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Perfect Purse Pick For Every Occasion

These days, designer clothes and shoes are not the only stuff that we – women go crazy about. The girl world also spins around the wonderland of bags and purses. Aside from the fact that it determines our social status, it’s considered to be more like a necessity, not a luxury. It’s like walking naked in front of a million people – that’s how incomplete women feel – when we don’t have a purse with us.

Working with Glam

Those that we bring for work should look elegant and sophisticated. The best purse material for it is leather. It perfectly fits our corporate look. Put into mind that we should also consider the size of our purse depending on what we regularly bring.

Getting Fab & Casual

Purses that we bring when we go to the mall or someplace else where we just feel like going out are those which are made from light weight material. It should be simple but cute so we won’t be having a hard time carrying it around.

Hanging Out with Style

Plain and simple, yet heavy duty purses are those that come for a typical hang out with friends. We would love a purse that is so comfortable to bring and those that has many purposes for us, like a purse that has many pockets – we definitely love that!

Be the Evening’s Sensation

Those that we bring for night outs and formal gatherings should be elegant, small and handy. These purses are those that are very stylish (usually studded and eye-catching) for us to achieve that ultimate glam.

Wherever most of us go, we never get to leave our favorite purses behind. We pick a purse that matches our outfit to look glamorous. Also, purses are worn according to the occasion that’s why there is a whole bunch of purse variation out there. There’s always got to be a purse that is appropriate for every occasion.

The Lady Dior Bag: Timeless Style

Women love their handbags and their obsession multifold if it is a lady Dior one. Bored

Of my one-year-old handbag, I thought of showing glamour in me by carrying this sophisticated handbag. You know it did wonders and spelled a new energy in my persona. I love to be with it.


It bears a geometric framework and made on to soft lambskin. The accessories made of sparklingly finished hardware make it eye catching. Initially lady Dior bag was designed for Princess Diana. Today you can have variety of it in different sizes shapes and colors.


o Carnage embroidery
o short leather bound or acrylic handles
o released top with protective flap
o Inner zip compartment
o Metal shielding feet
o detachable shoulder strap
o vary from small medium to large size
o typically lined in signature jacquard
o generally use goldstone or silver stone metal
o charms on all sizes is typical capital letters, O being famous
o shape of bottom is semicircular or triangular




o comes in classic medium size as well as large stopper
o no rivets and the metal loops straightforwardly hang around the metal ring which hold the strap to the bag
o D is the famous charm
o Padlocked zip


o Include bucket mode shoulder bag as well as shoulder hobo style
o Only letter is D
o Comes in two versions, one with charm on side and in other charm hangs from front
o Can be cinch closed with alteration of shoulder strip
o I is not 1 here


Look the internal tag, only then you can save yourself spending on fake.

o presently tag is prepared of same leather as the bag made of
o It is rectangular measuring 1 inch wide
o It read ‘Christian Dior’ and then ‘below it reads ‘made in Italy’
o When you raise the tag ,there should  be a code
o Before 1990 edition tag war not stitched

You need not worry about the originality the lady Dior bag if you buy it online as I did. Company delivers it right to your home. Just love your lady and enjoy the timeless style.

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