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How To Choose Bag To Flatter Your Body Shape

Handbag is the accessory that completes our physical appearance. It can make our overall outfit more glamorous and meaningful. So being a fashionista, we must be very careful in choosing handbags.
So, consider the following simple tips before buying your next handbag:

Bust. Women with big bosoms and broad shoulders should avoid handbags with short and tiny handles because these usually end around the bust area. If you want to expose your breast area, well short-handled handbags or clutches are perfect.

Waist and Hips. Broad waist, big stomach and hips will look less noticeable if you wear handbags that finish up under your arm.
Avoid handbags that go down to your midriff or hips to keep your bulges. Stay away from bags that go down to your midriff or hips, this will attract attention to your bulges. Big totes will look unflattering as well as bags with big funky details.
If you are lucky to have a slim waist, bag with handles of an average length will be a good option as well as a clutch. Modern clutch can be either tiny for evenings out or middle-sized to be roomy enough for all those items you always need to have with you.

Legs. Girls with long slim legs can wear bags with long handles and look great. Messenger type will work best. But ladies with short legs should choose classic shapes and sizes.

Frame. Women of larger frames should avoid tiny bags as they will look even bigger. You need well-tailored bags of average sizes. Choose from medium-large range. Clutches will be fantastic, but again choose oversized ones to keep proportion.

Tall and skinny girls can opt for broad and slouchy bags. Long bags will look unflattering.
Short women will want to look taller. This is easy to do if you select long and lanky bags that go in color harmony with your outfits. Stay away from wide oversized totes as they will make you look even shortery.

Designer Miu Miu Handbags Collection

There are a number of designer handbags and this one should never be out of the limelight. In fact, many of my facebook friends asked me to feature Miu Miu handbags in my fashion reviews. Miu Miu and designer purses in general will welcome us with its Miu Miu Bird Suede and Python Clutch. We noticed the same designs over and over. Some site reviews would comment it less innovative. But as for me, quality matters. Whether it’s good or bad for others but in the case of this Miu Miu bag, I say it is really good.

Here is what I noticed in Miu Miu handbags. The clutch alternates strips of black python and pink suede with a python pink and black bird embellishment on the front. The bird accent breaks up the stripes and gives a fanciful touch. It is the shape of the bird that they use that I adore, long, lean and fashionable. The fold over top has scalloped trim which adds another touch that is greatly appreciated.

What I love is that Miu Miu planned each aspect of this bag. And with the thought process the bag ends up standing apart from the rest. In a saturated handbag market you either have to have a classic bag that appeals to everyone or find another way to grab a buyer’s attention. This clutch was able to grab my attention, make me do a double take, and got me clicking to look at detailed shots. That is precisely how you engage someone, so props to Miu Miu for this clutch. The clutch is big, considerably outsized, and offers interior compartments and an optional braided rope shoulder strap. Having an optional shoulder strap is always helpful, especially with the long shoulder drop which makes this a great evening bag but still leaves options for it as a day bag.

You can buy Miu Miu handbags at your favorite online shopping store Don’t miss it!

Marc Jacobs Handbags for Spring 2010 Collection

I have a friend who is dying anticipating for Marc Jacobs handbags for  Spring 2010 collection. Well, for her, watch out for it soon. Marc Jacobs will surely surprise you of his beautifully made handbags. For basic information, here’s what I can give you guys.

Marc Jacobs has been consistent with softer color palette. In most of MJ’s collection, we noticed a lot of champagnes, light and medium blues, creams, and whites in the accessories collection. Many of the bags were made of multicolored lattice leather, sometimes in what looked to be several different textures – I definitely spy some python, at the very least.

There is Jacobs’ signature quilting too, with many of the quilts bearing forth rivets and tassels. As for me, I liked the addition of texture, but these are not my favorite bags of the show – the tassels and their cords looked like tentacles to me. Not a good look.

Finally, apparently fringe is not over yet, at least not in Marc’s mind. Many of the latticed bags had nearly a foot of fringe swinging from them in the similar colors that made up the bag’s body. We have a feeling that this will be shortened somewhat before the products are shipped to stores, but I didn’t hate it. In fact, quite the opposite – I thought that it was quite appropriate, considering the construction of many of the pieces .Leave it to someone like him to make us all take a second look at fringe.

Marc Jacobs Handbags for  Spring 2010 Collection

John Galliano Handbags Collection

We cannot attend occasions without wearing the kind of accessories that match our clothing. Now, John Galliano has ventured into accessories to accentuate our simple attire to make us elegant. To ensure of the quality, Galliano is licensed to Plus IT under a five-year contract for design, production and distribution. The Galliano accessories collection is made up of 100 styles which includes bags, small leather goods, belts, luggage and travel bags.

The collection will include the Dior creative director’s design signatures – prints, appliqués and embroideries – on messenger, doctor, and hobo bags – made from faux oilskin leathers, washed nylon, distresses calf skin and kilim-printed corduroy.

It’s anticipated that there will be a romantic themed collection too, featuring the Galliano logo in blush pint with gemstone embroideries, lacework, heart-shaped metal charms, keys and the letter G, and the newspaper print John Galliano handbags.

Ask for the price? It’s reportedly been sold wholesale from 80 euros for a feathered clutch to 400 euros for a large leather tote decorated with charms.

I really love Jimmy Choo Handbags

Known worldwide for its luxury and aesthetic designs,Jimmy Choo creates high quality designer products in different forms for fashionable people.

Jimmy Choo handbags are always the chic items and a major element of fashion trend that all handbag lovers opt for. It was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in London. Being recognized as one of the top brands that put his name to the glories of success, Jimmy Choo was successfully introduced its Fall/winter 2010 Handbags Collection for H&M. The international glamor and covetable Jimmy Choo handbags are already available to your favorite fashion houses all over the world.The collection is really impressive because this will be dressing men and women from head to toe.

“It was really an honour for us”, said the Tamara Mellon, the Founder and President of Jimmy Choo, “the new collection is full of fun, one-off items with an accessible and glamorous identity made with stylish materials, emphasised with colour and embellishment, aiming to cool and young customers.” While Margareta van den Bosch, the creative advisor at H&M said,” I’m very excited toward the cooperation. Personally, I like the vitality and sexy glamour that their accessories bring, even I tend to match with clean-cut, 80s-inspired clothes. It is also our pleasure to offer amazing shoes with equally amazing clothes to customers.”

I really love Jimmy Choo handbags. They always goes forward and never persuades from any tides of fashion. They always remain from their basic style, a bit more conservative and always with quality workmanship and leather.

Join me in experiencing the choo choo fashion line this season.

Fendi Handbags for Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Love handbags? Here comes another must-have collection of handbags intricately designed by Fendi that will surely go with your style. No one beats Fendi handbags with its classic and impressive looks. For Fall / Winter 2010 the collection has a logo or two in its second lovely presentation. The extensive collection was comprised of clean, classic shapes, rendered in a subdued, retro palette of browns and orangey-yellows.

The styles remind of Hitchcock classic Marnie, all mid-60s subdued tailoring and mid-century color combinations. The results were subdued and gorgeous, with impressive details that one should never miss to buy. You should also never miss to have these Fendi handbags with embossed models’ initials or signatures on the hang tags of several of its brown leather bags.

I’m sure everyone will love this unique collection of handbags specially made by Fendi for its avid customers.

Here are some of the Fendi Handbags presented for you to splurge on this coming Fall/Winter 2010:

Dolce & Gabbana Handbags for Spring/Summer 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Handbags for Spring/Summer 2010 was all about glam, fab in very eccentric Gothic and Victorian inspired collections.The Dolce and Gabbana Handbags concepts were mainly focus comparatively on coarse laces made by weaving or knotting cords, patterns and macramé handbags. They had a few new designs and variations of previous designs like the large flap handbag. This handbag is a design made last season but the colors, the materials used are new and the gold metal template as well.

I really love the nameplate as the other label, Louis Vuitton did.They added a nameplate to some of their handbags and the reviews were hugely accepted as it will be with the Dolce & Gabanna handbags. Jewel strap shoulder bags are also a repeated design and the fresh colors and materials used like raffia and knit.

I am a fan of Dolce & Dabanna and I am very particular with their collection every season. Im not familiar to the basket style bags and it seems this is new to the collection which aren’t very appealing in my fashion taste.

Generally, I still love the Dolce and Gabanna handbags collection. The collection is really great and the shoes added more color to the show. Have an eye on one of the D&G handbags below!

Jean Paul Gaultier Handbags Spring/Summer 2010

We are into crazy when it comes to the couture collection of every designer and you can count Jean Paul Gaultier. His couture collection has been showcased and the line was anything but settle. Gaultier stick to his Levi’s collaborated collection and presented with some denim looks at his Mexican/Avatar inspired couture collection.

I really love his couture collection and it seems this is the collection that standout from other couture shows. No wonder if Bohemian star Rihanna was spotted in one of his jackets. She really love her Gaultier stuff! The pieces are beyond crazy for someone to splurge on.

Another top popular fashion trend that was introduced by Jean Paul Gaultier is the lingerie fashion. This is  the top popular trend and definitely many designers have already introduced into their new Spring/Summer collections. We have talked about Christian Dior’s collection which was totally focused on the newly-invented trend and now Jean Paul Gaultier has presented his own way of wearing underwear stylishly. The collection was named The G Spot and obviously it has something about lingerie such as stockings of different colors, bras and corsets in various designs, garters and panties that stunned descent and wearable.

There are also denim outfits, military ones, classic and street styles. The Jean Paul Gaultier handbags looked a bit unusual but nice. I think many girls would like to add those handbags to refreshen their wardrobe this season.

I love Jean Paul Gaultier and I love more of his collection.

The New Burberry Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

The British luxury fashion label, Burberry which is famous for its trench coats and classic check tartan has produced an album with photographs promoting its refined Spring Summer 2010 collections that capture the mood of three of the Burberry fashion collections, Prorsum, London and Brit, all designed by Christopher Bailey, the current British ‘designer of the year’.

The color of images highlight the brand’s rich and refined heritage and signature labels and are all anchored in different items including modern styles of Burberry handbags, trench coats and the innovations of the Burberry check.

Mario Testino photographed the new campaign in the image of ‘Harry Potter’ – Emma Watson with her younger brother, Alex Watson, 17, in a series of moody images.

The campaign was also featured by the musicians, George Craig, frontman of the indie North Yorkshire band, One Night Only, and Matt Gilmour, the son of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour; together with model, Max Hurd, a grandson of the former Foreign Secretary, The Lord Hurd of Westwell.

The images below highlights the brand’s rich heritage:

Bottega Veneta Spring-Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

The renowned designer label, Bottega Veneta has officially launched an exceptional new campaign conceived and well-photographed by the work of art.

The Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2010 Campaign was shot by renowned photographer Nan Goldin. She is known for her intimate, often autobiographical photos focused the subject of love, beauty, and sexuality.

The campaign features a girl in soft ivory shades, sitting on the bed while a man is thinking his own thoughts sits apart from her in a romantic old looking room bath in warm sunlight.It is an exploration of individuality a serene and simple yet meaningful.

Goldin is able to portray the message for the Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2010 Campaign which is very personal and like a collaboration with the women who wears the clothes, according to Tomas Maier, the Campaign Creative Director.

Her pale clothes serve as a canvas that’s blank until she completes it. It is really an individual from the shape of her body, her movements, and her choice of Bottega Veneta handbags, shoes and jewelry determines her final appearance.

This is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful ads I have ever blogged for the season.

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