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Your Next Purchase: Hermes Crocodile Lindy

hermes crocodile lindy bag

I have gone back and forth on the decision of having an Hermes as my handbag preference. As I have seen Heidi Montag with her Hermes everytime I browse the celebrity blogs. I really admire and love the Hermes bag that offers online. Recently, I came across with an all time favorite of the House, the Hermes Lindy which gives more casual and sophisticated touch as its origin implies.

This bag is truly the holy-grail of Hermes that we can easily recognize the ultra-supple matte Nile-crocodile skin in graphite 30 structure, as it ages it develops the perfect gloss. The Lindy has double sided compartment which features a double sided compartment for easy separation and use, together with its collapsible center when being carried.

My love to this handbag is overflowing just like the Nile River after the heavy rain. Precisely as I expected, this type on Lindy is out of my budget! Apparently, the Lindy has a price of $5,000 but shockingly, this Crocodile Lindy as far as I know has a price of $22,700. Terrible! I will get to this bag only in my dreams. Just inquire at your local Hermes now for the availability of the item.

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