along for shopping online or offline is a good idea.

Top Quality Italian Handbags

When it comes to fad, Italian fashion is always on top of the notch. From clothes, perfumes, jewelry, to other accessories, they sure give a tremendous impact all over the world. One of the most talked about and collected are Italian handbags.  Designer handbags such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Sergio Rossi and a lot more are being collected by many because of its uniqueness and extravagance.

Cost and Maintenance

Authentic branded handbags from Italy can costs from $ 800 to $1,500 and above. Expensive indeed but it is really worth the buy. These bags can last longer than you think granted that you take good care of it. There are shops now that offers care and retention for our precious Italian bags. They are like the doctor of fashionable bags.

So if ever your bag needs a minor or even major make-over, just go to their shops and let them do the rest. Having it retained to its original form and making it look brand new again of course comes with a price. Personally, I’d have it done to bring back its beauty.

Italian handbags come in a wide variety of materials, designs, and colors. However, the saleable type up to now are leather and suede. Though leather and suede nowadays can be dyed, the classic look and natural color are still the most profitable because it can easily be matched with any clothing. As they say, nothing beats the classic.

Italian bags are without a doubt classy, sophisticated, and made with top quality materials. Whether you are buying luggage, purse, handbag or shoulder bag, opt for those made in Italy.

Though there are some countries producing quality bags, handbags made in Italy still stands out and lasts a lot longer. So if you want to be sure on the quality and authenticity of the leather, opt for Italian bags.

Why Get Luxury Handbags?

The difference between fashion and style is that fashion has quality. Fashion is a term that usually connotes to the high end designers that incorporate art to the pieces they release. That is why luxury handbags never go out of style. Ladies go in line for the release of these new designs and people even have to reserve it months before the said date.

With quality, you can never go wrong. The hems are usually hand stitched to ensure that the bag will hold together even if you are to put a lot of items inside. Totes and carry on bags that are bought in designer stores are guaranteed to be more durable than those who are not. The assurance that the handles will not break or the buckles will not just snap is what you pay for with the extra money you spend. Avoiding these mishaps are

Aside from this, its design is truly exceptional. Designers make sure their bags do not just look good, they aspire excellence. Since they express their art through these luxury handbags, every detail is intricately placed and all of these embellishments exude nothing but elegance.

There are a lot of replicas available in the internet so it is a little hard to determine if it really is authentic. So this is a caution especially those who really aren’t familiar with it, so you have to be careful in your purchase.

If you buy it on the store itself, you will receive a lot of paper works that ensures the bag you have is from them. There are keys and security padlocks from the label. Some even have booklets, metal tags, dust bags and id for the item. Most importantly, they will provide a receipt for authenticity which you should keep since this is the proof that what you have is not fake.

The Lady Dior Bag: Timeless Style

Women love their handbags and their obsession multifold if it is a lady Dior one. Bored

Of my one-year-old handbag, I thought of showing glamour in me by carrying this sophisticated handbag. You know it did wonders and spelled a new energy in my persona. I love to be with it.


It bears a geometric framework and made on to soft lambskin. The accessories made of sparklingly finished hardware make it eye catching. Initially lady Dior bag was designed for Princess Diana. Today you can have variety of it in different sizes shapes and colors.


o Carnage embroidery
o short leather bound or acrylic handles
o released top with protective flap
o Inner zip compartment
o Metal shielding feet
o detachable shoulder strap
o vary from small medium to large size
o typically lined in signature jacquard
o generally use goldstone or silver stone metal
o charms on all sizes is typical capital letters, O being famous
o shape of bottom is semicircular or triangular




o comes in classic medium size as well as large stopper
o no rivets and the metal loops straightforwardly hang around the metal ring which hold the strap to the bag
o D is the famous charm
o Padlocked zip


o Include bucket mode shoulder bag as well as shoulder hobo style
o Only letter is D
o Comes in two versions, one with charm on side and in other charm hangs from front
o Can be cinch closed with alteration of shoulder strip
o I is not 1 here


Look the internal tag, only then you can save yourself spending on fake.

o presently tag is prepared of same leather as the bag made of
o It is rectangular measuring 1 inch wide
o It read ‘Christian Dior’ and then ‘below it reads ‘made in Italy’
o When you raise the tag ,there should  be a code
o Before 1990 edition tag war not stitched

You need not worry about the originality the lady Dior bag if you buy it online as I did. Company delivers it right to your home. Just love your lady and enjoy the timeless style.

Make A Fashion State With One Of These Castelbajac Handbags

If you are bored with plain and boring handbags that can only make you look ten to thirty years older than your age, then check out what latest Jean-Charles de Castelbajac handbag collection has to offer today. His bag collections are simply playful and will definitely put you out of the box. The bag themselves are intricately designed by one of the best and most scandalous French couturier today. The experiment he’s done with different fabrics and prints has always surprised many yet they work all the time.

If you want to wear something out of the box and are trying to achieve a stand out look then grab a piece of these new babies, these are made using playful colors that you can easily find an outfit to match with. The architectural shapes, designs and colors have given this bag a unique look and different style. This has made the wearer stand out from the crowd.

Shopping for the Right Handbag

A lot of people do not know that shopping for the right handbag is daunting task. Most think that it’s a piece of cake, when you need to put detailed overview about each bag you see before you can actually say this is the right buy. If this is the case, then maybe you need to simply loosen up. Forget about plain and boring handbags with one color tone. Opt for something funky that you can wear to just whatever outfit you are sporting. This is exactly where the Castelbajac handbags stand out. You can literally use them for casual outfit, a formal dress and a funky outfit. The handbags can only help you be noticed.

You can easily say that Castelbajac latest collection is the most practical bag that’s ever been on the market. Let alone the fact that they are made from high quality material and intricately sewn together to compensate for its high quality brand. If you want to simply be out there and be noticed, use one the Castelbajac handbags. Be out of your normal circle, stand out, give yourself some color and free yourself from being a fashion victim.

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