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Stylish Hogan Shoes – Bringing Perfection in Personality

My friend has shoes mania; she keeps looking for such places where she can get shoes of the latest fashion. And to surprise her, I planned to gift a pair of shoes on her birthday and then start searching the best pair for her. Though, it seemed difficult to find the peculiar one because she already has a good collection, but finally I decided to go with Hogan shoes.

As I have heard a lot of about this brand from some of my friends and am also following it since one year. I started spending quality time on the internet to get a unique pair of shoes of the brand to match her taste.

I was looking for the best quality; although all were very nice but, still it was difficult to choose a brighter diamond from a box of diamonds. I glimpse over the page and saw that there were many options for filtering the thoughts like color, heel size, price, shape, men/women etc. I was shocked to see the huge collection of both male and female Hogan shoes.

I felt myself a little bit confused but I had a clear picture of her wardrobe, so I decided to buy the blue one. It is because she doesn’t have a blue pair of shoes and she decided to wear a blue gown for her birthday party.

After clearing my doubts, I selected two pairs of shoes; one is for my friend and another one for me. I don’t want to compromise with my choice and decided to buy both. And a simple click on “Buy Now” made the ways much clear for me.

After entering the formal details of billing, I was done with my job. And all was set to make my friend surprised. The day came and after opening my gift I observe, she was feeling the fragrance of joy and happiness. And the same I felt to see a broad smile on her face.

Tips to Spot Fake Fendi Shoes

Do you love branded wears? Are you ready to spend extra for quality? These questions are for shoe freaks, those want to maintain quality and style together. No wonder, the fashion industry comes up with a wide variety of shoes to glorify your look. Fendi is one of the best designer shoe sellers. Fendi all items are expensive and exclusive. Though, Fendi has marked their presence also in designer ready-to-wear and handbags.

Fendi shoes are expensive but fashion freaks love to buy them. It’s why some companies are trying to sell fake shoes of the brand to cash in. You cannot differentiate the fake from real if you don’t pay attention and know tricks to identify the real.

Fendi shoes are famous for excellent craftsmanship. The stitching of every shoe is clean, smooth and sturdy. If you observe crooked, sloppy and uneven stitching of the shoe that you would like to buy, it‘s good to look another pair.

Pay close attention to stitching to notice any glue remnants. Apart from stitching, it is possible that fake shoes are glued.

Try to feel the quality of the pair of shoes you would like to buy. Fendi maintains high quality. Leather and suede are durable and shiny. Noticing cheap and oddly stiff, they are likely not authentic.

Carefully inspect the hardware on the shoes. If the shoe is decorated with buckles and any kind of accessories, they should be of high quality.

Take your time to carefully inspect the logo. If you notice any misspelling and font change, the pair is likely not real.

It’s good to carry the logo photo along with you so that you can examine it carefully.

How to Shop For High Heels

Being a woman, what makes you so special? It is, of course, a beautiful dress with dazzling jewelry and a high heel sandal. It is high heels that transform a woman look from frumpy to fabulous.

A common dress when pair with high heels transforms that dress elegant. No wonder, heels make your legs look lean and long. They enhance your calf muscles and make you a super elegant woman. Boys love to see girls in high heels. Ferragamo shoes are famous for pencil heels. Black, golden, brown, pink and nude colors are used to make fabulous and extremely sophisticated shoes for women. If you love heels and want to buy the pair that goes long, here are some shopping tips for that.

Shopping for heels is not as easy as it seems. Your first step includes the selection of a dress you want to wear with heels. This way, you can narrow down your search for heels.

If you are purchasing heels for the first time, it’s good to try several heel heights to know the height is manageable for you. Look for the height you find comfortable.

Determine the look you want to achieve with heels. For instance, you are planning to wear a pencil skirt or a mini skirt; it’s good to pair with pointy stiletto heels.  For casual looks, you can go with chunkier heels. Wedges are good with long skirts and jeans.

If you are not confident enough with your walk wearing skinnier heels, it’s better to go for chunkier or thicker heels.

Strappy sandals and open-toe styles are hot choices. Closed toes are good but pairing them with jeans and long flowing gowns and skirts is a smart choice.

How to Spot Fake Gucci Shoes

Gone are the days when human beings don’t care for quality and brands. These days, fashion for fashionable people is when they wear branded outfits. Gucci, Prada and Chanel are some of the best fashion brands stand for quality, style and uniqueness. Each piece of these brands is exclusive.

Only a few online stores sell their latest and innovative collection. Though, to meet the demand of tens thousands people, it is replica available in the fashion market. They are same in color and design. The only difference is of quality. Being a die-hard lover of Gucci, you should know how to spot fake Gucci Shoes.

Before your purchase, check out the latest collection of Gucci. You can see the latest collection over the internet and from a well-reputed fashion magazine such as W Magazine and GQ Magazine.

Go to the official site to examine the logo before your purchase. Carry a copy of the logo if you are purchasing from the local store boasting Gucci Shoes.

Check the serial number. Fake Gucci collection has an eight-digit serial number on the leather lining whereas authentic has this number hidden on the inside of the shoes, right after the shoe-size. The heel of shoes carries name of the brand.

Carefully examine the sole of the shoe you want to buy. Fake has synthetic sole whereas Gucci sole is made of leather with words “Gucci Made in Italy.”

Don’t ever avoid examining the packaging. Gucci shoe bags are brown with the double “C”  and double “G” logo.

The quality of leather is soft. If you notice tough body of your shoe, it means it is not real.

How to Shop for a Real Prada Shoes

When it comes to fashion, Prada has made its reputation as a high-end Italian fashion house. It is master in manufacturing classy luxury goods such as ready-to-wear, shoes, luggage, hats and leather accessories for men and women. Every year, fashion lovers desperately wait for Prada innovative collection. The Prada Spring 2012 collection is extremely remarkable. Through the 1980 to 2000, the brand was unbeatable, a household name and a favorite word of authors Lauren Weisberger and Candace Bushnell novels on fashionistas.

Prada is famous for using simple clean lines, colors and quality materials in the construction of innovative shoes for men and women. The brand emphasizes delicacy and elegance in the designs. Its shoes are now become status symbol for many. Looking at the popularity of Prada shoes, replica of the brand are now available to make people fool.

Being a real lover of Prada, you should know the tips to spot fake Prada shoes.

Avoid buying cheap shoes of the brand as they may unauthentic.

Examine the shoe box as real Prada boxes are made with corrugated plastic.

Check out the logo of the box which is one the top of the box. Information about shoes material and size is also on the box.

The logo on Prada shoes should be at the sole. If you observe the brand logo on the side of the shoe, it means you are purchasing a fake pair of shoes. If you are planning to buy a zipper shoe of Prada, don’t forget to examine the zipper as it must contains logo.

Don’t forget to look at the dust bag. It should be silver with a silver drawstring. Observing a silver dust bag but with a black drawstring, it means the pair is fake.

Avoiding the risk of fake Prada shoes, it’s good to buy the pair from the official website of Prada. It is the best way to buy an authentic pair of shoes.

Shoe Buckles Back in Fashion

Shoes with buckles are fashion accessories that used greatly in the 17th and 18th century. Now, the style is back to create some revolutionary changes in the fashion world. There are many fashion events where you can easily spot models wearing stunning shoes buckles.

No wonder, they have again given a huge leap to the fashion world. Chunky colors and stylish buckles are used to accessorize your feet. Designers who are bored with strap designs have found buckles interesting and creative fashionable items that give enough space to experiment with your style.

Also, there are many online stores dominated in selling beautiful shoe buckles. If you find your shoes simple, you can shop buckles from these stores at quite competitive prices to enhance your shoes style. China, Italy and some UK brands are ahead in making beautiful buckles.

As a fashion lover, you can go with a shoe buckle made of alloy and opal, available in various designs like flower shapes and animal shapes decorated with acrylic stones, gold plating and moderate size 0.5 cm.

Moving into another fancy shoe buckle, you can go with the buckle made of Zircon, Alloy and rhinestone. Stunning blue, red, pink and green colors buckles can wear with flat shoes and high heels.

Picking a right color shoe buckle is quite important if you want to enhance your style. The fashion market offers a wide variety of designs to choose from. As a fashion dominant,  you can take a leap in your style with shoe buckles.

So, this year welcome your fashion with right colors, right styles and at right time.

How to Find a Stylish Look With Vestwood Shoes

You always wish wear something interesting and eye-catchy.  Your desire to look beautiful and the center attraction are fulfilled by the large brands and the brand Westwood is one of them. It is famous for styling women with its fashionable shoes. Like Gucci and Prada, you don’t need to prod your mind to buy the brand shoes. Every year Westwood comes with stylish shoes made of the finest leathers and materials.

The interesting thing about the brand is that it doesn’t hesitate to present something different in its collection. During my online shopping, I abruptly met with the sleek and extremely sophisticated vestwood shoes. Since then the brand has included in my favorite list.

Pirate Boots: I love wear Pirate shoes of the brand that comes in suede, brown, black and orange shades to go with any color dress. Either you are wearing flower shade mini frocks or with micro-min jeans skirts, you can go for Pirate shoes. These highly desirable Pirate boots have soft leather exterior and adorn with multiple straps with beautiful buckles. They are flat so you can walk freely. They are perfect for any occasion like birthday parties, nightouts and barbeque parties.

Low Heels:  These shoes are often considered style with comfort. Westwood comes with pink, red, black, blue, sliver, suede and many different colors low heels to make you stylish. Most of its kitten-heeled shoes features three strap fastens and beautiful buckle detail at the ankle. The front of the shoes features an avent-grade toe shape that makes Westwood low heels different from other brand shoes. No wonder, all shoes are made of the finest leather, sole and lining.

During your purchase, make sure about the brand name and logo as they are printed on the inside in each shoe with gold color.

Mellissa: An Exclusive Brazilian Brand

You may buy sexy and sleek shoes from Britain and Italian fashion houses, now the time comes to try Brazilian brand shoes. The Brazilian brand, Melissa, appears first in the search engines if you like to wear the Brazilian fancy accessories. The emerging brand has made its reputation good in the fashion market for selling quality women shoes.

Melissa fall/winter 2011-2012 collection is quite hot. The brand appears with dark color sexy heels. Dark red, blue and black are three prime colors that I have found in melissa shoes.

These shoes are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are going for a party or for a casual meet, you can pair a Melissa shoe with your dress to enhance your personality.

The interesting thing of the brand is that it knows the importance of your feet so every shoe is designed to give proper comfort to your leg.

Deep colors have given a good chance to pair them with different color dresses. You can wear a white dress with a dark red shoe. You can also think to pair your dark blue or black shoe with an office dress code.

The collection is made to suite every style. Although, the brand is emerging, it may possible that you will not find its collection in your near outlets. It’s good to purchase from the online shops as the brand collection is easily available in the well reputed online stores.  So, this year try something new with Mellissa.

Hogan Shoes for Fashion Freaks

Fashion is all about experiment with colors and designs accessories and ready-to-wear. Today, the world fashion market is offering highly sophisticated shoes for men, women and even kids. No wonder, youths have loads of varieties to enhance their style. In many shoes brands, Hogan comes out as top notch brand for producing luxury footwear to maintain your style.

Talking on Hogan fall/winter 2011 collection, the brand has truly made a great effort to manufacture different sizes and designs shoes for both men and women.

Hogan shoes for women

Hogan comes with cool black color shoes for women and the company sign “H” in all shoes automatically enhances their look. Many of 2011 collections are of black color but refine quality silver thread sewing brings dramatic changes in their style. Rich quality leather (suede and patent) and rubber sole have made every shoe comfortable.

You will not find difficulty in wearing Hogan shoes for long hours. They are truly comfortable.

Although, finding a great deal on high-end designer shoes can be tough but not impossible. Hogan stylish shoes are available in many online stores at affordable cost. If you are quite concerned about quality, try to buy from a well reputed store.

Also, don’t forget to check the logo and fabric of shoes. Every well reputed store provides a complete description of each product and sharp quality image. Before purchasing, don’t forget to give actual size of your feet. Also, don’t forget to write the product code. These tips will help you to find your choice Hogan shoes.

How to Find Whether Prada Shoes are Fake?

Prada is a popular brand among fashionistas. Like Gucci, Vouitton, Channel etc, people prefer this brand for designer and fashionable products. But, these days many sellers have started selling fake products in the name of original one.

So, if you are planning to buy Prada shoes, you need to know how to differentiate between originals from fake ones. Here are some instructions to help you out:

First of all, check the box of shoes. The original shoes come in a box with Prada logo. Also, it contains other information related ti size and other details. Usually, box of fake shoes contains logo at the top, not the end. So, you need to keenly observe these things like place of logo, color etc. It will help you out in judging the right product.

Dust bags which are given with prada shoes contain same grayish color like the box. This is very important thing which can help you out in justifying the original.

Soles of these shoes are removable. Soles contain logo with “made in Italy” below it.

Before buying shoes, check for the word “PRADA”. It should be written in capital with a very unique font. Deeply observe this. You will come to know about fake shoes. Though they try to imitate, but not able to bring up with the same unique font as designed by dedicated team of prada shoes.

So, these are smaller things but of much use. It’s very important to judge the originality as buying a fake piece will make you suffer a huge loss.

Take your time to shop around. Visiting the prada website will also help you out in purchasing the right one.

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