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Spice Up Your Wardrobe With Prada Bags

Prada bags come in all different shapes and sizes for the modern day woman to match any look for all kinds of events. You will definitely be making a good investment when you purchase one of these bags for yourself. At will be able to select the purse that you think is best for you.

Whether it’s to spice up an outfit or something you need to carry important items in, this brand of bags is for you. The reason why a lot of women today are choosing this designer label is because you can never go wrong with a classic. Nowadays, classics are the key accessories to making an outfit complete and stylish.

When you take a look at what this website has to offer, you will definitely not be disappointed with what is available. You have bags for all sorts of occasions and in many different colors and textures. A woman’s overall look can be polished up just by accessorizing themselves with the right purse. Even if you are on a tight budget concerning these totes when you look for a classic shape and color you won’t go wrong.

You may not even have a limit and want to spoil yourself by choosing this brand. This is because you can now enjoy a classic item among your accessories. The numbers of times that you can use this accessory are countless.

Every woman should be able to enjoy different kinds of accessories from this classic brand. Prada may not always be cheap but they sure are useful. You and your loved ones will certainly enjoy something from this brand.

Flaunt Your Bold Style With Prada 2012 Collection

When it comes to choose the best fashion houses, Prada has always been one of the most favorite brands. The Italian fashion label is specialized in selling stylish shoes, handbags and ready-to-wear. No wonder, the brand designs and quality are out-of-box and give a tough competition to many popular fashion houses.

Every year, it tries to bring something innovative and classy to its customers. The 2012 spring/summer collection is one of the most awesome collections for Prada. The Prada shoes are inspired from the fifties and sixties American tailfin cars. These cars were quite popular and their eye-catching aesthetic made them different from other normal looking cars. The dramatic paint jobs, highly polished chrome metalwork and flaming exhaust pipes made them a highly desirable car of fifties.

Now, the style is again to experience in form of 2012 Prada spring collection. It is Miuccia Prada (the youngest granddaughter of Mario Prada, founder of Prada) who has designed shoes that have freshened up the memory of American tailfin cars. Shoes are featuring flame design with highly polished chrome metal work. Bright colors are made to give the eye-catching look to shoes such as red, blue, black and green.

Some famous names in the modeling world- Megan Collison, Elise Crombez, Natasha Poly and Kathryn Kruger have the face of Prada 2012 summer campaign. You have already discovered the campaign photos where models are showcasing their bold appearance with flame shoes.

If you want to buy a new pair of shoes of the brand, you will get them from Prada’s own official website or from a well-reputed online fashion stores. No wonder, to get these beautiful pairs, you will need to lose your pocket a little bit more. So, get the one to show off your bold style.

Planning To Buy Shoes – Be Careful

Are you a shopaholic? In what you are interested in? I like to buy handbags, shoes etc. Though purchasing each and everything needs due care and consideration, I feel purchasing shoes need it more.

Gone are the days when traditional black shoes were the only thing to pick up. These days, markets are packed with designers, boots, sneakers and other styles as well. In whatever age you are, in whatever profession you are… there is no dearth of options for you.

But you need to be careful enough while purchasing shoes. Reason is for good brands, prices are skyrocketing. If you will purchase in haste, there will be loss to you. Size is quite important while buying Prada shoes. Actually there is no standard measurement for shoes. Each brand has their own measurement. So, it’s necessary to wear it before you purchase it.

There are military boots which were there traditionally for military personnel. But nowadays, these shoes also become a style statement. You must have seen kids also wearing knee-high boots in sharp and bright colors.

There are many brands famous for shoes, prada, ferragamo etc to name a few. No doubt, their products are somewhat expensive, but you will be completely satisfied with quality and style they impart to their clients.

If you are thinking to buy shoe for somebody else, don’t forget to take the person with you else there are chances to err in size.

So, these were some of the things which you should take care of while buying shoes. While shopping, you need to explore a lot, shop around to purchase a good product. No worries, as a shopaholic, you will not get bored of that! So, just enjoy shopping and fill your basket with stylish products.

Complement Your Looks with Prada

The Italian brand is known for its sophisticated handbags, shoes and fashion accessories for men and women.  The brand has successfully accomplished its name as one of the most sought after fashion brands for celebs and urban elites. People who don’t want to compromise in terms of fashion can easily choose Prada as one of their favorite brands.


These branded handbags are exclusive art work  made by some of the finest craftsman using the finest materials of the world. That’s what makes you possible to identify the real one. If you are confused with the authenticity of Prada handbags, it’s better to carefully look at the logo. All its handbags have the authentic logo with signature of the brand on front, side or the back depending on the style.

The inverted triangle logo color is close the bag color and is slightly raised. The finishing of the bag is outstanding. You will not find any lose stitch. While buying the brand bag, don’t forget to check a plastic card that lists information such as the name of model. Also a paper certificate contains a bar code.


The brand shoes are quite trendy and are symbol of high fashion. To get a superior quality pair or to get an authentic pair, don’t forget to examine the shoe box in which the branded shoes come in. The shoes box is made with corrugated plastic. Look at the logo of the box, it finds on the end of the box. The shoe sole contains logo. Examine the dust bag that comes with the shoes. If there is no dust bag, it is clearly a fake pair.

Prada Handheld Pieces of Art!

Every woman desires to own a stylish bag made by a reputed designer. While there are a few from the affluent societies who can own a range of designer handbags there are also a few who can purchases stylish bags at affordable prices. Bags from well known designers have class, are elegant to look at and are of very high quality. Many of the brands have made a mark in the fashion industry. If you are looking towards owning a portable, unique and spacious bag, then you must consider one of the best brands available.

A bag from Prada can truly be a perfect handheld piece of art, which you may be looking out for a long time. They look elite and come in designs that are sexy as well as cool to look at. It is these features that make them some of the most sought after bags amongst women in the recent times. Each of the pieces designed seem to have a unique charm. Women all over the world desire to own a stylish bag from this brand for their wardrobe to suit almost every out fit they wear. Since these branded bags come in a variety of designs, sizes, styles, colors, materials and prices, every woman can get a bag that suits her style, budget and personality. If you are flaunting a branded bag, then you are basically equipped to showcase luxury and elegance in style.

Hide from the walrus was used in making earlier, but now the finest leather is used. To ensure durability they are made water proof as well. In the winter collection of the year 2010 messenger bags from this brand was an important part of the display which come in a style that is really simple and very chic. The bags come in different colors with a number of details like shoulder straps, hardware in gold and silver, buckles etc. Some of the replica bags from this brand also look truly unique. You need to look up some genuine websites for affordable bags which can be availed at special or discount offers and during festive seasons as well.

The Luxury Goods from Prada

Men and women alike adore luxury. Luxury can be felt even from fashion products that we choose to buy. There are designers that have specialized in luxury products and whom you need to check their collections especially when you want to have the best for yourself. You need to pay some attention to this especially if you have a thing for luxury fashion products of Italian origin.

The name that you ought to consider is Prada. The beauty of it is that it is that it presents a wide selection of the products that you may need. You would find handbags, clothes, wallets and shoes that would match your tastes. The products are actually ready to wear and have this respected label on them.

The Luxury Goods from Prada

By the way, people would respect you when you spot the Prada label on your clothes, shoes or accessories like bags. It is quite authentic and there are those basic colors that you would find in the collection. Cream, black, green, yellow and brown are quite basic that go with many things and you may want to have one of the products in these colors.

This Italian designer is still working to keep with the times. Different collections are released every now and again and you can be sure that you would find something that will capture your tastes and give the right impression of you.

Legendary Prada Handbags

Prada is an Italian fashion brand focuses in luxury items for men and women designs. In fashion industry, Prada is considered to be the most respected handbag designers. Its status symbol is known for having great extent in terms of luxury and refined quality. Prada handbags really shine brightly, like a diamond into every woman’s eyes. Prada leather handbags come in affordable price that you would really love to buy.

Woman who really loves fashion and desire to be one of the Hollywood stars in the red carpet, Prada accessories comes as being lavishly unequalled. Every piece is absolutely created to satisfy the needs of fashion conscious individual and it is a symbol for perfection.

Mario and Martino Prada brothers start out the brand PRADA because they did not allow their women to engage in business. Later on, Luisia Prada and Miuccia, her daughter, rise into higher noble deeds. The company was inherited in 1978 and unveiled their designer handbags which turn into vast conspicuous success.

As the fashion capital of the world like Paris and Milan, no wonder that the world’s renowned designer labels such as Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Gucci and Armani came into existence. Prada supply the inspiration for commitment in designing moral excellence in accessories, leather, shoes, hats and luggage, in fashion industry as a whole.

Some of the Legendary Prada Handbag Styles below:

Timeless and Classic Gucci Handbags

This year 2010, Gucci has unveiled lots of latest Gucci Handbags for Guccilicious fans who wants to look with classic style. They are generally range from diverse bottom large handbags to tiny clutches. Distinct designs, trend, beauty and styles are blended thoroughly in these classic collections which completely brings together the brand’s timeless elements. I can’t imagine the wonderful Florentine leather craft view satisfying appeal which totally completes the taste of brand innovative director Frida Gianinni distinct idea.

Gucci Handbags 2010 Autumn Winter collection for the very first time is going to be irreplaceable crocodile handbags, Gucci babouska and leather-based purses. This brand new application is really a fulfillment of the whole handbag collection. Gucci delight handbags have been reincorporated, created into a blend of crocodile skin and leather, integrating confined texture in a three-dimensional angle and very tangible to make it more convenient for daily use.

The latest series of Gucci shoulder bags and handbags are a variety of design options that has GG canvas. Gucci patented design is a gold-plated lock ornaments that definitely won the taste of women when it comes to handbag design.

Each handbag has brought unique results to everyone from the ultimate allure of decorative locks.
Another kind of Gucci handbags that appear like Indy handbags are the printed Gucci abbey. These handbags are apparently similar to Gucci hysteria bag except that they appear in a single handle using bamboo material.

The Peggy handbags are available in beige fabric and dark brown or white colored fabric. Small Pelham shoulder bags are for women who want to look fashionable and trendy. Frequently, they come in braided double straps, horse bits and snap tab closure ornamented with light gold and silver embellishments. All these Gucci handbags are available in several colors, styles, and made from various materials.

The new Prada B.Y.O. Line (Bring Your Own) Bag

The warm summer brings a lot of versatile, colorful and lightweight stuffs in the fashion market and certainly this summer season, the house of Prada presents Eco-friendly bag line to all fashinoistas which provide chic and functional all the way.

I just received this very interesting fashion news a while ago from Prada introducing their new B.Y.O. bags! It really talks about perfect timing as I am looking for a versatile handbag for my netbook.

The new Prada B.Y.O. Line (Bring your own) is environment friendly and it was made in traditional Prada fabric adorned with archive prints makes it more colorful just like Prada Accessories Spring 2010. Aside from its versatile look, it is also very spacious for us to carry our important belongings

The B.Y.O. (bring your own) bag is indeed a collection of lightweight handbags with an actual weight of 5 ounces. These eco-friendly handbags are available exclusively at Prada boutiques for a price $295. Grab you own Prada B.Y.O. Bag now!

Prada America’s Cup Involvement

Italy’s one of the most sought and luxurious brand, Prada made an announcement to return to the America’s Cup and it will compete in the Louis Vuitton trophy regatta in La Maddalena, Sardinia by next month.

Prada America’s Cup will race under the name of Luna Rossa. A three-time America’s Cup campaigner and chairman of the Prada group, Patrizio Bertelli has asked the American Ed Baird to command the Louis Vuitton crew. The team will participate to the 3rd Lous Vuitton Regatta this year in Dubai and the first regatta in Hong Kong this 2010.

Patrizio Bertelli

Five teams for the America’s Cup and three Italian teams on the Louis Vuitton  will be expected  to the America’s Cup with challenger, Mascalzone Latino and the revived Azzurra  will challenge from the Aga Khan’s Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.

Let us support the Prada America’s Cup! Join now!

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