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How Powerful Women’s Handbags

Margaret ThatcherWomen’s handbags play a significant role in their lives. I consider this stuff as a symbol of female power and authority. The handbags of the ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is an excellent example of how handbags are connected to powerful women.

Of course each of us has different perspectives in regards to handbags. A purse from other women may mean something unique and different for another.

The press of England spent their time and effort just to give some valuable comments on Margaret Thatcher’s handbags. As quoted to Julian Critchley’s ” The Times” in June 1982 said “She…tends to believe the worst of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. She cannot see an institution without hitting it with her handbag…”

Ms. Thatcher never discourage of whatever handbags she have on her hands. It is obvious that the press signifies Margaret Thatcher’s handbag as the affirmation of power and superiority.

Take a closer look, you will find her handbags similar to the Queen Mother’s handbag collections. Why? Is it because both of them prefer the same type of handbag or does Ex-Prime Minister Thatcher intentionally imitating the Queen Mother’s ultimate power for the country?

Some discussions are being aired for the famous handbag whether be placed in a museum that houses Winston Churchill’s papers and historical documents from the War or not. Wherever, whatever will be, Margaret Thatcher signifies as the first woman to enforce her powerful presence on 10 Downing Street!

My Love for Tod’s Softy Messenger

Most of my addiction with Tod’s takes place from their shoe corner but currently, I am attracted to their handbags as well. I wish that my closet was full of Tod’s handbags and shoes.

Tods Handbags

I fall in love with the Tod’s Softy Messenger. There’s no other than as beautiful as blue purse from the house of Tod’s. What a comfortable casual shape and beautiful periwinkle blue joined together to add a punch of color and style this season that will certainly provide more warm on your wardrobe.

This bag would perfectly look great when paired with any kind of white, black, or other neutral-colored outfits. Best for running errands, shopping or having a cup of coffee with friends.

I can feel the understated elegance exudes by Tod’s. It has a simple design yet staying true to its vision and adding the perfect touch each time.

Tod’s Softy Messenger was made of a soft smooth grained leather with polished silver metal hardware, braided shoulder strap, side ruching detail, and embossed logo on the front flap with an overall measurement of 15.5″ x 11.5″ x 4.5″. Reserve your pocket as much as $1800 for this bag.

Top Luxury Handbags

The TOP 5 list of Top Luxury Handbags

Hermes Birkin BagHermes “Brikin”

The Hermes “Birkin” lead the Top Luxury Handbags. A hysteric for this particular stuff has reached into maximum heights similar to its crocodile-skin models for as much as $80,000. It is indeed handcrafted because it takes up to nine months to finished this item.

Hermes KellyHermes “Kelly”

The second top Luxury Handbags is the Hermes “Kelly” bag. This bag was named after the Princess Grace of Monaco and it is unattainable dream for the majority of fashionistas alike.

Fendi Silvia HandbagFendi “Silvia”

This type of handbag is at number 3 to the Top Luxury Handbags. Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi and inspired by Karl Lagerfeld to enhance the trademark of Fendi handbag. The house of Fendi utilized a mosaic of purses, which came out for the first time in the 1999 Fall/Winter collection.

Louis Vuitton Handbag Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is our number 4 pick for the Top Luxury handbags. A hip new handbag for the chic, young at heart being.This is the the Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami creation. It has a classic logo comes in multiple colors for Spring/Summer getaway.

Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag Balenciaga “Motorcycle”

The Balenciaga handbag is the number 5 top luxury handbag comes in “Motorcycle” style. This type of Balenciaga handbag is extremely hard to get with our hands.

Why Most Women Absolutely Love Handbags!?

A common question which is a bit mystery to men. A lot of women spend big bucks of dollars just to have their own perfect handbag to tote around. What drives them to spend thousands of pennies on such material thing?

Well, it’s all about fashion! Perfect handbags have the power to upgrade the look of every single outfit. It is a must for every woman to own multiple handbags in their wardrobe to suit their outfits. A-list celebrities have no doubt toting around variety of new, flashy bag on their arms everyday.

Some believe that a handbag is not just for fashion purposes but it is also for business. Women used handbags just to carry some important files, beauty kits and other techie stuffs intended for business. Practical handbags indeed.! This idea lead to the development of big range of stylish and practical handbag by top designers all over the world such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Chloe to name a few.

Perfect handbags can really change a woman’s perception towards her outer and inner beauty. They help ooze our self confidence from our fresh new look whether an urban chic look, or a femme look.

There are lot of women handbags out there to suit your taste and needs but sometimes it is an addiction that are getting out of control. Only women can fully understand how important a single handbag in their life.

So, if you want to splurge your girl with material thing, buy her a handbag now!

Gucci Fall/Winter 2009 Array of Handbags

Spring/summer seasons are very fast. It seems a moment ago that I have complimented my favorite label, Gucci. There were few spring/summer 2009 handbag items that didn’t make me flinch and some I really liked. Now, I am looking forward for I can possibly tote these handbags on the distant horizon because they are readily available on my Gucci online store.

An array of Gucci Handbags after the jump.

Gucci Medium Boston Bag

Showing above is the Gucci ‘icon bit’ medium Boston bag. It has a horse bit detail, D ring detail, metal chain and studs. The chain details and its little studs are the perfect hardware that I am looking for to complete my chic city street look. I think its a little bit pricey for a medium sized leather bag ($1,990).

Gucci Galaxy Large Shoulder Bag

Another Gucci  ‘galaxy’ large shoulder bag with metal chain and interlocking G-detail. One of the handbag preferences from this collection. Favored being simple and large shoulder design. This bag has also right amount of hardware that allow us to express our strong attitude. Fairly priced $3,500 for a designer python like this. It is also comes in black leather for the price of $2,500.

Gucci medium shoulder bag with horsebit detail

This is the Gucci ‘icon bit’ medium shoulder bag. It has a horse bit detail, D ring detail, and lot of studs that comes in variety colors and utilized from various materials. This bland suede version start at $1,390.

Gucci New Jackie large Shoulder Bag

Lastly, I really like this Gucci ‘new Jackie’ large shoulder bag with hand stitching, bamboo detail and tassels. Very classic ever! The tassels on the opposite side and the bamboo detail gives the right amount of decoration to complete the look.

This type of Gucci bag has a broad range of prices because of different materials and colors are being utilized. The price starts at $2,995 for the GG monogram version and go up to $9,990 for the ostrich version.
The bag shown above has a price of $5,700. A little bit steeper for python, but it is absolutely a beautiful handbag.

These are some of the Gucci Fall/Winter 2009 Handbag Collections to splurge on! So put all your pennies down.

The Latest Trend of Gucci Hobo Handbags

Gucci handbags come in variety of styles and designs. It is very popular not just because of its quality and label but because of its distinct fashionable designs and functionality.

The house made a significant contribution to the need of every women towards fashion by creating something unique, spacious and functional in a crescent-shaped purse, Hobo.

Gucci Hobo Handbag

This is a wonderful attribute to fashion because we don’t have to worry packing our things before leaving the house. We can find Gucci Hobo in a variety of sizes, colors and shades ranging from neutral, bold or bright colors.

Bright colored handbags seem to the burning desire of every woman this season but bear in mind that brightly colored handbag is an attention grabber. There’s nothing wrong to purchase a handbag in a bright shade but we don’t want to over shadow the clothes we are wearing.

Hobo Handbags were designed to compliment our clothes and not a distraction.

A wide variety of materials have been utilized for the creation of this type of Gucci handbag such as leather,tapestry and linen to name a few. We can also find this handbag in a beautiful buckles and clasps.

You can find this style at all Gucci shopping stores all over the world. There are also lot of great online boutiques to shop for your desire Gucci Hobo Handbags.

Owning a Gucci Hobo handbag you can get the class and style as well as the comfort and functionality that most all women wish their handbags possessed.

Practical Handbag to Splurge On!

A handbag is one of the most important fashion accessories for men and women of all ages. It is an essential stuff for most gals to express their true personality and to put their precious things inside. A practical handbag is an excellent type to splurge on that apparently best fitted on different fashion styles.

Prada HandbagsYou don’t need to buy or spend exorbitant ones as long as they last for a long time. The name itself signifies very practical because of its usefulness and functionality. Most practical handbags have variety of pockects located inside and outside where you can possibly put all your belongings in an organize manner.

When shopping, wise men and women go for practical handbags that are apparently appealing to the eyes of most everybody. They carefully check the straps, textures, quality, durabilty, handy compartments, colors and sizes.

For practicality, most women prefer to choose neutral colors such as brown and black. These colors are definitely match almost any type of outfits and gives different effects to the total appearance.

Also women go for medium when it comes to handbag sizes not for oversized one. Some prefer extra sizes handbags as one of the fashion latest trends today.

If you are a practical fashionista, you must pick handbags that are very stylistic and worth the price.

Go for practical and Be practical! Carry it anywhere based on your daily lifestyle!

Gucci Men Spring 2010 Milan Fashion Week

The house of Gucci showcased its Spring 2010 menswear through a runway show last June 21 with a strong inspiration to the work of Latin American architect, Oscar Niemeyer.

Gucci MensWear

IMAGE courtesy of Fashion Windows

White as the key opening color of this spring 2010 was inspired by Niemeyer who designed a certain number of his buildings in white. Niemeyer’s lifeworks are generally curvilinear and based on reflecting and imitating the abundance and altered fauna of his native Brazil. In contrast to the latest clothing lines of Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini were largely linear and straight.

The collections are looked great in an excellent series of evening looks. Designed with tapered pants cut off above the ankle and fine two-button suits made in cool jacquards and silks in wonderful hues of indigo and burnt rose.

The Gucci menswear, besides of its less Brazilian style had even little to do with modern men’s fashion. Some of them looked too familiar from Giannini’s most recent collections for the brand and their New Wave rocket attitude.

The designer also showcased a series of surfer looks made of modern nylons and micro fibers, but looks seem someone who had never actually surfed designed them.

“High tech kite surfer,” said Gianinni, who confessed to not having really tried the sport. “My arms are too weak,” she laughed. (yahoo fashion news)

Oscar Niemeyer never recognized his ideas in this Gucci collection even his buildings tapped directly into his immediate and exotic environment for inspiration.

Versace Men Spring 2009/2010 Fashion Week in Milan

The Milan runways are crowded with fashionistas who wants to witness the incredible Italian menswear Spring 2010 collections. They are trotting rippling through the season’s greatest designer made ensembles. Few of them made the impression of travel into more wishful thinker than the house of Versace. Its latest collection for men was a modern take on the French Foreign Legion.

Versace Men 2009

IMAGE courtesy of Fashion Windows

The label’s design director, Alexander Plohkov through the effort of Donatella Versace made some tailoring “codes’ like sleek double breasted jackets in white linen perverted the mood by creating beautiful elongated djellabas with hazy desert mirage prints.

The Saharan theme creates a lively setting in stylish beige leather tops and bags with patchwork covered the show. A wide array of colors such as palette of khaki, white and sand is being used on silk muslin and crumpled leather fabrics.

The overall show made a genial roving nonchalance that recalled military braiding through its smart details like cavalry tassel belts and wristbands or even on faille collars on tuxedos.

Prada Men Spring 2009/2010 Milan Fashion Week

The designer, Miuccia Prada came up with some latest fashion for men in a Milan where the overriding feeling is of designers twist from their own previous body of work.

The spring 2010 menswear collection was covered and mixed with colors ranging from black to white made up of quotes from confusing movies to a great new stage set of wet shade walls.

Prada Men Fashion Show Milan

Prada Men Fashion Show 2009 Milan

Prada Men Fashion Show 2009_Milan

images courtesy of:

You could imagine the show seems a somber summer moment because of quotes in giant two-foot-high script and the charcoal foam seating to the collection itself, largely made up of various takes on gray.

Miuccia once said: “A movie, in black and white,” floated around with trays of the ideal, color coordinated cocktail – a White Russian. Even though it was restricted in color, this is one of the most innovative shows ever in Milan collections.

The designer remake her own silhouette and tailoring in an excellent way exclusively for Milan. The newest innovative thing could be found on jackets where the jacket lapel is drawn out to the belly button and even double-breasted looks have just two buttons.

The Prada’s accessory department also had an excellent part to the whole transparency trend of this four-day Italian event. The house showcased perforated leather shoes and pork pie hats and see-through dusters in a mesh nylon material paired with sneakers and fishing gears.

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