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Britney Spears on Candies 2010 Photoshoot

Pop princess Britney Spears looks hot and glamorous in a pink background for Candie’s Spring-Summer 2010 campaign titled “Britney Spears Through The Lens.” The advert have already featured and published in the net.

Here we are to see the brand’s photoshoot for Spring 2010 for its clothing collection.

Britney looks sexy and glamorous wearing those yellow lingerie, bright pink bathing suit, strapless plaid minidress, sexy hotpants, leopard blouse and other beautiful garments. She looks slimmer and fit, indeed.
The collection looks good, especially those sexy bathing suits and the flower top.

See some of Britney Spears sexy pictures on Candie’s Spring-Summer 2010 Clothing Collection below and Tell us which clothing you like most.

How To Choose Bag To Flatter Your Body Shape

Handbag is the accessory that completes our physical appearance. It can make our overall outfit more glamorous and meaningful. So being a fashionista, we must be very careful in choosing handbags.
So, consider the following simple tips before buying your next handbag:

Bust. Women with big bosoms and broad shoulders should avoid handbags with short and tiny handles because these usually end around the bust area. If you want to expose your breast area, well short-handled handbags or clutches are perfect.

Waist and Hips. Broad waist, big stomach and hips will look less noticeable if you wear handbags that finish up under your arm.
Avoid handbags that go down to your midriff or hips to keep your bulges. Stay away from bags that go down to your midriff or hips, this will attract attention to your bulges. Big totes will look unflattering as well as bags with big funky details.
If you are lucky to have a slim waist, bag with handles of an average length will be a good option as well as a clutch. Modern clutch can be either tiny for evenings out or middle-sized to be roomy enough for all those items you always need to have with you.

Legs. Girls with long slim legs can wear bags with long handles and look great. Messenger type will work best. But ladies with short legs should choose classic shapes and sizes.

Frame. Women of larger frames should avoid tiny bags as they will look even bigger. You need well-tailored bags of average sizes. Choose from medium-large range. Clutches will be fantastic, but again choose oversized ones to keep proportion.

Tall and skinny girls can opt for broad and slouchy bags. Long bags will look unflattering.
Short women will want to look taller. This is easy to do if you select long and lanky bags that go in color harmony with your outfits. Stay away from wide oversized totes as they will make you look even shortery.

Cindy Crawford Covers L’Officiel for Spring 2010

Fashion is not how daring you are. It’s how you carry what you wear. Supermodel Cindy Crawford proves it again that fashion can be great with all your clothes on.

The supermodel poses for the L’Officiel Spring 2010 issue wearing beautiful and descent clothing. She looks young and stylish and can serve as a good example for women of a middle age.

The photo shoot has no crazy poses or flamboyant color. The camera is focused on the model , beauty and the garments.

Cindy Crawford L’Officiel Photos Spring 2010 Issue below:

Lady Gaga’s Unique Fashion Sense

What amazes us about Lady GaGa aside from her record-breaking albums and concerts is her unique sense of fashion. She is always different in her fashion style. But that’s what we like about her. I love the fact she always sticks to her image. And it’s not just me who thinks this way. Even GaGa herself says it is necessary to ‘look nice all the time’.

The singer admits she considers it bad and disrespectful to fans to be dressed casually if you know that people can see you. In interviews, she replied:

“ I think you should look nice all the time. When I meet celebrities and they’re in casual clothes, I’m always like, ‘Whaaat?’ I don’t mean to be judgmental, but it would do them better to be who they really are, all the time. When I get out of a car and there are 30 fans waiting for me, I know I’m dressed the way I should be. There’s a reason they have that emotional reaction.”

Some people make assumptions that the Telephone girl buys her clothing from sex shops. GaGa said it was not true. She told Britain’s OK! magazine:

“ Everybody loves sex. I would love to be introduced to one person on the planet that does not love sex. I don’t buy my clothes from sex shops. I just recently have had a love affair with S+M clothing and masks as I love the idea of telling stories with no face. I believe in some things very strongly and that is the power of showbiz.”

Lauren Conrad smiles the issues away on Glamour May 2010

Glamour Magazine gave Lauren Conrad a break in its May 2010 issue. She looks fresh and playful on the cover. Her sweetest smile and her bright eyes tell that she is happy. She certainly deserves to be happy with all the great things that happened in her life except for some issues that bother her.

During interviews, Conrad replied:

On too much attention: “I get very uncomfortable with people watching me. And I know that sounds silly because of the show, but we were filming with people that we’d known for years, and it was a job.”

On her relationship with boyfriend Kyle Howard: “I don’t have to clear my movie dates with a filming crew. (laughs) As soon as I started doing the show, I never had a boyfriend off camera; it wasn’t allowed. So I had a rule: I would date someone for a few weeks, and that was it. Anyway, the first two weeks are the best!”

On her body: “I never felt a push to be stick thin. I work out and eat healthy, so mostly it’s about being in shape and having energy. But about a year ago, I looked down and thought, I have cellulite. Where did that come from? I went through treatments; [my body] was like, It’s not going anywhere.”

Be glamor visit Glamour Magazine Now!

Stunning Kershaw graces Vogue Korea

Model Abbey Lee Kershaw posed for Vogue Korea April 2010 issue. She was stunning and gorgeous in the spread and we can’t help but fall in love with her, photographed by Rafael Stahelin and styled by Ye Young Kim.

The photography is aptly titled Lovely Bones and features a ghostlike Kershaw in form-fitting clothes with skeletal detailing. The piece features an edgier side of Burberry Prorsum and is brilliantly accessorized.

This photo shoot is all about chic and Burberry, Burberry and chic… I do think these two words mean the same.

See some of her Vogue Korea April 2010 issue photos below:

Visit Vogue Korea for more info.

Dolce & Gabbana Denim for Spring/Summer 2010

The new Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2010 collection is a tribute to the Sicilian way of life and its reincarnations. Not only the essence of classic beauty of the body and soul , but also the point towards the epicurean beauty of an exquisite suit showing sensuality with the use of laces, crochets and some floral prints.

The conventional significance substantiates and ultimately satisfies the desire for beauty. Transparency is the main element of the whole collection that can be found on most dresses, skirts, camisoles and shoes.
The quest of perfection is a response to look forward into the future and find the ideal concept of an immaculate and timeless gracefulness and good taste.

Dolce & Gabbnana denim jeans represent these characteristics. They are my favorite when it comes to denim jeans. I often wear it with my top when go to work. I don’t have any problems towards my DG denim jeans. I love the design and fabric as well as the style that boost up my personality. This is Dolce & Gabanna, this is Me! This is the season where we can splurge ourselves with Dolce & Gabbana denim jeans Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Studded Dolce & Gabbana Wallets

Luxury and style are what Dolce and Gabana fashion connote. D&G house of fashion never fails to give its customers studded and edgy wallets and purses. Recently D&G released a luxury wallet sold at $695. It can’t make me believe that it is ever just alright to spend that much on a wallet. The item was just made of soft goatskin leather and row upon row of rock chick metal. I’m just probably biased because I don’t have much in my bank account.

Anyway, its created by Dolce and Gabbana.Expensive may it be but the style and quality are cut above the rest.Absurdly high price aside, I can’t deny that this wallet is absolutely stunning. It stands miles apart from the boring purses and wallets that grace our handbags, and it is even kind of unisex, perfectly fitting modern girl and grungy boy to a tee. It is also functional, although not especially so; you get no more than the typical card slots, and not even space for some change.

Maybe you just aren’t meant to have any cash left once you have bought it! Ridiculous but stylish, this is the wallet for a true millionaire.

In addition to, luxury Dolce & Gabbana Wallets have multiple interior slots and compartments made from soft goatskin leather, and studded exterior.

Why People Love to Shop Prada Wallets?

Why people loved to shop Prada wallets and purses? Aside from its well-known quality items, it is their style that goes a long way. Authentic Prada wallets are sold at any Prada retail outlets. Most online stores are your source of Prada purses and Prada wallets in excellent quality. The store sells only authentic and genuine Prada.

Customers testify that Prada products are classy and chic even when you are just toting it around. It is always elegant anywhere and anytime. Prada wallet is an impressive accessory. The accent becomes a luxurious gratification because of its lustrous style. It adds some sophistication to your various accessories. There are numerous styles and designs to choose from but mostly all are in black like the Prada Saffiano Black Leather French Wallet, black nylon French wallet, black tessuto zip French wallet, black signature French wallet, and a host of enviable Prada wallets which you wish to have all. With so many styles and designs it is best to ask for advice which one to carry on certain occasions.

With its infinite selection of wallet and purse styles and designs, you will find the collection to your personal satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is what matters to Prada. So everytime they introduce a new item, surely it’s quality and you will love it

Gucci Wallets are Excellent!

Thinking of best items for gifts? Gucci is your best choice and your loved ones will surely love your gift. Gucci is the leading brand name of luxury goods in the world fashion industry. When it comes to wallets, Gucci is renowned over the years. And with most of the women we asked, they would love to carry them proudly since they are considered as a symbol of class and status as well as taste.

It is of great importance to make sure that you are getting an authentic one when you are searching for Gucci wallets. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish them since they look almost the same at first glances. Even the technicians who work with them would find it hard to recognize, let alone common people.

For Gucci’s avid customers, consider the following tips ensure you buy the genuine Gucci item:

1. Buy from Authorized Dealers Only. Check the sellers’ reputation and find an authorized dealer. You can differentiate it from the crown emblems that are usually displayed somewhere in the stores. If you are shopping on the internet, you can check the sellers’ feedback, which consists of positive and negative ones together with the selling rate.

2. Check out materials used and logo. Observe carefully the hardware on the wallet to see whether it is the zipper pulls or snap buttons since Gucci wallets come with certain hardware that has the Gucci logo engraved into it. In addition, the Gucci logo print is imprinted into the fabric instead of printing on the surface of the wallet.
3. Check out Authenticity. Check the serial number that is printed on the leather on the wallet to see whether it is authentic.and make sure that the Gucci wallet comes with an authentic card, which is included in the description of the wallet by all of the best designer wallet stores online.

Follow all these tips mentioned above, you will be more confident and find it easy in your purchase.

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