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Lindsay Lohan’s 6126 Fall 2010 Collection Campaign

Despite all those disappointing things she’ve done in her past life, Lindsay Lohan can still earn enough money not for the racy phoshoot but for her upcoming Fall 2010 collection of 6126 line.

The Lilo style leggings have had a huge hit in the fashion industry that made the actress/model to expand her line – short, clinging and glitzy items.

I’m going to show you Lilo’s 6126 expanded collection, from just leggings to a full collection of 280 pieces and the most intriguing part, Lindsay herself modeling her creations. The collection includes minidresses, gold leather vests, cardigans, hoodies as fall staples. Her collection was inspired by “ The Iconic Manilyn Monroe and the timeless, confident glamor she represents.”

Check out Lindsay Lohan’s 6126 Fall 2010 Collection Campaign featuring the model herself and her lil sis, Ali.

Dior Beauties for Fall 2009

Designer Dior is not only focusing on the fabulous haute couture clothes, handbags and shoes this season but the real Dior beauties truly caught my naked eye.

The bombshell between the past and present in beauty has been perfectly created for a complete stunning look. An array of Dior fabulous, elegant, feminine, classic, and modern beauties have been carefully selected to complete the house.

Dior Alexandra TretterDior Alexandra Tretter

Dior Charlotte di CalypsoDior Charlotte di Calypso

Dior Kim NoordaDior Kim Noorda

Dior 2009 Kim NoordaDior Kim Noorda

Dior Heloise GuerinDior Heloise Guerin

Dior Maria KashlevaDior Maria Kashleva

Dior Toni GarnDior Toni Garn

Dior Tatyana UsovaDior Tatyana Usova

I love the beauty of model Kim Noorda. She looks stunningly beautiful and classic. She smile natural and lovely.

Commonly, Dior beauty has a winged eyeliner, jet black mascara, high arched brows, and bright lips in crimson, magenta or raspberry lipstick.
I love nail polish and I do really love Dior ladies nail polish in a classic red shade!These are among that caught my interest for Dior ladies!

Sources: MODELS Alexandra Tretter, Charlotte di Calypso, Kim Noorda, Heloise Guerin, Maria Kashleva, Tatyana Usova, and Toni Garn photographed by Luca Cannonieri / and accessed through Dior Vernis Nail Polish image from These images are the property of their rightful owners.

Hogan Handbags in a Touch of Brown

Lusting madly is the ultimate feeling if you are into fashion especially for the latest designer handbags that brings every season. This moment we are not going to talk about logo standby’s but we’re gonna bring to you the fresh and exciting Hogan handbags in a touch of brown that will absolutely complete your wardrobe.

The House of Hogan doesn’t getting tired of bringing what’s new and what’s hot season by season. They knew people’s preference towards fashion and most definitely, these brown Hogan handbags will hit and can be spotted on most arms of men and women around the globe where there’s a bash of fashion in every corner.

Hogan’s doesn’t come in cheap prices so be sure to choose wisely before purchasing designer handbags. Beware wild prints or colors that you will easily tired of. I reckon bold colors are the best this season with hardwares and details attached, strong shapes and of course the best in fashion, comfort.

The Ultra -Trendy Prada Fall/Winter 2008-2009 Handbag Collection

I feel like going picture crazy today with all these wonderful handbag creations for Fall 2008-2009 collection floating around at the online stores.

Prada handbags returns this season with pretty large mix of trends and femininity, resembling variety of details such as laces, ruffles and dark jeweled tones. The bags boast bold colors ranging from black, bronze, silver, gold, gray and a lot more bringing out a stern impression and downright chic look.

Here are some of the newest handbag collections:

The house of Prada devoted their handbag line for fall 2008 with quite good design resembling more details surrounding bodice that makes us think of a gorgeous butterfly wings. It’s no secret that the genius Miuccia Prada has a sixth sense for transforming the lackluster to downright repulsive in a seductive way using shag-like fabric that immediately recalls 70s carpeting.

Looking for bold, simple yet chic manner handbags this season, then, say a big hello to these gorgeous Prada handbags that are readily available for purchase at selected online stores with the price range of $1000 to $2000 you can fly graciously as butterfly!

Gucci Python Hunting

Oh God! My eyes are not deceiving me. This is amazingly real. Now, there are variety of exotic Gucci handbags to crave for that made distinctively 80’s feel and this is what I am doing. Indeed, the Gucci Hysteria Python Bag.

A medium top handle in black python with double handles and zip pockets with Gucci signature lining for your tech goodies suited as organizers. Resembling with a magnet snap closure, slouchy shape metal Gucci crest hardware. An Italian inspired handbag with 17″W X 14″H X 1½”D over all measurement ranging its price from $3000-$4000… (pay no mind to the uproarious little tag).

This bag meets all of my handbag needs and expectations – exotic skin, easy to wear shape and in a casual style. Probably, as if Gucci Gods are tempting me and have gone into my handbag fetishism, followed me through my dreams, and placed the black python in my side.

Fashion Brings Wildlife and Jungle this Fall

A ferocious season picks mimic jungle creatures with fabric, color, prints and details migrate to fashion’s forefront. Consisting of seductive serpents, spangled anthropods and feathered avians bring all floras alive with uproarious enjoyment.

As the “King of Animal Prints” continue to make its mark on the voguish pieces that favored this season an inspiration from flights of fancy and sultry vibe lush rainforest through a rich concoction of hues, lush patchworks of fabric selection and intricate detailing that will definitely heighten the temperature of incoming fall.

Colossal Models with an “Animalistic” looks

I’m sure all of you guys know that animal prints are mad big. Resembling leopard as the majority, tiger and zebra as well! To complete the set, a woman needs this one. I love this Dolce & Gabanna multicolored with pony-hair calf leopard print accent. It’s subtle enough as your everyday handbag this fall. Get wild and rock the animal prints!

The “F’s” in Fendi

Fendi handbags are one of this year’s most popular Italian brands and can be seen on the arms of men and women from all walks of life worldwide. If you’re wearing Fendi accessories, you are holding the company’s label resembling “double F” in its major part.

What about it?

The two F’s can be seen everywhere. This is commonly referred to as the “Zucca” print in original form and “Zucchino” in the smaller version, Fendi’s iconic logo was successfully designed by Karl Lagerfeld in the year 1960’s. It has been used on a variety of Fendi products including its famous handbags, wallets, luggages, shoes and apparels.

The actual pattern on the bag is sometimes a dead give-away. The Fendi symbol is two letter F’s, one facing forward and the other its mirror reflection.

NOTE: The items are considered FAKE if the F’s of the buckle are joined at the center otherwise, it is ORIGINAL if the middle stems of the letters do not touch each other.

Handbags Five Finger TIPS

The power of designer handbags will catapult you to the next level, so pick up your hottest designer handbag now!

But, whoaaa..whoaaa….before that, you must know and learn these five finger tips. A hype for designer handbags.

  1. Designer handbags made in various styles and materials. I’m sure a diehard environmentalist or an animal activist definitely prefers non-leather materials.
  2. Stunningly governed by the design and colors. Exotic colors are the trend. Choose bold colors if you are assertive. Light blue shades and white color signifies calm and creates true personality.
  3. Simple designs but meaningful are better than sophisticated designs which common people can’t appreciate.
  4. Don’t forget utility in your quest for fashion. Focus to small handbags unless you are having a long trip.
  5. Make your studs and chains simple to avoid hardware overkill.

Being fashionable is quiet expensive affair. Any price is an affordable price which designer handbags projects. Being closer to fame has never been so easy. This is a part of our unending desire to look fashionable and to be in the limelight.

New York Fashion Week Glides down the Runway….

Fashion Week is an excellent opportunity for Americans and other international designers to show off their latest upcoming collections in the fashion industry.

We will be expecting more fun, great entertainment because of its loud, mood-setting music and vibrant lightings and we will be amaze with different gorgeous outfits as well. The shows are primary sponsored by Mercedes-Benz and they are referred to as “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week” that will be attended by respected journalists (to write about and photographs the runway collections for newspapers, magazines, internet and television), buyers, celebrities and other social types.

It’s going to be a glorious time filled with fashion shows and parties. Watch out for this year’s fashion extravaganza featuring the Spring 2009 collections. The shoes will begin this Friday, September 5 to September 15, 2008.

Check out Mercedes Benz Fashion Week website for the official site featuring news & updates with the complete schedule, designer profiles, and daily photos.

I wish that the House of Gucci will also showcase their collections ranging from Gucci handbags down to Gucci clothing as part of their great contribution to the fashion industry.

Buying a Replica Handbags

Everybody wish to own a designer handbag and carry on their arm but it may find difficult to a common person because of its pricey characteristics. An option to fulfill your need for luxury handbag is by having replica handbags. It is quiet cheap but you should be careful while buying such replica handbags. There’s a small difference between an original bag and its replica so you should check the designated label.

If you wish to buy replica of the famous brand like Louis Vuitton online, you have to read carefully the disclaimer portion indicating the product information. Likewise, you can do more research in the web while having an intense evaluation for your favorite replica handbag and understand very carefully its disclaimers to know about quality. The online resources will enlighten you about the method and materials used during the manufacture as well as the cost of the product that you wish to buy.

You can compare the quality and craftsmanship between a replica and its original version and after being satisfied with the comparison, its time to decide about the purchase. The thing is, when you buy a replica handbag you pay for its stitching.

The designer handbag that you buy online will make you proud as it represents your identity and style. This is the best and wise option when spending your money and fulfills your handbag obsession. Start investing a replica handbag and feel the same pleasure of a real one.

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